Friday, September 14, 2007

The Thief of Bergdorfs...

No, I did not go back and nick any Chanel perfume bottles at Bergdorfs! I'm not that insane!

Though the scent of 31, RUE CAMBON still lingers on my left wrist 2 days later. I had to skip WaterGym at the pool. Chlorine and fragrance don't mix. But I did go again to the 7th floor
and steal shots in the adorable vintage china shop at Bergdorf's.
i.e. the blurry photo...
My name is Carol and I am a repeat offender. Who could resist?
One of a kind cups and saucers. So pretty and brimfull of memories...
I saw this one on the last stolen visit.

I wonder who drank out of these dainty china cups? Scarlett of Tara perhaps..?
It makes you want to have a tea party doesn't it? And the slight nip in the Fall air says you should!
Did you notice Paris Breakfasts has had a face lift?
It's been on the drawing board waiting to happen and long overdue.

I've always been mad for French labels.
Especially confiture labels.
Thanks to collaboration with graphic designer Pamela Fenwick

I got my new banner just the way I wanted it.
And with some overseas surgery (all the rage now)
Di of Designers Block installed the banner and even got me over to
NEW BLOGGER Hope you like it.
Let me know between sips of tea :)


  1. Anonymous9:37 AM


  2. OMG...These are to die for. I LOVE Eveything on this page. WONDERFUL new paintings. A tea party would be just the thing with all those gorgeous cups. Love your new banner. It's in pink & black how could I NOT love it. ;)
    Your blog just keeps getting better and better.

  3. i don't see a banner at all...i will go to my mac and see if it shows up...blessings, rebecca

  4. How exquisite! Love the blue birds. Oooh and ahh again, teacups with tags.. Wonderful...

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Ooooh--I noticed that banner right away--the script reminds me of your ecriture work...looks wonderful! Those teacups tug at my heart, you know! They're beautiful, Carol. I'll tell you who drank from them--my grandmother, for one. Your watercolors are delicious.

  6. Your watercolors, they are wonderful! I specially like the one with the cherry but they are all very fine and delicate!


  7. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I love the font you use for your new banner, it's tout à fait you! I love your motto, that's parfaitement what you do.
    And thanks for all those cups... Stolen, stolen be your apples (
    you paint dreams.

  8. Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful! I teacups!

  9. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Pretty in pink.
    Adore the cups!
    You have been busy, one beautiful tea cup after another. Who needs Chanel, I'll take Paris in pink at breakfast.

  10. Anonymous11:55 AM

    o, mais, c'est vraiment bien. J'aime vos aquarelles! I did a wonderful watercolour holiday in Lodeve, France, last year and my, these make happy memories for me. Love your blog.

  11. Beautiful new facelift Carol;) I love the design! And your teacups are exquisite of course...

  12. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Love the light new look!

  13. Anonymous12:48 PM

    The paintings are DIVINE! The new look is excellent too. Clean and sparkling!

  14. Anonymous12:57 PM

    These cup paintings are some of your best, carol! And the j'aime les fraises so ... just lovely! Your new banner, I think, is so you.

  15. Carol, the new banner ist just perfect! - And your new blog entry is perfect, too! Wonderful watercolours, especially the first one (the china with the birds) !

  16. Simply elegant! I love the new banner. And those teacups....wish I could be there in person.

  17. These -- all of these cups - are so luscious, so divinely done -- I am awe-struck!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!!

  18. Oh yes, I noticed the new banner yesterday already. ;-) Really really nice, reminds me of the notebooks we used in grammar school.
    Your paintings and dainty stolen cups look tres pretty. :-)
    Have you checked your mail yet?

  19. Anonymous7:15 PM

    All right, the banner looks like a chocolate box - very classy and yummy!!! Those blue-birds are superb, these I want (if still available???) Carol you always please the eyes!
    p.s. I linked to you today via pomegranate trees...!

  20. yes, I noticed it the last time I visited your site, but forgot to mention it, it looks fab! I love all the dainty tea cups too. Let's party.

  21. Love the china and your water colors to showcase well as the new banner :)

  22. lol :) I thought there was something new and different about the page this morning when I checked in. But I wasn't sure if this is how it always looked and maybe I just hadn't noticed before! lol! :)

    I love the new look and I just think these tea cups are darling. I'm glad you...ahem...stole the shot ;0)

  23. The new look is wonderful! Bravo! ; )

  24. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Love the banner. It seems exactly as it should be, quintessential.

    I have a similar china theft story. While vacationing in Berlin I went through a 'little' three story house set in the back of the Charlottenburg palace grounds. It houses the collection of royal china. When I reached the top floor there was no attendant to be found, so I happily snapped away. :)

  25. So nice warecolors cups! Nice lifting, too, but you 're young and beautiful; before and know! But you new banner is really great!

  26. My god I wanted to write"watercolored cups" and "before and now"! Sorry!

  27. You rock my world....I've been following di for months now....

    have a blessed weekend

  28. It's a most excellent banner, just right for your blog. Congrats!

    Absolutely love the china and your drawings, as well.

  29. when i saw your new banner
    i was overcome
    with desire for

    cafe au lait!


    then i saw the yummy tea cups
    now i want earl grey...

    see what you do!

  30. yes love your watercolours...

  31. Yes, SomePinkFlowers I am the Pied Piper of tea, coffee and hot chocolate :)
    I have always loved your PINK sneakers...Perhaps they caste a subliminal spell over me..

    Isn't pink supposed to put one in a good mood?
    I do feel pretty in pink :)

  32. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Bonjour Carol,

    I really like your new banner -- tres chic!
    And the teacup post today is just delicious.

  33. I have been in love with tea cups since my college years when in our sorority girls sent one place setting (of a teacup and saucer) to the house and they sat on display, one more beautiful than the next. Unfortunately I didn't contribute to that legacy, but I will always remember sitting in the study and making up stories of the women who contributed each little piece of their new married life...

  34. I have to admit, I so fell in love instantly with your new paintings of china that I never noticed your new banner until I got to the end of the blog. Tres chic! Those teacup paintings are truly exquisite, I love them!

  35. I prefer your lovely teacups to the real ones. They speak more of afternoon teashops, pastries and quiet conversation.

  36. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Those watercolours are gorgeous !
    the last one with the strawberries is divine ! so "appétissante" !!!

  37. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Oh Carol you have outdone yourself with these teacups today. The first one is so so beautiful. They're all so lovely and feminine, I can see a girly day coming on today. I love the new banner. Leanne

  38. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Elegantly understated new banner! As for your thieving ways, I suppose I will have to post bail when you get caught! A Flickr friend (a close one, too - one I actually know other than virtually!) was escorted out of Whole Foods when they found her photographing the produce! Fine company I keep, non?

  39. Very lovely banner and everything else! Great new look. Tres chic!

  40. Anonymous2:06 PM

    You're talking about a very special tea party and I have seen a teapot specially for such tea party!


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