Monday, April 14, 2008

Coffee & Tea Festival

Georgia's Cafe Macarons, original watercolor

I got this doll's teapot at the Le Musee de la Poupee in Paris. And the little china angel in the Passage Jouffroy, but more about that later.
Yesterday I attended the 3rd annual Tea & Coffee Festival in New York again and there was a plethora of tea pots to admire.Water heated in a samovar is wildly romantic and I want one - so much better than the microwave don't you think?I'm always mesmerized by glowing glass teapots at these events - much like looking into a crystal ball. No wonder tea leaf reading is a frequent past time in tea salons. They even had coffee bean readings at the Festival! This Harrisons and Crosfield warming pot of classic English tea makes me want to search for a cookie to dunk. Silk tea sachets asteeping...Here's an alternate way to steep your tea - Sympatea makes a spoon with the tea leaves embedded and you just pour the water on top of the spoon. From Tafu Tea you could get your own tea roasting setup! Tea accessories are so varied and beautifully shaped...And incorporate so many natural materials - bamboo, fiber, clay, reeds...And the aromas! Much like visiting a perfum shop - all the exotic fragrances.
And the Festival had a wide variety of tea-related products - here Ito En makes a cold drink of green tea with lingering hints of rose...
Suntory has a new light and fresh green tea liquer.
There were mostly teas at the Festival but espresso was well represented by Segofredo

teapot headscarf The perfect little headscarf to wear at a tea tasting from Harshito Designs.
Georgia's Bakery macarons And finally the perfect cookie to dunk in your tea if ever there was one! And an excellent macaron of the true French order right here in New York City at Georgia's Bakery on 89th and Broadway. The pastry chef, Alia worked at the NY Fauchon for 5 years and it shows.
Reaching for heaven


  1. Hey, I'm going to Paris on Wednesday.

  2. @wendy-bon voyage you lucky duck!
    @carol-gorgeous! The aromas alone, would lift one along...sipping chai kind of day here.'t wait for that.
    All best,

  3. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Carol, that watercolor is beautiful. And I love nothing better than tea and all its accoutrements. Lovely post! Great fun. That third teapot down is my favorite. classic shape to it.

  4. Talk about a tea party-and the macarons........wonderful!

  5. I was at the Coffee and Tea Festival on Saturday (I'm much slower at posting my experience, as usual). Love your pics - great closeup of Mr. Tafu.

  6. OMG WendyB!!!
    Leave it to you to decide last minute I bet!

  7. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Looks like so much fun to me..especially ending up with a stack of macarons.
    Remembrances of Paree days..and salon de the too...

  8. Absolutely exquisite as is everything you share.
    Love and hugs and smiles across the miles

  9. I adoooore those glass teapots.

    The aroma at that festival must have been amazing!

  10. Those macarons look perfect!!

  11. Anonymous10:20 PM

    There is nothing I'd like better after making the rounds at Longears than to come in, kick off my wellies, put my shotgun back into the rack, hang up my Barbour jacket and tuck into a half dozen macarons with that lovely white tea with orange and mango. I'll sit by the fireplace, field glasses at hand, identifying all the birds at the feeder. Wait, that's no bird! Why, it's the damn squirrel again! Put the cozy back on the pot! Where's that shotgun?

  12. macarons, tea and coffee...mmmm.

  13. Hello Carol,

    I'm a big admirer of your oh so beautiful watercolors. They are just amazing!

    I tagged you... look for details on my blog.

    Nice greetings, Jona

  14. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Hi Carol,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog! You are so talented and have such a great eye for capturing wonderful images for your blog.

  15. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Oh my goodness.
    I want one of those green ones ... and a chocolate one ...
    and maybe a yellow macaron ....
    Forget the tea!

  16. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Wonderful china painting!
    And the macaron presentation is inspired!

  17. Anonymous6:51 AM

    This is very inspiring ...
    both artistically and hunger-wise ....

  18. Anonymous7:59 AM

    mmm it seems very delicious !!!^^

  19. While I am not a tea lover, your painting is enough to make me think that tea can be heavenly.

  20. Why don't I like tea, I'm English for God's sake. The accessories are all so much nicer than coffee accessories. HELP!

  21. Macarons! Oh poor little me, I had to comfort myself with a rhubarb strudel at Demel's today. Ever since Little Rose Macaron left for Broadway, whe place's not the same anymore. No singing or dancing, all quiet, the tortes mum, a sorry affair to call the thing by the proper name. So nice to be able to comfort myself with apples, er, your beautiful paintings , so joyous, so beautiful, sheer abbondanza all!

    My eye's on the beautiful tea canisters. Don't you have to love those Brits, always coming up with some elegant tins for their master ly selected tea leaves? I am sure glad that I have my cup full here, finest Harrogate Earl Grey, from their new blach and gold tin. Ah, life is good.

    Have a wonderful day, less blustery than here, I hope!

  22. Ohhhh! Lucky you! Hubby and I run a gourmet and tabletop shop (we sell that yummy Harrison's and Crossfield Tea!). It's been so long since I've been to any tradeshows (lots of kids... so little time)! =) And those French macarons are the BEST!!!!

  23. I love your work! And your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  24. What a great day! And still Paris with these macarons!

  25. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Thanks so much for the info on Georgia's Bakery! Now I can take the four year old on that macaron field trip! And thanks for the photos of the expo. I was planning on attending, but had to work at the last minute.
    Thanks again! Love, WAR

  26. How fun to see a bit of Japan in your post today! The expo looks like it was fabulous.

  27. Anonymous1:07 AM

    nice pictures post and blog im diggin in thankyou

  28. Wow! I just stumbled across your blog and found a wealth of great information! I'll be going to Paris in the fall and have already started to salivate over the macaroons. But I will be in NYC in May and might just have to check out Georgia's Bakery!

  29. Those macaroons almost look too pretty to eat! What is your favorite flavor?

  30. Anonymous2:10 PM

    i may have recognized the face of Raphael, the singer on your "cat alook like " picture...


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