Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rosé et Yoom

Yesterday was Rosé tasting day at YOOM Dim Sum. As soon as you see bottles of rosé all over Paris you know it's time to put away the down jackets and drink some lovely pink stuff. This a sparkling rosé Champagne from Lallier, a rare Grand Cru near Rheims.
I'm mad for the 40 shades of rosé. This fruitie rosé from Chateau la Coste had an intense scent of strawberries.
1. *Remember to swirl and sniff Three times before tasting.
2. And do look at the color of the wine. For me no wine is more gorgeously colored than Rosé...so subtle
3. I know you're going to remember to spit at any wine tasting. I was there with Fab makeup artist Veronique, who had forgotten all three steps, especially the last spit step ahem...
Of course the silky, fruitier rosés go perfectly with red fruit desserts...
While the more 'mineral' rosés are perfect for a dinner  of chicken or white fish on the terrasse. These handsome bottles are from Les Valentines AOC Cotes de Provence. Owner, Gilles Pons was pouring and had that inimitable Provençal accent and charm.
YOOM Dim Sum is at 5, rue Gregoire de Tours 75006
Very pretty decor and even prettier dim sum. Much more refined than any I've had in New York's Chinatown..
Delicate dim sum were a perfect match for rosé
Owner Mikael Petrossian (yes the same Petrossians of the caviar) and partner Benoit Guilbeau learned their dim sum-making skills in Hong Kong and Paris. Mikael's wife Anais handles catering and events.
And they have a cookbook out to prove it with instructional videos on their Facebook page.
A thai salad starter with shrimp and lemon grass served in a small shot glass.
After the tasting we wafted on a pink rosé cloud over to newly renovated Ecole des Beaux-Arts where Veronique took drawing lessons. Meet any makeup artist and I bet they went to art school...
Then we wafted over to a favorite cafe of Veronique's where she's teaching me how to relax and drink an expresso. I need a couple of whacks over the head and more lecons before I get the hang of it...
So who has the cutest feet?
Veronique or the resident cafe dog-of-the-day?
If you're in Paris you could waft over to Monoprix (have a few glasses of rosé first) and pick up a pair of Bensimon rosé-colored summer shoes for a mere 27 euros.
Why not?


robinita said...

Ooohh! Want the Rosé tennies!

La Table De Nana said...

I adore your watercolor:)The colors..the berries..Oh lala.

That looks like a fun fun day.. Dim Sum..

All the pretty pink wines too..
Are her sandals Birks? So comfy.
I'm washing windows and curtains..
Cinderella here.
Have fun!

(PS..I like washing windows and curtains..don't feel bad..)

Barbara Lilian in France said...

Just sitting on my terrasse sipping a glass of Provencial Rose, and catching up reading the blogs I follow, your post today made me smile, for me as soon as the sun shines I switch my wine to Rose. It looked as if you had a fun day. I would be just like your friend & NOT spit out the wine after tasting, what a waste that would be. Ha Ha.

Merisi in Vienna said...

Poor Veronique, hope the espresso put everything alright again!

I still remember the first time I really enjoyed a great rosé wine: Cirò rosato from Calabria, Italy, served alongside San Daniele prosciutto and perfectly ripe figs. Heavenly! I'll have to make sure to taste some French ones on my next visit.

Nikon said...

I don't drink, but I am hungry right now & that Dim Sum looks great :)

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in this post Turquoise, rust, corals, pale pinks Great combos Lucinda

Parisbreakfasts said...

An order of shrimp is coming right up!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day!
Rosé wine and lots of wafting...

Veronique said...

Thanks so much for this lovely day and your synopsis OF it!
You are très drôle!
And thanks again for mentioning me in your blog! So much fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming at the testing of rosé and thanks so much for your lovely post!
Anais Petrossian

Anais Petrossian said...

Thanks for coming at the testing of rosé and thanks so much for your lovely post!
Thanks and regards,

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

I am trying to catch up on posts after disassembling my entire house to get new carpet...and now the painters. Had no idea how far behind I was. I could use a bottle of that rose right now!

Jill Colonna @ MadAboutMacarons said...

I missed a wine tasting? Hm. Now I remember why I chucked out my white trousers last year after a wine tasting. Note to self: don't spit, just drink it. That looked great fun! 50 shades of rosé? Love it.