Thursday, September 20, 2007

Painting Seashells...

Painting seashells in a lot like painting blobs.
You lay down a pool of water on your paper.
And then start dropping in the colorspreferably a warm color and a cool color.
You get to play with the positive and negative shapes.
The more blurry the patches, the better.
I like to think of watercolor this way-
The water is the tide washing in and out.
And the granules of paint pigment are the sand
that gets pushed around by the tide.
Painting seashells is just as much fun as playing on the beach.
Play is the operative word here...


  1. Foodwalker12:22 AM

    Lovely mellow washes here...

  2. beautiful seashells!

  3. mnroland2:18 AM

    I'd love to collect your shells ...
    They would certainly take me back to the beach whenever I look at them...
    And, instantly, I would feel the sand between my toes, I would get the sun on my skin, and I would dig memories out and build castles with them....

    thank you for showing your nice collection !!!

  4. Seashells seashore sweet!
    Love the ideas of water splashing and colors dripping. The forms swim as your brush swirls!

  5. OH seashells
    Sitting on a sandy beach,
    Do not let the sun
    Your colors bleach.
    Rather let the tide
    tan your hide
    With pink and blue
    On the windward side.

  6. Oooh, ahhhh, My kind of play!!!! Fabulous!

  7. Ah.. Memory catchers. Beautiful

  8. loveitaly9:50 AM

    lovely seashell paintings, Carol! Great image of the paints like waters rushing in and out, and sandy pigments settling...

  9. She paints seashells by the seashore...and does it so well! Beautiful...and so peaceful.

  10. I feel like summer is back!

  11. Lovely blobs... :-) The essence of painting seashells for me includes trying to make them feel 'wet' (lots of glistening highlights) - which on the more complex shapes can end up crazy-making. I like the feel of yours.

  12. (Blobs - referring to the gorgeous 'blurry patches' you have in the wonderful backgrounds).

  13. Oooh this reminds me of when I was small and had a lisp. My mum used to make me say - she sells sea shells on the sea shore - and I could soak anyone in spitting distance.

  14. This is the first time i'm on your blog and I think it is amazing!

  15. all you paint is lovely but I really in love of your teapots, and cups etc. love sooo Gloria

  16. your paintings are a really joy for me, I like these type of paintings and relax me.xxxGloria

  17. Anonymous9:07 AM

    really beautiful paintings...great
    i love your blog
    i'll put your blog to my favs;)

  18. Such a beautiful idea, painting and poetry are not so far one from the other!

  19. This is a delightful post, I love to paint so this is very inspiring


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