Friday, April 25, 2008

Angelina Mont Blanc

Angelina's Mont Blanc, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
There have been many requests for Angelina watercolors and this is just a toe in the water. I promise!

I visited Angelina 3 times in 2 weeks. I would have stopped in my last day but my breakfast companion wasn't in the mood

I'd always thought, when people talk about the legendary Mont Blanc at Angelina they were talking about this pile of whipped cream. 

THIS is the Mont Blanc.

Not that it looks like the famous snow-topped mountain to me.
Not that anyone asked.

The Mont Blanc is a meringue base piled with extrusions of chestnut purée and filled with whipped cream.

Coco Chanel, Marcel Proust & Karl Lagerfeld all have in common a great love for Angelina's hot chocolate. And the Mont Blanc served at the Parisian pastry shop since it opened in 1903.

Of course there are other desserts you can order.

Many others.

By all means go upstairs to the ladies room so you can look down over the balcony and shoot

All those desserts and whatever else comes into view.

A quick shot of the salon de the.

The window seat is what I always yearn for but you must arrive early to catch one of these. Angelina opens for breakfast at 8 AM 7 days a week. Little Bear got to come along and have his own cup of the famous hot chocolate!
To be cont.


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    I would think that if you had a hot chocolate and a Mont Blanc at Angelina's for breakfast, you wouldn't be hungry (or need?) anything else the rest of the day.

    Eileen (passions to pastry)@

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I love "breakfast" this morning, Carol~
    it is truly like being there....the light,
    the Parisians at the other table....and
    the pleasure of your company as well
    as the adorable Little Bear. He has
    such lovely manners.


  3. Oh my goodness...look at all those delicious pastries. Simply heavenly!

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    This is killer overload on the Mont Blancs..
    I feel like I'm caught in a chestnut snow storm

  5. Lovely Mont Blanc. Sounds like a cloud of yum not a mountain. This is just what I needed to see. :) Thank you PB for yet another peek... at the good life, in Paree.
    Ahh, I'd have to have a Mont Blanc and a window seat, I think.
    All best, Jan

  6. That last image is a painting waiting to happen. (as someone we all know would say, "Ahem.")

    Looks positively decadent.

  7. I've gained a couple of pounds just looking at the pictures. Hate to see what it did to my bloodsugar levels.

  8. Oh my.. That is to die for..painting and mont blanc to eat.

  9. Oh no, I'm on a diet, I want to loose some weight before summer arrives, and I just can't look at this Angelina's Montblanc, It is too tempting, I have to skip reading your blog for a while, shame on me!

  10. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Simplesmente adorável!!!
    Amei receber seus e-mails

  11. Anonymous6:16 PM


    Meg Tang

  12. Anonymous6:19 PM

    That MONT BLANC looks comparable to a steak!

  13. Making a list
    Checking it twice
    For when I come and visit
    We'll each more than a slice

    (bad poetry this "early" in the evening but that's the bad wine talking)

  14. what pretty pastries, i especially like the pink one :). I'd be very happy if i were that little bear, I bet he's been on quite a few tasty adventures :D

  15. Anonymous7:14 PM

    My dear, you simply MUST cultivate a better class of who will NEVER hesitate to come running to Angelina! Perhaps someone like moi.

  16. Yay! I've been here and loved every second (and calorie) of it!

  17. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Yummy, it´s just like a breakfast at our home ;-), but I must prepare this

  18. Le Mont Blanc, j'adore!!!! the problem with Angelina is that I can't go because it's always too crowed to find a place at the right hour for tea time. We shuld suggest they come here!

  19. I have become a fan of the Mont Blanc, as they are very popular here in Tokyo. Every patisserie carries them as well as every convenience store!

  20. You'd never miss a breakfast with me, with or without Schlag! ;-)))
    Had to laugh out loud when I read that Karl Lagerfeld has a great love for Angelina's Mont Blanc. *gigglemyselfsillyhere* Must be a platonic love affair, from the way he looks. ;-)

  21. Oh my! Oh my! My heart is palpitating for a Mont Blanc....and to think, I've lived all these years in blissful ignorance of this delicacy.

    I hope you do find those tiny perfume bottles; I'll be watching for some new paintings. (I got mine at Christmas.)

  22. Anonymous4:17 AM

    This post reminds me of my very first visit to Angelina's...
    Sweet memories... mostly of the "ambiance" about the situation....
    Your watercolours just suit what I felt then and what I am feeling now.

  23. I've never heard about Angelina before! I'm so happy to know it , NOW !

  24. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I have just returned from Paris. Hot choc and a Mont Blanc at Angelinas were the first thing on my list. I never got there. I was so thrilled to have found you and experience Angelina's with you. J'adore your blog

  25. Thank you thank you! For bringing me a little bit of my Dream to me everyday. I have had this dream for years of going to Paris and sitting in all the lovely cafes and having my fill of desserts (I dont think the word desserts even fits the bill for the yummys you feature, so much more..).So thank you for a little touch of my dream. Some day I hope to make it to Paris!

  26. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I was at Angelina's in April - first time in Paris! What a grand experience!!! Hot chocolate and a Mont Blanc - enough to sustain me for the whole day!!!!! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

  27. Anonymous4:54 PM

    ahhhh....i LOVE the mont blanc. as well as the pistachio and rasberry pastries. but i always thought that(correct me if i don't remember correctly) that in the center in the whip cream is a macaron. i'm pretty sure there is at least a plain or vanilla one.

  28. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Hi Carol,

    We finally made it over to Angelina's! Cute place to check out.. Thanks for the pics - I had a choc. and a mont blanc... Sugar high afterwards!

  29. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Ever since our family went to Paris on vacation I have lived vicariously through having my friends go to Angelinas and have a Mont Blanc when they're there. They were truly the most incredible treat I've ever had. It broke my heart that we couldn't order them to be fed exed to our home! Thank you for a wonderful trip down memory lane!


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