Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pas Prete...

Pas prête is short for Elle n'est pas prête.
(She's not ready.) Some of you think I'm "excited" to be going off to Paree. Hum...I haven't really had the chance to get excited.Or even have the "cold feet" I normally get before a trip.
I'm juggling 3 deadlines here. Doing lots of praying between bouts of procrastinating and occasional actual working, on a Thanksgiving menu for the Russian Tea Room..
And some coffee painting sketches that have taken way too long. Plus I have to write a little story on Paris Breakfasts for Artful Blogging ALL BEFORE I GO on Sunday morning. Yes, idiot-moi, I decided to take a day flight on AirFrance.
Oh did I mention I went out and bought a new camera?
What kind of a ding-a-ling does that just before a trip?
This ding-a-ling, that's who. I'll take along my old friendly Canon PS A510 of course, but the lense cap decided to break off recently.
Quite a few of you have wanted to know if you'll be getting your morning PB fix regularly while I'm away...
That's why I bought this new laptop to take along.
It took months to decide which one to buy...
I got a Compac because I wanted XP Professional.
Microsoft Vista gives me the shakes.
Since it's my FIRST laptop it looks more mysterious than those macarons. The keyboard is harder to figure out than a French keyboard.
Or it will be when I get it out of the box.
Another reason for a 'puter in France is,
I've noticed in the past, after a few weeks I get a hankering for spoken English. This way I can get a shot of the BBC if the urge arises.
What to take?
This one is tough since I use a rather small (and old) suitcase. But it's nice to have a few friendly cups along to throw in a Parisien still life..
Which ones do I take?
Oh and books are always the killer aren't they? So darn HEAVY! One thing I never leave behind is my real dice bracelet.
US Customs is always totally distracted by this bracelet.
So I can bring in all the contraband diamonds and fois gras I want.
Any fabulous last minute suggestions are most welcome


Anonymous said...

a last minute suggestion...
I'm sure I could help you tote your things and during the fleeting moments when you don't have anything to tote, I can sketch and paint.
No problem!
It will be my pleasure. :-)

Anonymous said...

When we travel we cut out the parts of travel books that we will be using, it cuts down on a lot of weight.
Forget the cups...use pictures...or borrow one from your cute cousin and return it before you leave.
I would buy a new camera so you are not alone.
You can read the directions during your long day flight.
Bon voyage!

Parisbreakfasts said...

How good are you with laptops and CanonS3s???
Or better yet-
Wanna go in my place?
Thanks for making me giggle :)

Anonymous said...

My grandmother always told me "Two heads are better than one" when it came to figuring out how to tackle tough jobs or situations. So whether I am good with laptops or CanonS3's or not, between the two of us, we could figure it out, I'm sure. If nothing else, I could still tote them for you!

Seriously, I hope you have a safe and lovely trip. I always look forward to reading your posts and especially looking at your paintings and sketches. Lovely!

Blame It on Paris said...

I hope you have a wonderful time! I know you will, you see so much and discover so many wonderful things.

Janice C. Cartier said...

Yikes!!!Well after the dancing bears have had their tea cups balanced with coffee drawn finely and after the camera and laptop come out of the box, there may be a moment or two where the essential carol things will help you out and jump right into the suitcase. So leave it open at night when you go to sleep, or make convenient stacks but don't forget the most important thing for bringing new stuff BACK!!!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

My Dad used to say.. "If it weren't for the last minute NOTHING would get done" so I would say you are right on schedule. ;)
I DO know about procrastination! Sigh
I see you have the essential to pack..Blister treatment. ;)Just dont spend all your time inside trying to figure out all that new equiptment..:( Better get in touch with my friend Jamie. She too just got a new lap top for her trip to the South of France in April. She is good at figuring things out.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest to buy a new suitcase, lightweigth,with rollers and a retractable handle.
Thank you to take time to blog in the maelström.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that blister treatment, too! Smart! I always take bandaids with me, 'cause I've been known to have sore feet. Nothing worse when you want to go exploring! I've certainly learned that you can always pick up what you didn't bring along, but I know what you mean about that last minute of panic thinking you're forgetting something. I get that every single trip, and God knows I'm gone a lot. Somehow it all works out! I'm getting excited for you. Good luck with the camera and laptop! I got a new work Dell laptop that is sooo lightweight, and it's great for lugging around on trips, but I did have a Compaq once for me, and I loved it. Hope yours does well for you.

