Friday, April 04, 2008

La Bonbonniere De Buci Paris

When you rent someone else's place you find ways to feel at home. You set up little repeated patterns, that make the new place more familiar, more friendly. Patisserie Bonbonniere De Buci became my new best friend.
I could not leave my doorway or return home without a look in their window.
Every morning I wished them Bonjour and looked to see what new delicious cakes were on offer in the window.
And I was never disappointed.
The same thing at night...
La Bonbonniere De Buci stayed open late in the evenings.
Was it on my account?
To say Bonsoir to me before I turned in?
Bonbonniere De Buci went all out for Poissons d'Avril.
No other patisserie has so many luscious fish cakes that I noticed.
eclair And they have the BIGGEST eclair on the planet! Easily more than a foot long!
Look out Fauchon. You have been usurped as Eclair King.
Their cakes were so enticing but I resisted. Well..mostly. I did eat on 3 different occasions one of their palmiers with my tea. Aren't palmiers irresistable? Even if they are the size of your face...ahem
I didn't know that their pastry chef, Pierre Marandon, is a Meilleur Ouvriers De France ! I didn't know they have a website till doing this post?
Even though I took a gazillion admiring photos, they never scolded me or waved a warning finger through the window, like PAUL across the street....
I thought I'd introduce you to my new best friend,
La Bonbonniere De Buci Paris.
Next time you're in Paris, please drop by on 12, rue de Buci, 75006
and say Bonjour :)


  1. Beautiful... You know what I was thinking about after I got passed the initial sweet temptation...? That I love French hand writing. I have many French friends and realized their handwriting is unique. I love that!

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Dear Paris Breakfasts,

    You've been killing me these past two weeks with your gorgeous photos of St Germain des Pres! This is the neighborhood where I hung my beret for 5 incredible years and now with your mouthwatering photos I've decided I must drop my plans and get-a-way to Paris next week! Thank God I only live a train ride away in Holland!

    Today's blog on La Bonbonniere De Buci Paris put me over the edge! This was my favorite patisserie in Paris -- I wake in night sweats dreaming of their Tarte au Citron.

    Gros Bisous et Bon Appetit!

    The Antiques Diva

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I hope Pierre Marandon hears about your wonderful tribute to his sweet creations! I'm thinking he needs to treat you daily to tea and cakes on your next sojourn to Paris!
    I do have a question-was that cake in the first photo-the one with the jelly roll outside and raspberry/strawberry garnish-19.20 euros? Or was I reading that wrong?
    If so, at almost $30 for a small-ish cake, I would definetly be on the euro diet!!

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I just love getting these emails! I've only been to Paris once (in March), and am aching to go back. These little snippets make me feel as though I'm not so far away.

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Too delicious for words...
    These pictures have wrecked my day.
    Where can I find a Fraisier like the first picture...
    Must call AirFrance toute a suite!

  6. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I think you should do watercolors for this Bonnboniere Buci place..
    Will paint to eat..?

  7. I will have a large piece of this tarte au chocolat with framboise please.
    (and YES, it's a date)

  8. Oh my my. My appetite may be returning. You passed up these temptations daily? Look at the care, the artistry of these, wow, flowers and the French men buy these for their women or do you see mostly women buying them ?Just curious.

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM

    OHhhhhh, my husband and I were thrown right back onto rue de Buci this
    AM. Right around the corner from our favorite hotel Relais Christine - a
    gem across from a favorite restuarant: La Rôtisserie d'en Face. Many thanks.
    You bring a ray of sunshine from Paris on many a rainy day in NYC
    Irene Byrne Ohl

  10. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Carol, what a delightful post this was. I love that you asked whether they stayed open just for you? I think that's the sign of a good store--that they really make you feel that way. Their stuff looks incroyable! Wonderful post!

  11. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I am leaving for Paris next Wednesday... I will bring you the 9 missing "fritures" if I still can find some LOL!!!
    My in-laws live near a fabulous "artisan chocolatier" called Servant in the 16eme arr.
    Welcome back... you should be happy it is gray and raining in NYC today.

  12. OMG These are awesome looking. How did you stay on your Euro diet seeing that lovely pastry place coming & going daily?
    I really love the photo of the last cake or what ever it is. You need to paint that one. Love That rose on top.

  13. Anonymous12:58 PM

    The pastries are incredible! And the cake in that last photo amazing! You've also inspired me to make eclairs very soon.


  14. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Mmmmmmmm, totally mouth watering. Luckily I just had my afternoon coffee.........

  15. Hi Carol,

    I think that they ARE your best friends esp. 'cuz it looks like you were able to take pics from inside the store! They must have loved you!! I will def. go here with my friend who's coming next week from San Diego.. I will say I'm "Carol's friend," heheheh... just kidding! Thanks for all of the mouth watering pics.. YUMMMMM.... I am on a regime right now just so I can look great when I go back to Cali. in two weeks... I LOVE your pics!!! Have a safe trip back to NY...
    Take care, Leesa :)

  16. Oh Paris desserts...I think I love you.

  17. I want one of these tarte à la framboise!

  18. Should I suggest and make you quite aware, that you are causing all across the world, massive weight gain in the population....But that's fine...

    What a delicious post...Dee Dee

  19. Oy! Everything looks so delicious! And you managed to only succumb to temptation three times? Even on the Euro Diet I think I wouldn't have been as strong as you. Bravo Carol!! :-)

  20. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I MUST have that strawberry raspberry swirl thing! At once! Wait, I mean the feiulltee with raspberries. Yes, for sure! Well maybe just for old time's sake the chocolate tarte. Yes, definitely the chocolate! Although...the pomme could be counted as a serving of fruit. Need 5 a day, you know. And of course the poisson - everyone knows how good fish is for you. I think the eclair might be a bit much. Ah, you are SO RIGHT: the palmiers!!!! Once again we are completly sypathetique, sympatico, d'un acorde, well, I'm starting to make things up here. But truly, the palmier is one I've never turned down! and to think, finally you have discovered a bakery that appreciates your aesthestic! Welcom home!

  21. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Oh wow, that place is precious. And I would probably die there, of diabetes...

  22. The strawberry confection is making my mouth water and it's midnight here, not a time for me to be looking for a sweet treat to eat. These desserts are incredibe!

  23. Such precious pastries!
    Love those gold-flecked chocolate flowers, they look so fragile and precious.

    Kudos to De Buci for letting you preserve these beautiful memories and share them with us. I shall remember them when I come to Paris! (I think shooing away photographers is unwise in the long run anyway, destroys so much good will. What are those people afraid of? Somebody who intends to "steal" an idea will always find a way to do it.)

    Reading this article in the New York Times, I had to think of you. Wonder why:
    Tighten Your Belt, Strengthen Your Mind
    "Interestingly, restraining our consumer spending, in the short term, may cause us to actually loosen the belts around our waists."

  24. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Bonjour, Carol!

    Welcome back to reality(ie. NYC)! Bonbonaire looks delish but could not click on them. Avez vous le website? Weather here has been no better than Paris.


  25. Everytime I come to your blog its like a little dream world for me...I love the photos and the words and EVERYTHING. Its so beautiful and I hope that I can live in Paris someday soon, its so beautiful. Thanks for showing us how fantastic it is everyday

  26. Everything looks delicious.
    a rival to Merisi's Vienna.
    Lovely photos

  27. Lovely photos...I am not normally a sweet tooth person, but even I would find those cake hard to resist!! :-)

  28. I have never been one for sleeping in doorways but I think I could make an exception with this shop :)


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