Tuesday, May 31, 2011

L'Amour Fou

Petits Fours by Carol Gillott L'Amour Fou de Petits Fours, watercolor
Still crazy for petits fours, I thought I'd try the competition. Mais quelle disastre! Staff grabbed the box, ran in the kitchen and tried to patch them together.
Where are the little protective caissettes plissées that go under each petit four bien sur?
Mon dieu! I was mad. Growling like these not-to-be-missed animal sculptures of Ai Weiwei  near The Plaza Hotel.

Financier Pastries C'est la vie. I returned to Financier Pastries for a 2nd set of petits fours. A pastry artist must have something to paint.

Financier Pastries As a consolation prize I got a passion fruit macaron = instant happiness. When life gives you lemons eat macarons.

With all this mad, crazy love for petits fours seeing L'Amour Fou/crazy love was a natural.

L'Amour Fou is a French documentary about the relationship of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, their amazing art collection and Berge's decision to auction it off in 2009 in a 3-day extravaganza. Read more in Elaine Sciolino's story here.

The film offers a detailed inside look at their lives together and the relentless luxury of their lifestyle.

Financier Pastries Yesterday Yellow Bird dragged me down for more pastry luxuries. Who does he think he is - YSL?


  1. Your petits fours obsession est fou - I love it! (Much more than the movie. I loved seeing their art, but found the doc rather dull, non?)

  2. Alright, soon you'll have me at the point where I'll start begging you on my knees to please send me one of those delicious petit fours! *bigpleadingeyes*

    I love what they do to you, i.e. your paintings: L'Amour Fou de Petits Fours, a master piece!

    Petit-four-less in Wien,
    still sweetly yours,

  3. They look just too too delish.

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    Art by Karena

  4. Just how come Mr. Ozzie NEVER does anything really useful like dragging me to the nearest great pastry palace?

  5. Mon dieu I also want to live a life of petit fours, champagne, French films and book launches! Happy painting and pastries ...

  6. "a life of petit fours, champagne, French films and book launches'

    Gee, thanks Karen!
    I guess I don't have it so bad.
    Mustn't grumble :)

  7. What do you do with all those pastries? You must not eat them as you are a perfect french size!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  8. Justine4:15 PM

    Loving petit fours madly has to be easier than loving YSL (quite the depressive personality) though I wouldn't mind a bit having an closet full of his FAB clothes...

  9. The petit fours look so delicious!
    I could eat the box of smashed ones :)

  10. Love your petit fours watercolors...and the real things look yummy. Ahhh what we do for our art! :)


  11. You seem to be at Financier quite a lot since finding the place! I would be too if I was so close to the city, their items are just amazing! Heading next Saturday to see the McQueen exhibit...getting excited!!

  12. Hmmm..well NYC,
    Tell me where I can find beautiful French pastries to paint?

    I tried the competition as noted and they did not stand up :(
    C'est triste non?

    c'est la vie in NYC

  13. Carol, I have yet to get over to Grand Central to that patisserie, but have been by the Plaza to see the beastiary.

    Now...can I find time to do a post? Maybe.

    Isn't this current heat a bit dangerous for petit four selections?

    Best wishes!

  14. Carol,
    Am I correct in thinking that first painted image is a delicious
    "petit fourth" of one of your bigger, 3 times as lush sketchbook pages?
    Are they available for sale...?

  15. OMG, are you EATING all of these?? Yikes. Lovely painting!


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