Monday, April 07, 2008

Hotel Meurice Paris, Chocolat Chaud

Croissants and Chocolat Chaud at Le Meurice, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Everyone needs at least one grand breakfast when visiting another town.

Hotel Meurice ParisParis offers many choices - few better than Hotel Meurice.

Hotel Meurice Paris
Chocolat Chaud at Le Meurice, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

I visited a year ago and was curious to see the interior changes made by French designer, Philippe Starck, best known for his New Design style.

Hotel Meurice ParisSome changes were subtle - the dining room is lighter, brighter, but still just as grand as ever.

Hotel Meurice ParisEven a new menu cover.

The hot chocolate is still 12 euros.

The roses are now deep red instead of pink.

The croissant is the same. Thanks M. Starck

The pots of chocolat chaud are HUGE! Too much for one person.

Hotel Meurice ParisThe pour in a soup bowl-sized cup...YUM 

Hotel Meurice ParisMy dining companion wanted the works. An omelette and the "continental petit dejeuner". I stayed true to THE EURO DIET and had just the chocolat chaud.
C'est la vie.

Getting ready for the lunch guests.

After breakfast we walked through the new "Le Dali" dining area. I love the quirky Empire touches Starck added like this rocking chair - did Josephine ever sit in a silver rocking chair?

Hotel Meurice Paris More unusual details, like these metal faux wood tables in reception.

Hotel Meurice Paris Reception awaits you at the Le Meurice for your grand breakfast. Don't miss it!


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    What a beautiful and subtle transition Hotel Meurice has made~ lovely details like the roses from pink to red, I love it. But one tragic mistake...what were they thinking...they didn't commission you to do their menu cover~

    hugs, Barbara

  2. Lovely.. all of it.
    Nice to see more of your paintings too.

  3. Anonymous11:51 AM

    What a beautiful way to start the week by reading about your lovely visit to Hotel Meurice! Thanks so much for sharing! Once again, very inspiring! xo

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Maybe we need a shot of Paris sometime this year!
    Good for the soul.

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Bonjour Carol!

    Mmm, chocolat chaud!
    Are these watercolors since you've been back?
    They are lovely!
    Also, I really enjoyed your Marie Antoinette tour and paintings.
    She's a very interesting character and it was cool to see your photos of the exhibit.
    What a treat, a vacation every morning. And if my schedule allows,
    French classes again!

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I agree! Everyone needs an occasional dose of grandeur in their life - to feel like royalty for an hour or two.
    Why not? Now how to get to Paris for some gradeur today.

  7. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I LOVE the changes P.Starck has made at the beautiful oldie-worldie Hotel Meurice -
    almost imperceptible -
    so subtle yet so arresting..

  8. BE- you- ti- ful ! So glad Ms. Glaze could join you.
    That chocolate chaud looks absolutely perfect.
    all best, Jan
    Not at all like my pink bird :( (Working on it.)
    Welcome back.

  9. You make want to to go to Paris, just to have a silver pot of of chocolat chaud at the Maurice! Did you see any of Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chairs?

  10. Anonymous1:16 PM

    That place looks so serene and elegant. Thanks for sharing it with us, Carol! I think if I'd had what Amy did, I wouldn't eat for the rest of the day and I'd have to walk it off, but it looks like it would have been worth it! Beautiful photos!

  11. YES!
    There were Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chairs at the Meurice. I have more pictures to show of the interiors when I can sort through them...

  12. Anonymous1:33 PM

    It's fun to see the changes at Le Meurice. I very much remember your post from last year. A perfect way to meet Amy in such luxurious surroundings!!
    Starck did a lovely job. Thank you for the little tour of the updates. I like the rocking chair. It's nice to see a whimsical touch amidst such grandeur.

    Nice watercolors C. Really appreciate how you captured the little insignia on the pot. You are amazing!!

    Can't wait to see what you will work up with your photoshop!! It is a fun toy.


  13. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Lovely china!


  14. Anonymous7:56 PM

    And the menu is in ENGLISH??? How very kind of them! Do you have to request English or do they know who to dole out les menus Anglais to? That can't be right.....have I been drinking from too many plastic bottles?

  15. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hi Carol,
    I saw this pillow, and naturally I thought of you. Better for your diet than the real thing!
    I love your blog, by the way.

  16. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Lovely post, Carol. We were there in December, 2006 for brunch for our 25th anniversary. Didn't stay at the hotel, but their Sunday morning brunch was spectacular. Interesting to see the changes - lighter.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Doris in LA

  17. I like what Starck brought to this hotel, modernity and life!

  18. Well done Mr Starck, though I would never have chosen him for such a project he has pulled it off brilliantly.
    The cup and saucer look fabulous have you got a close up?

  19. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Well, every single Parisian soul would have appreciated a croissant and a very hot beverage yesterday morning as it snowed overnight!

    Ces chocolatières sont rutilantes ... superbes!


  20. Now this makes me happy (unlike the dolls). I would love to get all dressed up for some exquisite tea, coffee and pastries. Lots of them!

  21. This place looks gorgeous; if only I could afford to fly over there some Saturday morning and have a memorable breakfast! For now, I'll stick to exploring the world one plate at a time :). I love your blog, especially the breakfast-focus. I do have one question, though, what is the best Parisian breakfast you've ever had? Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and I'd love to hear about a new dish that I'm missing out on :)!

    Flour Arrangements

  22. I remember your previous post of this place. I remember thinking how grand this place is.

    Well, my impression and reaction are still the same. It's a beautiful, elegant place and, I suspect, just to have the pleasure of sittingin that room would make me surrender and not fuss about paying 12 euros for the chocolate chaud :-)

  23. The restaurant looks so dreamy! It reminds me of so many of the lovely places I visited while in Paris and I got a great deal by ordering through Hope to run into you in Paris!


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