Parisbreakfasts said...

My sweet old suitcase is lightweigth,with rollers and a retractable handle.
And it's covered with colored stickers from UPS - orange 3 DAY SELECT & Red 2 DAY AIR etc.
Making it eminently unattractive to robbers and visually assertive on the baggage runway.

Godd idea LOVEITALY to ake the bandaids too. And baby powder to keep the feets working..

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well on your trip. I'm so excited for you!
You mentioned you were doing a menu for the Russian Tearoom.
I thought it had gone out of business. Is it the one in New York, or another one?

annechung said...

I remember a trip to the French Pyrenees one year and I was traveling alone, I had to read aloud in my room just so I could hear English being spoken. I know the feeling about needing to hear English. These days I have my sister in law, so it is not a problem anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...The last minute panic & frenzy. I don't think I could travel without it!

Don't fret about the camera & laptop -- just take them & you'll figure it out when you get to Paris! If you want an easier keyboard buy a full-size one to plug in to the laptop.

And remember, you have five hours on the plane to read the camera manual & play with your new toys! Pas de probleme!

Bon Vacance!

Anonymous said...

Oh, carolg, travel light, buy there ... and good luck with the 'puter and new camera; you're really punishing yourself I see! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip!
I look forward to the pictures
and stories!
You're doing something I've always
fantasized about....
going to Paris alone!
I'll be enjoying it vicariously.

WendyB said... that bracelet!

Janice said...

Hello Carol, I would like to suggest picking up several packets of Band-Aid Advanced Healing blister cushions. In Europe they are marketed under the Compeed brand. Nothing is worse than than painful feet. Bon voyage! Janice

Merisi said...

So far I only got to the part "to take a day flight on AirFrance". *lol* Sorry. So sorry. *keep on laughing* Why does one take a day flight to Paris? What were you thinking? My imagination goes wild. *the girl stops laughing now*

Carol, imagine if you'd have taken the Saturday evening flight!

Now back to reading your post.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Ms. Mit Schlag between the ears,
I like taking a day flight,because you get off the plane and go to a REAL bed instead of sleeping with unpleasent neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is the best!
Very creative!
Bon Voyage!

WendyB said...

I am laughing my ass off at "Suicidal Singers Wednesday" (not to be confused with "Beheaded Royalty Thursday.")

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

just have fun...and eat a macaroon for me please...and take moist towelettes...have fun with new camra and computer...blessings, rebecca

Nazila Merati said...

You will be coolio, you always seem to be under control.

I would highly recommend bringing the charger to your camera and making sure that you have a high limit of your ATM withdrawls.

As for books, don't you know it all already?

Please remember that the Parisiens are already pulling out their wool coats, pashminas and winter boots, so don't forget to pack all of that as well.

As for the daytime flight, I love them. I can either work or read and I'm usually tired enough that I sleep well my first night.

I am going back to Paris on the 25th of October for one more quick chocolate run for 2007.

bon voyage!


Anonymous said...

