Monday, May 23, 2011

Financier Pastries

Financier Pastries Petit Four Immersion watercolor, 9" x 11"
Financier Pastries I'm been going through serious petit four immersion.
Really I should be immersed in the pool doing water gym...
Financier Pastries I recently discovered a very French NYC patisserie, Financier Pastries. I bought their little beauties this past weekend to paint. Here's what's left of the original 16...
Financier Pastries Unlike the other brand's petit fours that jumped around in transit-these could have used some plastic surgery once home...
Financier Pastries Foodwalker, a professional caterer, asked me if they taste as good as they look.
Financier Pastries Petit Four research sketches...
Financier Pastries They do!
Financier Pastries Perfect to get in the right frame of mind to see Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris homage to the city of lights.

Financier Pastries I happened to pass by another Financier shop yesterday to check if their pastries really were as good as I thought they were...

Financier Pastries They are. Green and white stripped awnings, lots of French-esque details. And they have macarons.

Financier Pastries Their signature pastry is the golden bar-shaped almond 'financier' cake - their first shops opened near Wall street. Chef Eric Bedoucha grew up in Paris and got his training at Dalloyau...

Some of you asked after Yellow Bird. I almost called this post 'My Left Foot'. Yellow bird is recoverying from a foot injury but he's back with a bit of Scotch (tape) to the rescue.

BONJOUR Petits Fours!


  1. Oh, love that top painting with the greens and yellows, Carol! Fabulous washes, especially that shadowy left side of the box. And love the sheen on the eclair. Yellow bird looks mighty tempted.

  2. you just discovered this place?? omg ...everything is a huge fan! plus I won holiday cookies as well and they shipped them to me in Pennsylvania as wasn't going to be in the city to pick them up. Love, love, love the place!!!

  3. Hello Carol! YUMMMMMMYY! What a delight for the eyes and the taste buds. I really like your petit four sketch with the different treats and their names....I assume you have a finished piece with assorted pastries and their a cute pastry line-up....that would be so cool and in mini form a helpful cheat sheet. I so want to see Midnight in Paris. Even just to see Paris on film, but with your good review I look forward to it even more. Have a great week.

  4. Carol, that Financier Pastries painting is one of your bests, your research sketch right behind. Or vice versa! The pastries look scrumptiously delicious.

    Get well soon, little Yellow Bird!

  5. Per usual, I am drooling in my cubicle dreaming of French pastries thanks to you! :-)

    My sister and I so wanted to see Midnight in Paris, but it hasn't come to New Jersey yet. Soon we hope!

  6. Your sketches are delish! Thanks for taste-testing these for us...

  7. Your sketch and the watercolour are just lovely - the actual pastries pale by comparison! Glad to hear you loved Midnight in Paris - I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

  8. Delightful! Love your watercolors of the pastries!
    Now I need something sweet!

  9. Geri, NJ4:38 PM

    Love the sketch; esp. the lovely details of the reflection on the pkg. AND the doily! Love today's post...was checking out the trailer/showtimes for the movie last nite. Also: Merci x/a million for the heads up on Financier...I can't wait to Google the address in Wall St. area, as I will be sending my husband on a macaron run pronto! Hope to see Yellow Bird upright soon.

  10. I wish that there was someplace around here that sold pastries like those!
    I could eat a bunch right now. You really make them look so delicious.
    I'm waiting for the movie too :)

  11. When I read the caption below your lovely watercolor, I was going to ask you what this "immersion" watercolor technique is....but all was illuminated! I highly approve of your technique! I especially appreciate your investigation into quality control at the second branch of Financiers. Keep up the good work!
    And get that bird some glue! Before the SPCA comes after you!

  12. What wonderful "research" you have to do! LOL!
    At first glance i thought Owen Wilson was Robert Redford...I want to see this movie so much! I love your blog, thank you!

  13. Carol, pastries are among my favorite food in the whole world, it's very tempting to see all of these goodies here! If I had a place like this close to home, I would be in trouble!!
    Loved the watercolor w/ all pastries together.

  14. Dear NY Canoli,

    Yes I AM a complete idiot.
    Financier Pastries has been around since 2006. Yet I simply could not believe they were as good as a Parisien patisserie

    Boy was I ever wrong.:(

    I am making up for it BIG TIME and my jeans tell the tale or rather the waisteband.

    There is a price to pay for pastry research and it's at the scale.
    In Paris I have more resistance - there's so much pastry to choose from I just shoot and run.

    THANK YOU Jeanette for mentioning the essential 'quality control' aspect of pastry research.

    I had to visit the 48th street branch of FP today and it is the best yet. More drool worthy pictures to come.

    Opening my refrigerator door is comparable to walking among land mines = Danger ahead!

  15. A mention in PB.
    I'm so pleased.

  16. OH, I feel so bad for yellow bird ... I LOVE him ... seriously, I have been searching for one myself ... very nice watercolor ...

  17. How do you stay so thin?

  18. I recognized those stripes immediately, having passed by them a week or so ago while trying to find the right gate for a train at Grand Central Station.

    Now, after your recommendation, I'll have to visit one of their locations and do some sampling.


  19. Linda9:51 PM

    Love your latest blog and I am very jealous you have so many patisseries in NYC to choose from.
    I think the green/white stripe packaging is lovely and very French. Like your painting!
    You may have inspired me to start another series with local pastries.


  20. The French just know how to do it! Absolutely wonderful painting of the pastry :)

  21. RHAAAHHHH Le Financier, the best cake ever, i love it, even if it counts 1500 calories a small piece...

  22. Carol, I simply LOVE that big sprawling amalgamation of pastry images in your research sketch.
    So casual, yet all is very beautifully drawn, with elegant line that is barely there beneath those lush...and sometimes delicate, washes. I could eat the art!

  23. I'm lovin your header! What a delightful Petit Four watercolor.....All your pastries and a new movie, makes for a great evening, ooh la la!

    The French Hutch

  24. Oh Kitem!!
    Le Financier = 1500 calories a small piece
    ! ! ! ! !

    Eeeek you can't be serious?
    Should I just go chew on a bar of butter?

    mon dieu


  25. I love your petits fours strategy! Financier is popping up all over this fair city, isn't it?

  26. Love your artwork. You have a wonderful talent. Thanks for the plug for 'Midnight in Paris' too. I'll be hunting that one down in a cinema near me, anytime soon.


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