Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yesterday I did one of the bravest acts of my life! Visiting Tehran, Hong Kong, Rio was nothing on this.

I set foot in Chanel's New York flagship store on 57th Street. I marched up to the perfume display of the new
Les Exclusifs eau de cologne like I owned the place.
And I started spritzing!

They have these sweet logo cards you can spray samples onto.
CLICK on this picture and ENHALE!!!
I sprayed my left wrist with 31 RUE CAMBON and my right wrist with EAU DE COLOGNE. Today I can still smell like a divine orchid hot house. I read Luca Turin's reviews of these 6 new fragrances and decided to give it a whirl. His words of praise -the thrill of feminine beauty, the pang of pain and longing gave me courage. Bravery pays off.

Photo by Kat of
The truth is Kat of K & S wrote me yesterday that she'd taken some pictures of Chanel windows in Japan as requested in August.
I ran to get some more window shots and then I got up the nerve to enter. They were nice as pie to me even though I was wearing my MTA map T-shirt...ahem Afterwards I went in to Bergdorf Goodman's to try more of the new Chanels and they were rather snooty.hmm...

So all over the world in Chanel boutiques pearls are getting dragged on the floor. Don't you love it!What about these jailbird stripes? Only SONIA RYKIEL can do stripes in my opinion...
Don't you love their tragic luxe looks? Have they been enhaling too much EAU DE COLOGNE? Did I mention it's $170 a bottle?
Les Exclusifs do not show up on Chanel's website.
They are sold only in 11 "doors" they told me at Bergdorfs.
So want to win a box of Liquorice macarons to match you new black and white Chanel outfit?
I dare you to set foot in the nearest Chanel flagship boutique in your town and try on the new colognes. Not fair if you live in Paris or work for Chanel or live in Timbucktoo.
USA only.
You could also make your own Les macarons a la Réglisse
if you visit Pure
It helps if you speak a bit of French. Is this contest for real?
Do you think I have been enhaling too much perfume?


  1. Oh you naughty, naughty, one! I am sooooo jealous!But you made me proud. Luca is seductive and so is Chanel. I am sniffing and dreaming vicariously with a smile...Brava!

  2. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Oooh--I don't think I've ever smelled some of those before--I'll have to try to check them out. I love a pretty perfume that lasts. (I have one I've worn for years that I love and consider my "signature," and over the years, several men actually even told me they liked it, which amazed me. One said he'd "follow me anywhere with that scent." ;)) I learned they're not going to make it anymore, and so now I'm on the lookout for another one I love--no luck so far...)
    You'll inspire me on my quest. You DO really have to spritz it on and leave it on a long time to see how it "sits" on you, I think... Lots of times I'll like one, but I won't like it on me.

  3. By the way if you TRAVEL FOR BUSINESS like LOVEITALY, you are also disqualified!
    No fair going into all 11 "doors" of Chanel.
    Only ONE BOX will go to the first winner and they will have to wait until I return from Paree.
    I can't promise that the box will be in one piece either..
    Or that no macarons will be missing
    Ahem :)

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Hee! Well, I am glad that you were courageous to go into Chanel and spritz, spritz, spritz! But really,you belong there as you would any other store, including snotty Bergdorf's (which, btw, has the best Christmas windows in all of NYC!). When I was thirty, I decided that I would gather up my courage and go into the new Prada store in Toronto to try on clothes. I did - well, I tried! Most of the clothes seemed to be a size 2 and, well, I am NOT a size 2. The staff were really nice and encouraging, though. Thanks to this post, I'll finally go into the Chanel store in NYC next time I'm in the city.

  5. What a temptress you are. ;)
    For a taste of a Macaron I would go into a Chanel shop and spritz away, IF there were one around me. :(
    I do know that Coco by Chanel is one of my all time favorite perfumes I have worn.
    Have you ever thought of doing or have done a Breakfast at Tiffanys theme. A macaron ot two and hot chocolate would go good there. ;-)

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    No Chanel boutiques here in Denver (Patagonia, yes. Chanel, non!) -- does the San Fran boutique in July count?! My favorite of Les Exclusifs is 31 Rue Cambon, though I prefer Coco (for winter) and Chanel No. 19 (for summer) from their regular line. I've been wearing Coco for 20 years.

    Whenever I travel, I like to commit one of my perfumes to that place so that whenever I wear it again, I'm transported back in time. My trip to the French Alps and Provence last November smelled like Guerlain's Bois d'Armenie, and my trip to Paris two years ago was all about Serge Lutens' Datura Noir. (I highly recommend a visit to his jewel box of a perfume shop in the Palais Royal if you've never been. I think you'll love it!

    Perhaps while you're there, you'll find a perfume to remind you always of this visit to Paris. :o)


  7. I love the stripes. It is hysterical that you went in there wearing that t-shirt!

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    I will most certainly go to Serge Luten's Paris shop.
    BIG MERCI! I'm getting hooked on perfume.
    I envy you your Les Exclusifs!

  9. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Too funny, Carol--I'm only on college campuses and in glamorous Chanels where I am! ;))

  10. Licorice macarons, I had charcoal macarons in Kyoto awhile back, grainy and interesting.

  11. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Beautifully produced!
    Happy New Year Carol !

  12. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Good for you!
    If only they sold it by the caseload at Costco.

  13. Great post, very ... hm ... spirited, I mean ... perfumed. It smells lovely here. May I guess? Chanel?
    Do you think they'd let me in, wearing my Annick Goutal "Les Nuits D'Hadrien"?
    (Btw, this morning I discovered there's a Kiehl's here in Vienna to open sort of tomorrow, from the look of the store construction.)
    I have some new Chanel photos, too (where oh where I'll find the time to post them, only heaven knows).

  14. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I had to travel to Dublin to visit my mother in law-in-hospital. I made a therapeutic stop in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street (the only shop in Ireland that carries the exclusive scents). I am in love with Gardenia. I want to eat, drink and sleep Gardenia!

  15. I think we have the same addictions... scent, Paris, macarons, and painting! It's a long schlep from RI to NYC, but I'll get there flying on YOUR inspiration!!!

  16. Je voir? la nouveau banniere!

  17. Oh yeah our local Chanel shop....thats the one by Dollar General, right?

  18. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Love your new banner!

  19. Did I inhale too much of Chanel No.5 and this beautiful new banner is all but an illusion?

  20. Hi there!
    I am writing from Singapore, a humble-sized country in Southeast Asia.
    I chanced upon your blog by accident and I adore it so much that I placed a link on my blog (hope you don't mind)
    By the way, I love Chanel too! The taste so classy and feminine, almost like Resistance Heroines!

  21. Anonymous7:52 AM

    FAB stuff!

  22. How elegant! I do not like réglisse, so will resist the contest, but the black box of black and gray macarons is something!

  23. I feel beautiful just reading about your Chanel adventure and seeing the wonderful photos!


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