Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Aquarelle I got an email yesterday signed: Greetings from sunny Hamburg.
And I wrote back: Greetings from rainy New York
I wrote that all day and I'll probably do the same today :(
Aquarelle I thought it was time for a bit of cheering up for us rainy day people. I daily passed the AQUARELLE fleurist on rue de buci enroute to the Metro or where ever.

Their beautiful bouquets never failed to cheer and the weather was mostly rainy and damp there too. They are all appropriately sitting on pedestal, as well they deserve to!
Aquarelle Lots of my favorite color combo: RED + GREEN
Aquarelle Some quite exotic..
Are there real greeny roses? You can not go wrong with deep red roses just like Bordeaux wine.Aquarelle They are cleverly wrapped in their own water container. You can sign on to get their 1-2 times weekly cheery emails of fresh flowers. Everyone in raincoats!A flower of a different sort for those of you who require some breakfast sustanence- From La Bonbonniere De Buci Paris and just accross the street...


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Much needed food for the soul today!
    Got the rainy day blues here...

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of the flowers, it reminds me so much of when l had a flower shop and it does cheer you up.
    Its bright sunshine in the UK not as warm as the weekend as l sat out in it but still lots of sunshine yet they said rain.

  3. The flower pictures are delightful! I can almost smell the sweet, rosy scent.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    RED & GREEN !
    My favorite combo!!!
    Gotta love it

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

    So so lovely ~ as your photos always are!!
    I was wondering if Aquarelle is located in St Germaine? On a visit last May, I passed by a beautiful flowere shop, on the left bank, that looks very much like this. It was on a small street not far from Boulevard St Germain.

    Wishing you a delightful day!

  6. Love the lisianthus in that first photo, and that fuzzy lavender stuff in that photo is a plant we used to have in our perennial bed, but sadly, it never came back! these are all beautiful! I guess you just have to remember all that rain really will bring the May flowers, Carol...

  7. I want that frasier now!! Beautiful fleurs. We've been back in the sixty's , a litle chill and some sprinkles here as well. So this is a lovely sight. Bon matin, PB. :)

  8. Anonymous10:51 AM

    hello from sunny california :)

  9. Guess what - it's sunny and warm here :)
    Gorgeous colourful pictures and beutifully uploaded if I may say. No one does flowers like the French.

  10. Seems we are having the same weather as you are today. Thanks for bringing some lovely Spring colors to our attention. Love the deep Red Roses. I can even smell them. :)

  11. True, the French never lose an opportunity to bring out the beauty. Personally, I loved the huge trompe-l'oeuil mural over the shop--I wondered if that inspired the name--and got some pics of it, for which I am awaiting development!

  12. carol,
    ah,the scent is wafting over the cyber-clouds to my new home as ex-pat, it reaches here in the south of France where it seems I want to collect the weeds along the sides of the roads,red and yellow poppies,considered weeds here...violet colored bachelor-like buttons and vivid corn yellow and fragrant broom- appreciating your focus on the gorgeous flowers in your midst inspires us all to share your impressions and prompts me to want to share mine! thanks for helping me smell the roses!!!

  13. I just LOVE your website. What lovely watercolors!! And, funny enough, I'm going to be in Paris in a couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to trying out some of the cafes you have been posting about! Angelina is across the street from the hotel where I am staying, so yay! I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll!

  14. Anonymous8:00 PM

    French flowers and French pastries seem interchangable to me.
    Both lovely to look at, both colorful and both lovely to enhale...
    Except one is calorie-free!

  15. Anonymous9:24 PM

    I'll take the 55 euro arrangement with the lily pod! No wait! at that price, it would be cheaper to plant white lilacs, red roses, and dig out a lily pond. if I start now, I could be harvesting in 2012, allowing for the slow blooming of lilacs. Reminiscent of my 5 year Martha Stewart Christmas tree plan.....She showed one in her mag. decorated with dried garden flowers. Rosebud garlands, cox comb dangles, just perfect for Longears. Being very busy at work, I set forth on a 5 year plan to grow and make all the ornaments. Five years later, it was done! And so was I! I still use the rose bud garlands (they smell heavenly!) but have a totally different approach now. But that's for another day...

  16. It's raining here in Jamaica as well.
    Nothing like pretty flowers to cheer me up on a hot rainy day :)

    I especially liked the subjects of the first and last photos :)

  17. That first photo is divine.

  18. You have done it again!!! Cheered me up on a very wet and dreary day here in the UK.

    Stunning and the Red and Green, what more can I say!!!

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