You are taking cups TO Paris? After lugging so many BACK from Paris? Clearly, the pressure of deadlines has rattled you. Does the phrase "coals to Newcastle" hold any meaning for you? BUY MORE cups in Paris; then bring them back.
Between the new camera and the new laptop, I am concerned for your sanity. Should things prove overwhelming, my passport is up to date.
Bon voyage! Your trip will be bliss!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Mistress of Missing Wabbits,
Perhaps you have not checked the Dollar$$ lately...
Funds will be spent on edible items and paintable items..
Cups can come along and so can you if you are laptop savvy.
Ticket is in the mail!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear nm
Thanks for the Foucher tip
I added it to the list.
Too bad you are missing the Salon du Chocolat :(
Quelle domage..
Woolie coats..Oh dear
I didn't plan on that!

K and S said...

putting me into your suitcase would be good. I don't take up much space and will help you eat all those macarons and sweet treats :) I'm also good at taking secret photos of Chanel windows ;)

Anonymous said...

How long will you be there? My best advice is to pack as little clothing as possible. Only bring stuff you can mix and match. After that, I don't know!

I'm so glad you'll be posting from Paris!

Sarah B

Casey said...

oh I am sooo looking forward to the pictures. And I love flying Air France because I feel I'm almot in France right at the check-in desk. But I agree: night flight: better.
Anyway, ANXIOUSLY await your photos and watercolors. Have a DELICIOUS time.

Anonymous said...

You might check with Adrian Leeds of International Living. She mentioned a place in the 9th or 11th that sells the white china very cheaply. Yes, your only problem will be the dollar/euro one. Hit another all time high (or low) this week. $1.40 Yikes.
Vista is wonderful. I have not had a problem. My new Toshiba has a fabulous keyboard, large keys. You'll get used to the laptop (and love it) as well as the camera.
A good boiled wool jacket in black is perfect in the event it gets cool. Add a few scarves and turtle necks and you'll be right in Paris fashion. Black everything works in Paris. I found the ground level of La Samaritaine quite reasonable for little touches like gloves, hose, soaps, etc.
Yes, the good shoes are a must, but don't forget a good hat and a brollie!
My daughter and I always say, "We can handle anything as long as we have clean underwear." Bring plenty - skimpy little Victoria Secret ones to tuck into your shoes in your suitcase. And the new suitcase idea was perfect. It's a great gift to have a rolling bag with lots of pockets. Forget the books, except your map books; make notes on 3x5 cards, and discover the rest!
Bon voyage!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Anonymous
Wonderful suggestions!
But Samartaine has been closed sadly over a year..
Victoria Secret stuff....hmmm
More lollyPops here, even if they are Laduree green and Fauchon pink..Hmmm
Brollies, gloves, hose..ahem..
All my china comes from that place that escapes my ruffled mind at the moment, but mentioned many times on PB

tlchang said...

Good luck with both packing and the procrastination (I need to get back to the studio myself! I was only checking my email... argh!)

I've gotten so that I don't travel without EmergenC (to counter all those airplane-recycled-air-germs), Rescue Remedy (for everything from bug bites and stings to airport-security-stress) and my favorite aromatherapeutic "Magic" lotion -which heals blisters in less than 24 hours... Major first-aid in a tiny ziplock baggie! :-)

Have the best time ever!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" did a good job with her list...
strawhat and brollie, sandals and wellies ...
the weather is unpredictable just now and temperatures have dropped suddenly for 2 days...

I would add :
- a balaclava
- leggies
- your Marelle big carry bags
- a kagool (better than an umbrella when you have to run)

(all useful for mission n°63 and not for Angelina's nor Ladurée's or Fauchon's)

Rosa said...

It will all work out great, you'll see! Congratulations on your new camera and laptop - how exciting!

Unknown said...

Bring a "Parapluie"!!!!!!!!
It is raining over here...
But: I watched the weather forecast and Sunday will be a nice sunny day!
I know it must be tough to make a choice, but laptop and new camera surely is a great choice. And I agree with Janice, leave space for a lot of nice new things...
See you in Paris, bon voyage
PS I love the still life with the books and the "ballerines" (are very fashionable here this year)and assorted blister treatment and all the stuff you photographed.

Bridget said...

"idiot-moi" is so cute!