Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mystery Macarons...

Have you ever been running somewhere and you spot something wonderful.You take one near-perfect picture of it and make a mental note. I must come back here and go inside.
But WHERE was it?
That's what I'm wondering about this adorable pile of macarons I saw the first day last time in Paris.
I thought the little window sign at the bottom would be a logo clue.
But no, it's just a symbol for some French Pastry association.
Objective #1: Find this place again!
I know you're busy reading the yummy the list on this Maison Kayser ardoise.But when I look, I see yummy handwriting like any French kid can do. What I wouldn't give to be able to write like this.
That's why this mystery restaurant appeals to me...
But I passed by so quickly, I didn't get the street address, the name, nuttin'I know it's somewhere around Lafayette Gourmet.
I don't care what the food is like.
I just want to eat in a place surrounded by ardoise /
blackboards covered in French handwriting.
Objective #2: Find it!
*Update: I found it - 63, rue de Provence 75009
COJEAN is across the street at 66
Why I never went inside AQUARELLE is beyond me? This is an easy one - at least I know where it is!7-9, rue de Buci Paris, 75006
 I've not been back to the Tour Eiffel since MY FIRST TRIP TO EUROPE, when you have no choice about visiting national monuments. But this trip I think I should get a little bit closer than this shot. What do you think? More French handwriting. This mystery window is on rue de Seine I think. I'm going to go look for it. Wonderful seashell underwear.
I got a quick shot even though the vendeuse was wagging her finger at me. It was on rue Bonaparte, down a bit from Pierre Herme. I wish I'd gone inside and bought these..

Especially since I took this picture 2 years ago!
So this mystery underwear is long gone.

Is there something you missed out on from a previous trip
that you'd like to go back and do?

Not a mystery.
I KNOW I will get to visit often with
my adorable cousin K. in Pigalle. I hope we go back to Rose Bakery and that I remember to take pictures.
I loved Lyn's comment:
I always rent an apartment in a part of the city I've not rented in before.
First morning I scout the neighborhood, get my first "flavor" of it, find a nice place for a latte and a pastry, then sit and enjoy.
Objective #3: these mystery chairs in the Jardin Luxumbourg would like me to stop and sit down and enjoy.


  1. I hope you get to solve most of the mysteries, but not all (note: need a reason to come back *g*).
    Those little macarons look so precariously stacked, they get so easily injured. Make sure to check that they are ok, will you, pleeease? ;.)

  2. Say bonjour to Cousine K.

    I could kick myself for not taking a gazillion photos of my one trip to Paris :(

  3. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Shall we steal those ardoises together?
    OK... Let's meet outside "au 63", 63 rue de Provence in 9ème. You need Métro Opéra station.
    Have big carry bags and good running shoes ready !!!

    ... Try and solve your macaron mystery by then, we shall deserve it after the run !

  4. BONNE IDEA Marie-Noelle !
    But I think we take the Metro Chaussée d'Antin- La Fayette..
    I am putting on my "baskets" right now.

  5. I hope you find out all those mysteries. Have fun!

  6. Bon jour! I found a font that looks like French handwriting. I'll use it to teach myself to write in the French manner.

    So you do know Kayser bakery!

  7. I am feeling the anticipation almost as if I were going on this trip. ;)
    I hope you solve your mystery of the restaurant and discover more to return for.

  8. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Sounds like you've got things on a "to do" list for lots of fun. I can see posts ad infinitum on the subjects you've already lined up. Have you ever done the bateau mouche? I had such a neat experience once playing tourist and doing so...You'll have a wonderful voyage. Only a few more days!...

  9. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I think I echo a thought that many of your blog readers have: only wish we were along on your treks in Paris!
    It is such a delight to see what you decide what to collect in your images.
    Only an artist would see these things and grab quick snap reference shots.
    I can remember one shot of a shoe you shot on the metro that had writing on it.
    That is a great inspiration for a gift for my wife.

