Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ispahan Mit Schlag!

This is an homage watercolor
to Merisi's discovery of Pierre Herme's Ispahan
migration to Vienna!
Photo by Merisis Vienna I would like to rename it
The Ispa-HAM!
Since the Viennese chefs have seen fit to load up on WHIPPED CREAM
or mit schlag as they call it...
Merisi took this photo.
Every which way you turn in Vienna
you will be loaded up "mit schlag"
It's the law of the land.
I happen to be one of those rare birds
who doesn't care much for cream in any form.
That's why this "Mont Blanc" at Angelina's is deflating... There are other Ispahan copy cats right in Paris itself!
This kitty is missing the treasured rose petal.
Hmmm...wrong wrong wrong
Since Herme's inspiration was the Ispahan rose.
Plus I do not see the tiny, marvelous droplet of moisture
(a glob of glycerine experts tell me)
that graces Pierre Herme's Ispahan. This is a serious lapse of pastry expertise in my opinion.
Not that anyone's asking.Photo by Anita Chu of Desserts First Lucky Anita of Dessert First has not only sucessfully
made her own version of the Ispahan,
but she got this wonderful souvenir at Herme's Paris shop...
I've never seen it the enteen times I've visited so it must be a limited edition...
What wouldn't you give for one of these?
If you are into schlag, then run to Vienna
and if that isn't convenient,
check out
this book
or Wolfgang Puck's recipe for Cremeschnitten.Mit schlag or not,
do not miss
Merisi's marching Ispahans.
I have to admit they're pretty damn gorgeous
even if they are copy kittens!


  1. YUMMM, That painting is as yummy at the Charlotte Rousse was..or how ever you spell that. Love the necklace. I want one. ;0

  2. I was going to say that that pot of chocolat chaud looked awfully like it was at Angelina's rather than in Vienna, and indeed it is, but I confess I am a sucker for it when I go there, though I don't always go for mit schlag...

  3. ... and there I was thinking you'd rebaptize it the Ispa-Schlag! :-)

    Did I tell you that it tasted heavenly, even to a "bitte-no-schlag" girl like me? Very delicate structure, with almond and rose aromas caressing my taste buds and those raspberries of a sun-kissed scent and flavor rarely found in a pastry. Did you know that at Demel's they still hand-whip the cream, because it gives it just the right consistency and more volume, i.e. less fat per square inch? *smile*.

    Did you notice Demel's perfect dewdrop on the rose petal?

  4. That droplet does not COUNT Merisi
    That is a misplaced dribble...

  5. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I adore your writing, but especially your watercolors. I visit here first almost every morning--your beautiful drawings start my day off so prettily. For many years I have wished I could draw what I see; now, in part inspired by your work, I have signed up for a beginning art class. Maybe one day I can paint my own lovely macarons (and the morning mist and moonrise between the pines and chickadees in winter). Thanks for the inspiration! Kisabel

  6. Yet again beautiful paintings..brightens my day.

  7. I always love when you write about ispahans, even fake ones!:)
    You must have one at PH for me when you go to Paris this time:)

    And yes, I believe you will learn to make macarons one day!

  8. Great post! I love your drawing!! I met with Merisi today and we talked about you ;)
    Great work!!

  9. I had to have another look at that rose macaron mit Schlag. :-)
    It's beautiful.
    Wanna eat it.
    And the colors fit your blog perfectly, don't you agree? ;-)

    (As you can see, word verification works again.)

    Hi, Tea,
    nice to meet you again! :-)

  10. Oh my, what wonderful delights you share with us today. I love your painting, looks as wonderful as the picture!

  11. jeanette, mistress of longears1:48 PM

    Bless you for upholding the standards of tradition. Honestly, an spahan without a rose petal - how can it possibly keep its provenance? As for me, I always thing of the jazz standard spelled differently but referring to the same place, Isphahan.

  12. loveitaly2:49 PM

    "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." What a positively seductive post--we could just apply these directly to our hips, I imagine. Beautiful painting, as always, Carol, and delightful post. I'll just pretend that's what I had for lunch today!

  13. LOVEITALYBreakfast, lunch, dinner
    And then diving practice

  14. Ispahan, a magical thing, the original one looks so much like a poem, an exotique whisper. What a translation! Must be all those mountains and snow! And opera singers shouting! And I was going to nibble a salad today. HA!

  15. I can't decide which is more delightful, the painting or the original :-) Looking at all these photos is making me hungry.... and no chance of getting my teeth into of one these. Ooooooohhh!
    Delightful colours too; the Ispahan goes perfectly with your new banner

  16. I love that necklace! Very cute.

  17. Ah, "mit Schlag" - two of my favorite words in ANY language! Maybe 'cause my grandfather was Austrian??

    Another fascinating post. I know I'll always be entertained and enchanted whenever I visit.

  18. Dear SARA,
    My Grandmother was from Austria and it had no effect whatsoever on my "mit Schlag" gene.
    I do like Egon Schiele and architect Josef Hoffmann, so it's not a total loss.
    Oh and I love Merisi's photos too!

  19. the next time I go to Tokyo, I'm gonna have the Ispahan from PH.

  20. Too much! I do love Merisis Photos, but I am grateful I do not eat like this or I would be the size of a house ! :o)

  21. I'd like to point out that I went for a walk/run in driving rain last night to work off my guilt mit schlag (no breakfast, salad days on end, sheer misery, on top of that).

  22. I about swooned at Merisi's blog with all those photos. How fun to paint it as well. Maybe the next best thing to actually be able *eat* one of those (her descriptions are pretty darn mouthwatering).

    TOTALLY hungry now!

  23. An Ispahan necklace! Now that's my kind of necklace. :)


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