Monday, April 28, 2008

Angelina a Emporter

 Angelina, original watercolor

Anne Corrons of MesVitrines NYC said...Le Mont Blanc, j'adore! The problem with Angelina is that I can't go because it's always too crowed to find a place at the right hour for tea time. We should suggest they come here!Angelina Bonne idea Anne. Yes, please do come to New York Angelina! But should there be a line when you go, and there are lines everywhere in Paris for everything, you could always get something to take away or a emporter.Mont Blanc at Angelina, original watercolor

Angelina has a lovely pastry counter just to the left of the entrance that quite a few people miss altogether.

AngelinaJust as many choices and you can linger and browse (and take pictures discretely...)There's coffee to take away.And Angelina's famous hot chocolate is for sale, though it tastes not a bit like what's served onsite in my opinion...ahem.Here's an unusual looking religieuse.
The menu describes it thusly:
RELIGIEUSE PISTACHE - Pate a choux recouberte de crumble vanille, creme legere a la pistache, compotee de groseille = chou pastry with chocolate crumble, unctuous chocolate cream, chocolate fondant.AngelinaThe SAORI, Le cheese cake Japonais - cheese cake au cream cheese, sable croustillant ciron vert, coquille croquante au chocolat blanc, guimauve a la fraise = lime cheese cake, strawberry sweet jelly, cream cheese, lime, crackly(?) sable, crackly white chocolate, strawberry marshmallow. The OLYMPE - biscuit macaron a la violette cristallisee, gelee de fraise et de fraimboise, creme mousseline a la violette, framboises fraiches = macaron biscuit with candied violet, strawberry and raspberry sweet jelly, violet cream, freah raspberries.
Aren't these descriptions divine?
AngelinaOf course Angelina has big macs - looking here a bit like hamburgers...

And very nice mini macs.
So there are other options if the line is prohibitively long at Angelinas. And the Tuilleries gardens are just accross the street. You could easily take your booty and munch leisurely amidst the lovely gardens - dejeuner sur l'herbe so to speak.
Another option I'm considering - apply for a job behind Angelina's pastry counter. So I can get up close and personal with each and every pastry. YUM!
Will anyone out there please give me a reference?



  1. Which is you favorite Laduree or Angelique's? And, if you cannot decide, will you please tell us what is your favorite item at each of these houses of earthly delights?

  2. Hmmm...favorite choices.
    That's a tough one - so much to do with personal taste don't you think?
    You go to both for the atmosphere.
    Angelina's hot chocolate is unbeatable.
    Laduree's macarons are excellent.
    Laduree can be great fun especially at the Port Royale tea salon. But service is horrendous at rue Bonaparte and everything, though the tropical decor is awfully nice.
    Go early, since they run out of most things rather quickly and then you're up the creek...

  3. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I'm happy to give you a good written reference!
    By all means get the inside scoop.
    If only it were possible...sigh

  4. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I'm thinking Angelina's would be happy to put you right to work....painting in their front window~ ooh la la.

  5. Ooohhh, look at those tulips and chocolate chaud!!!!! Truly lovely. I'll write you a letter in trade for a steady stream of yummy treasures like these...suddenly hungry for pastry...Hmm???? And more oooh and ahhh. :)

    All best, JAn

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    If I was a millionaire I would buy a flight ticket from New York to Trondheim and send you. Then you could come over and paint The Blue garden and The Blue Café. I would use the paintings as invitation cards, sending them out all around the world and gather friends and "nice people" around a table filled with tea, chocolate, roses and macaroons..........

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Carol - hello. I just wanted to take a second to tell you how much I enjoy your Paris Breadfast blog. I look forward everyday to getting some eye candy and some virtual sunshine! Thanks for making it available and for sharing your talent! Oh, and thank you for sharing the desserts magazine also!

  8. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Wow! You did a terrific job with the Angelina china! I cannot believe how quickly you were able to get these beautiful watercolors painted...amazing!

  9. Anonymous3:22 PM

    delicious! Wonderful painting!
    Do you need an assistant behind the counter?

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    So pretty.
    Your artwork is really lovely :)

  11. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Your watercolors are marvelous here, Carol. I love those cups and tulips! All those pastries look divine.

  12. Well I can't give you a reference after hearing about the Pancake Restaurant.

  13. Anonymous10:01 PM

    To Whom it may concern:
    In my long and delightful acquaintance with Paris Breakfast, I have come to appreciate her eye for detail, particularly regarding sweets, tableware, and general presentation. You may be assured that any setting provided by PB will sparkle, and will be artfully placed before your customers. Her packaging skills are unrivaled. What? You've heard her service is a little slow? Well, naturally, PB can NOT rush around slopping a dessert on just any old plate. Mais non! The plate must be carefully chosen to complement the dessert, and the dessert placed to best show off it's glories. And her readers would be most annoyed if you did not allow her the occasional half hour pause to photograph your most delectable pastries. As for the allegations of missing pastries, I can assure you that PB would be interested in your pastries purely for purposes of "research". AHEM! On second thought, "whom", perhaps your establishment does not, after all, meet the stringent standards to which PB has become accustomed!

  14. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Hi Carol
    As we can get Angelina's famous Mont-Blanc in Tokyo, I did not visit Angelina in Paris, when I was there on vacation in March.
    And now I see some very nice pictures... I really regret!
    A "Must" place for a next time!
    I LOVE your watercolor paintings!

  15. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Today I stumbled upon your blog and my life was changed! I can't recall being so happy just by looking at pictures of delicious sweets. Your watercolors are mind blowing!!! You are such a talent!
    I visit Paris quite often and your creations bring me back to my favorite places. Thank you! Sometimes I just love the power of the Web. I also like that I'm not the only person who appreciates miniature Japanese food =)
    Keep on creating and inspiring.

  16. It just dawned on me that I havent been getting your blogs in my email box for a few posts. ;( Sure enough I missed some. I hope it gets back on track soon I miss it. But these watercolors are delightful. I love the whole post.
    Now to go check out todays.

  17. Anonymous11:07 AM

    J'adore your blog! You are very gifted and your aesthetic sensibility is sublime.

  18. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I agree, Angelina's is wonderful. I gorged on Macarons and Hot Chocolate. Unfortunately my wallet was stolen from me when there leaving me with a unpleasant experience when thinking of Angelina's. Perhaps my next visit will be a bit more pleasant. And yes, I look forward to seeing your Water Colours,Please post more.


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