  10. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I think you should visit the Eiffel Tower -- I don't feel like I'm in Paris until I visit la tour.
    My favorite approach -- come out of the Metro & climb the steps of the Palais Chaillot, view the tower from the plaza, cross the Seine, walk under the tower & stroll down the Champs Mars.
    I love to watch the lights on the tower at night - magical.

    Another favorite place -- the Palais Royale.
    Love those stripes!
    I know you don't like monuments too much but the courtyard of the Louvre at night is pretty great with lots of wonderful lighting and few people to spoil it.

    Any trips to the outskirts?
    At the top of my to do list for my next trip are the chateaux other than Versailles - Chantilly, Vincennes, Fountainbleu.
    And next time, for sure I'm visiting Giverny.
    Bon trip!

  11. i so need that underwear for my ball'll if i could meet you and marie-noelle at the station...have a ball today...blessings, rebecca

  12. The chairs at Jardin du Luxembourgs are my favorite place when I go "up" to Paris, which is less often than you, lucky lady. Enjoy yourself in town.

  13. Oh YES.. Giverny. Jessica's on my train of thought. How I would LOVE to go see Giverny. Carol, Have you ever been there? If you have Share some photos of that area with us sometime. ;-)

  14. A Magical Mystery Tour, and in Paris too ~ does life get any better than this? Probably not.

    Since reading your blog I am OBSESSED with Macarons... I can't find ANY around here. Torture.

    I hope you find the answers to your mysteries, and a few more mysteries besides.

    Your cousin is too attractive and chic for words... so very FRENCH!

    That's REALLY good Elizabeth
    Especially since I'll be bringing along my brand new mysterious first laptop and my new mysterious Canon S3, both crying to be let out of their boxes here.

  16. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Dear Carol~

    I am holding my breath that when
    you get to Paris~
    will you still havetime for us. Perfectly understandable if you don't, of course.
    But we will miss you.
    I would love to see a watercolor of those would make something wonderful of them.

  17. lol @ Marie-Noëlle :-)

    gasp! @ barbara! :-o No Paris Breakfasts??????? Oh oh!!! But how will I have my chocolate chaud and macaron fix in the mornings????

    say it isn't so carol!

  18. Anonymous10:19 PM

    I don't understand... French handwriting doesn't look too different from the way I was taught to write in Australia, although most adults don't use 'running writing' any more, we mostly 'print'.

    So what does American kids handwriting look like?

    ps- enjoy Paris, I'm so jealous - I don't even have a passport!

  19. I adore your cousin! As for the macarons, the wonderful thing about Paris is that you could have seen them just about anywhere. Ha ha, I can just imagine the saleswoman wagging her finger at you as you took that picture!

  20. You're so right ROSA
    about the macarons.
    People tend to think you can buy maccies in only 3-4 top places, when they are in fact EVERYWHERE!
    And the wagging finger - as much an integral part of France as the macaron :)

  21. hi ! I've just discovered your blog, through Alimentation Générale link. It's really nice.

    If you want to taste real good macarons, I advise you to go to LADUREE. They have several adresses, including one on the Champs Elysées (but it's always crowded there). A bit expensive - I think it may be about 4 euros for one macaron - but really amazing. Taste "caramel au beurre salé" :) yummie !

  22. Dear AUDE
    I'm so addicted to Laduree's caramel macarons, I found a class where I can learn to make them myself!
    Merci :)

  23. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Please take lots of picture of Tea Shop windows (and any you can sneak from the inside)
    Try to visit Le Palais des Thes in the Marais - where they have their largest shop).
    Also all of our favorites . . . Can't wait to take the journey with you on Monday thru October!

  24. Ack, I was just at kayser, the one by notre dame des champs. I bought five macarons. I loved them!

    have you been to foucher on avenue de l'opera? They have lovely macarons. Check it out, it is a highly underrated chocolatier.


  25. Ooh, Laduree macaroons. I love those, very yummy, especially the salted caramel flavour.


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