Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vichy Checks

Is a French girl wearing nothing but her glasses and a scrap of pink checked fabric sexy?

Bien sur. She's taking a page out of BB's book (Bridget Bardot) who put Vichy check fabric on the map.

Certainly every French bebe has worn scraps of red checked cloth to the beach or wherever.

A red checked card with a wine bottle opener attached seen on the streets of Paris.

Checkered fabric comes out in Paris along with the Spring blossoms.

Checkered Spring scarves at Galeries Lafayette.

Confiture Bonne Maman knows a good, homey thing when it sees it and has always had checked 'hats' on it's jam.

A blue check shirt sitting in a red checked chair. Checks come out for Spring.

Checks have always been at home in the cuisine/kitchen.

Table clothes, dish towels everything you could dream of looks perfect in the kitchen.

Especially eating your petit dejeuner off a red checked breakfast tray.

This petit Parisien is still wearing his leopard collared coat!? Get out the red checks doggie!


  1. Thank to you I have learned that red checks are French. Among other nationalities, that is. Here in Vienna, one could get away believing they came from the Austrian provinces. ;-)

    Love that bikini!

  2. Who doesn't love gingham? It's classic. Wonderful.

  3. I've tried stripes but never checkers. Although a checkered bathing suit in blue would be right up my alley.
    I am loving your lovely observations!
    Cute post!
    The Wanderfull Traveler

  4. ... what a cute post .. very engaging ... thanks

  5. Do they ever call checked fabric 'gingham fabric' as we do. You have got me thinking about it. Going to find out were the word gingham came from, it might just be a UK thing.
    A few memories came from your newsletter, from having a itsy bitsy pink checked bikinis to full circle checked skirts with braces on, the skirts were like a big light shade and you dare
    not go up a flight of stairs as you could see right up them,

  6. Fabulous collection! Brava! Love this post...and the vichy checks!

  7. It's a classic, it's timeless and it's spring fresh. Great post - I love your unerring eye for the detail!

  8. Carol -- another lovely post.
    Just out of curiosity: What street did you capture that blue-checked woman sitting in that red-checked chair? Wonderful!

  9. Maybe rue des Archives?
    Definitely in the Marais Michael, but I doubt that blue check shirt will still be there..

  10. Do they ever call checked fabric 'gingham fabric' as we do. You've got me thinking about it. Going to find out were the word gingham came from, it might just be a UK thing

  11. A few memories came from your newsletter, like having an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny pink checked bikini. And we had those full circle checked skirts with braces on - the skirts were like a big light shade and you dare
    not go up a flight of stairs - you could see right up them.

  12. All we seem to have is strawberries on steroids.

  13. I like your opening shot - it has a texture to it. Nice job.
    There is so much delicious red throughout the post - strawberries are very photogenic!
    How did I miss the inclusion of Little Bear into the family?

  14. I would eat any strawberry tart whether it won or not. Is that one you wrote "I think not" like all creme or custard filled with strawberries in it? I'm sorry, but I would eat that one first! Oh, the nectar of the gods!

  15. I LOVE the checks!
    xox Pam

  16. Carol, I am glad to report that I have a red and white checked tea towel hanging at the ready in my tiny kitchen.

    Perhaps not as atmospheric as the examples in your fine photos. xo

  17. Anonymous2:58 AM

    Oh my goodness i can post. Poor blogger had a meltdown.
    LOVE the checkered thing --- so cool. I have theme for packing for Paris, red white and blue, I think it works. x

  18. I found these miniature rabbits with wooden heads dressed in either red and white or black and white check. I use them so often in displays for my flower shop and tablescapes. I just love checks. Especially black and white ones. They have the ability to make something look romantic yet modern. They make things look fresh. They can be added to almost any color palette, even one with patterns, and still bring an element of sophistication.

  19. Mmmmm...
    All of a sudden, after viewing this post, all I can see are images of my checkered past, flashing before me!

  20. