Monday, September 24, 2007

First Day in Paris

What would you do on your first day in Paris?
I'll be there next Monday! Normally I'm not a plan-ahead kind of person, but it does seem only right to start off the day with some macarons.
I'll stock up on pomegranates too. I don't want to catch any Parisien colds over there!
Plus a carton or two of Tropicana Gazpacho
to counter act all the macarons.
A bouquet of flowers seems like a good idea too.
I've rented a studio in the Marais, and not very far from the apartment is
my favorite lunch at L'As du Falafel,
I've mapped out the route Don't you love Google?
After lunch, I'll get a Parisien haircut natch.
This time
I know where to go.
I better call today for an appointment.
A stop at any cafe is de rigeur...
One thing I don't plan on having in Paris is jet lag.
Getting up crazy early in New York has some advantages.
I plan on ending my first day with a tarte au citron.
If it's from Pierre Herme's.
That would be heaven.
Any other first day suggestions are welcome!


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM


  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Have fun in Paree!
    First day I sleep in :(
    Must learn to become an early bird!

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Yes, call your friend and tell her quick give me a chocolate.

    Cannot wait to see you Mmd P. Macaron

  4. No. I don't harbor envy. Looks like you will have a perfect day! Did you make the appointment?
    I shall think of you, revelling in all those sights and smells and fragrances and colors and what not ...

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Oh, Carol, I stayed in the Marais not far from there for 10 days on my first trip to Paris. We were at the edge of the Place des Voges. Of course, you'll walk there. Lots of great places. I liked a little cafe called "L'Esquirel" or whatever the french word for squirrel is. On a corner. Also, enjoyed Ma Borgourne (wrong spelling) at Place des Voges for breakfast. It was there I asked the server if I could have a mushroom omelette for breakfast and he was shocked. "Pour petit dejeuner? Non!" But the service was special, especially when we returned several times.
    You are near so many interesting places and foodie stops, and museums. Great selection. I look forward to the posts. Will you be posting from a cyber cafe? We'll take just text if that's all you can manage.

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Sounds like heaven! And for the second day, I would book some sort of fabulous facial/massage and indulge in all of those marvelous french skin care creams...
    Pampered to the max!

  7. How exciting! Have a wonderful time Carol. The Tropicana gazpacho looks delicious! Is it available in the U.S.? (it looks better than V-8) Bon Voyage!

  8. Anonymous9:43 AM

    You sound excited!
    and I would be too.
    I'm sooooo jealous. What time do you get to Paris?
    If you have time to paint on your first day I think that would be fun, otherwise you seem to have the first day covered.

  9. Sounds like a first day in Paris Heaven to me. Just dont forget us left behind here waiting for any little sliver of detail on your Adventures in Paree.
    You never did say, Are you taking any Art classes while there or just absorbing the atmosphere? Oh and eat plenty of Macarons for me will ya? ;-)Surely those calories wont count...You'll be burning plenty of shoe leather while there.

  10. The Tropicana Gazpacho is made in Spain and I've yet to see it in the US HEIDI That would be soo nice!

    I had a nice typical bistro lunch at "L'Esquirel".
    At Ma Borgourne, they are a bit many tourists, such a great location...whatcha gonna do :)
    The Victor Hugo museum is free and terrific and right inside the Place des Voges.

    CRIS I won't be taking any art classes. But I will be taking a macaron class I hope..
    And I will be taking a laptop to post on...once I get it out of the box...Arghhhh

  11. I was thinking of your watercolours the other day when we had lunch at the mosque - the little tea pots especially look made to be your subjects!

  12. Have fun! That first picture is very delicious.

  13. Where's your baguette? Keyser is the best in my opinion.
    Are you renting a studio from Rothray? The location looks as if it could be!

  14. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Carol, I think your day's plans sound extremely divine! The only thing I'd add is going to Serge Lutens (per my prior suggestion last week) or Guerlain on the Champs-E. to choose a perfume to wear the rest of the visit so I'll always associate it with October in Paris.

    Bon voyage! I wouldn't want you to waste time in Paris parked in front of your laptop, but I do hope you might check in once or twice to let us know how la vie en rose is going. I'll be thinking of you every time I look at my "Two Macs, Two Boxes" painting that helped get you there.


    P.S. Don't forget to buy your Flore keychain this time! ;O)

  15. a petit pain au chocolat et almandes...a flaky croissant filled with chocolate and almonds...from le Gran Epicerie at Le Bon Marché on the left bank
    ... combined with a café au lait is Cre8Tiva's favorite way to start a Parisian day...have fun planning...blessings, rebecca

  16. match de rugby, maille et parc asterix

  17. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I can't say how much I envy you. Paris, my beloved city! And your first day sounds marvelous.
    I'd end it at Chez Janau - very good informal atmosphere and a great provincial cooking.

    Two more delightful places, maybe for the second day:
    Cacao et Chocolat have slightly different chocolate botiques.
    Le Palais des Thés is a great place for tea lovers - many types of tea from all over the world, including tea pots and serving dishes (I like the one at 64, rue Vieille-du-Temple).
    In my last visit in Paris I found the article My Paris is better than yours, written by Chocolate&Zucchini's blogger, very informative.

    BTW, Paris is great for all kinds of food; still, for a real falafel, you should really come to Israel.
    Have a lot of fun!

  18. in just about a month from now I too will be in Paris, rented an apt. near the Opera for 8 days and will live (hopefully) like a parisian for a short while...walking along the Seine, speaking a little french, doing little watercolors in my sketchbook and since I'm taking my darling along....enjoying romance along with the macaroons! Any suggestions for moi?

  19. Carol - Have a great trip. I look forward to your posts and traveling & eating vicariously in Paris.

  20. Anonymous12:44 PM


    I've learned so much about Paris by reading your blog; I can't imagine what I'd be able to suggest that you haven't already seen/done! I did have a Karl Lagerfeld sighting at the Palais Royal last time I was there, so I'll always go back to that spot hoping for a repeat. There's an amazing little (and I mean TINY) music box shop in the Palais Royal--it's on the north side of the courtyard and worth a visit.

    I can't wait for your posts from Paris! Have a beautiful time and think of us, your loyal readers not in Paris.

    Did you use an agency to rent the studio? I rented a samll apartment on the Rue des Archives not far from where you'll be staying. It was great. I'm always looking for good agencies.


    Sarah B. (and Sophia)

  21. Have a great trip! Oh to have a month in Paris! Buying flowers, fruit and vegetables would be some firsts for me too. I'd get a few croissants and buy some nice French coffee for brewing my next morning, assuming I had a coffee maker.

    Oh, and I love buying nice, but not too expensive French soaps at the pharmacies. Maybe I'd pick up some candles and a new perfume too. I'd take a walk around the neighborhood and take a ton of pictures. I take a while to settle in though, so I'd unpack and get my whole apartment in order and organized. I'd pull out my French/English dictionary and brush up on my French, then relax.

  22. Promise me you won't do that trick on the grass when you are with me. Or if you must then wear trousers.
    On your first day just wander aroyund the Marais - it is so your sort of place.

  23. I'm off in lala land just absorbing your delights pics...I think the first thing I would do, too is eat....mmmmmmm...enjoy

    stop on over for the BD fun...I celebrate for a whole week

  24. sigh...marrons, Paris in the fall, tarte au about a nice chocolate? Hope you have the best time! (I'm sure that you will)


  25. Anonymous4:26 PM

    You must be getting excited, Carol! Good for you. Just do what comes naturally to you: PAINT! Use all that wonderful paper and water over there and create images all of us can drool over, and take tons of good photos. Look forward to your posts...It's countdown time, I guess! Have a blast...

  26. Macarons, hmmmm... my mouth waters. We lived next to a Dalloyau shop in the 15th arrondissement, and my kids LOVED their macarons.

    One other stop for me would be Maison de Chocolat close to the Eglise de Madeleine.

    Oh, and look in at Mariage Freres in the Marais close to St. Paul for a lovely cup of tea, and some of their tasty pastries!

    Have fun!

  27. I had my first trip to Paris this time last year. Ah, thank you for bringing it all back to me so vividly. (Stayed near where you will be too!) The only thing I can think of is, what about the baguette? I still miss them every day. Have a fabulous time!

  28. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I always rent an apartment in a part of the city I've not rented in before.
    First morning I scout the neighborhood, get my first "flavor" of it, find a nice place for a latte and a pastry then sit and enjoy.
    I tend to have some general to do's in mind. Some places you just HAVE to re-visit but I frequently change as the flow and mood and serendipitous events take me along with them.

  29. Anonymous9:54 PM

    hello, I am a fellow artist and passionate about Paris, although I havent been, since I got married there in 1987!
    now I'm divorced- 3 kids to that man and another 2 more mad hey!
    I'm working on a project for Hong Kong at the moment...but couldnt help but dream about Paris with you , and I'm
    always cheered up seeing your cakes and the details of Paris.
    What about a stroll early morning in the Luxembourg gardens?
    La Coupole- famous cafe for lunch, and a sit at the rear of NotreDame to see the skirt of the building and the river .........
    o it all sounds exquisite
    One day I hope I get back.

    must rush, have a beautiful time

  30. Your pics are always so beautiful! Love the desserts! yum!

  31. Anonymous9:57 PM

    What about croissants?
    Chocolate croissants?
    Whatever you do take lots and lots of pictures for the rest of us to drool over.

  32. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Make sure you keep us informed of your trip...
    I am so jealous..
    Have you ever rented that studio before...

  33. BIG MERCI! for all the GREAT first day in Paris ideas!!!
    Lots of things I hadn't thought of..
    Lots of very good ideas :)

  34. I only have one thing to add - on your first day, take lots of photos so we can all vicariously join you. Have a fabulous stay in Paris!

  35. Sounds like a great first day in Paris! Can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy!

  36. Anonymous8:30 AM

    It's always such a treat to see your watercolors and photos. And what fun to see the gazpacho. I, too, love it and wish it were imported to the States.

    How perfect for you that you'll be taking a macaroon class. Where are you taking it?

    I hope you have a fabulous trip -- how could you not, right?

    Bon voyage! Bon everything!

  37. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I'm so excited to see all of your pictures and hear all of your stories from Paris. :)

  38. Oooooohh La La! I am sooooo jealous!
    At least your lovely trip will provide hours of enjoyment for us all when you get back :-)

  39. Anonymous6:55 PM

    An excellent plan! Perhaps you might add a croissant, un (une?) ficelle, and naturellement un peu de lapin - any way you like it!


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