Friday, September 21, 2007

L comme Leche-Vitrine...

I thought I'd give you a few Paris windows to lick this weekend
i.e. leche-vitrine/window shopping. So we'll begin with some Viennoisserie for starters
Then move on to the hard core ultra, serious patisserie.
You can enjoy your pastry on a plate from Pierre Frey,
with a "pastry" patterned napkin and tablecloth,
while leaning against a "pastry" pillow! Why not?

Really the cheese course should come before dessert...
but who's going to know?

A glass of Champagne wouldn't hurt either...
from Fauchon's windows, their own private brew.
Of course you'll need roses with your Champagne and tarte.
In Paris flowers are out on the street, not hidden behind store windows where you can't enhale the scent.
The truth is woMAN cannot live by pastry alone. This woman will be munching some healthy sandwiches and salads between patisserie bites. Cojean has come up with a wrap especially for October. I've yet to see a September or October wrap in New York. I'll be spending the ENTIRE month of October in Paris starting a week from this Sunday.
If you want to lick more windows:
Bonne Appetit!


  1. Foodwalker9:22 AM

    I can never get enough of your French windows!

  2. Lucinda9:25 AM

    That ORANGE TARTE is to die for...

  3. It's the cheeses that really amaze me! There is nowhere in the world like France for fabulous, artisan cheese.

  4. Hey you are gonna be in France very soon! Cannot wait to see you and go lecher les vitrines!

  5. Oh, the Cojean sandwiches look interesting, where can I get these? And oh: If you'll spend one month in Paris in October, why not come by and have a coffee in the photogallery where I work parttime? I would love to welcome the woman who paints such wonderful watercolours.
    If you have time to waste, come and say hello at the FIAP, Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, mo-friday, 1p.m to 5 p.m, 37 rue de Chanzy, 75011 Paris.
    Have a nice day and bon voyage

  6. I'm hungry!!!!! Is very nice and yummy!!! Gloria

  7. Wow... a WHOLE MONTH in Pairs.. it was worth the wait. Yummy window displays. Cant wait for the new pictures you come up with when you hit Paris again.
    Are you going to do some art classes while there?

  8. I'm sooooooo jealous!

  9. i love your
    *through the window* postings!
    [ more, please ]

    are you ever stopped
    from taking a snap inside a store?

    i ask because
    i was stopped recently
    in a Whole Foods Market
    and i was so surprised
    and disappointed!


    how unfair!

  10. What amazing window those napkins..and the cheeses are just the best.

  11. Tarts galore! This post reminds me of those books, if you give a moose a muffin, he's gonna want some milk...if you give carol a camera, she 's gonna want to take a walk...preferably in Paris! And aren't we lucky that she does.. lecher les vitrines to your fondest dreams! I want one of those wraps for lunch!

  12. pamela12:30 PM

    Have a wonderful time in Paris
    (I know you will).
    Tell me you will be posting from Paris.
    we can't go a month without hearing
    about your adventures.
    How many memory cards are you packing?


  13. that pastryporn made my coffee taste unusually good this morning.

  14. Gorgeous is everything that you share with us!

  15. wow! a whole month in Paris. I'm so jealous. Enjoy!

    I shoot the outside windows first.
    Inside I sleuth around and check out the joint before I start shooting! I always ask permission in a small places.

  17. Congrats on the month-of-Paris! That is so very exciting.

    Yummy, yummy pastries! mmmmmm....

  18. MY FAVORITES! French pastries and cheeses. MIAM! (Yum in French for those who may not know).
    That is so neat that you'll be there for a month this time. You really should go down to Toulouse and check it out ;) We will be in France for a month in April, but I'm ready to go NOW, now that you posted this!
    -toulousaine (Jamie)

  19. The temptation never ends in Paris, does it? Every once in a while, Cojean does come as a relief. As do the Japanese places along rue Ste-Anne!

  20. Oh dear suddenly I'm starving!

  21. Love it! Thise napkins would be perfect for my collection. Where did you find them so I can ask my mom to get some for me?

  22. jeanette mistress of longears8:41 PM

    Amazing! The cheese, the pastries, the NAPKINS! And you, with a whole month on your hands right in the middle of everything! I can hardly wait to see your posts!
    Bon apetit!

  23. Just a quick note to say how much I love your art, and that you have a wonderful blog.
    Also to tell you that you've been tagged!!! : )

  24. This looks all ultra yammy. :-)
    Have you ever tried to find a piece of real cake on a cake covered table cloth? What if I eat by accident a piece of napkin instead?

  25. Oh, you are so wicked, carolg! I wouldn't mind the pastry pillow, and I wouldn't mind the rest either! Enjoy Paree!

  26. Thanks for breakfast, Carol! Delicious!
    And I love the pastry pillow...

  27. felicitations pour ton site!

  28. OMG, the pastries, i'm
    I need to save money to make it to Paris


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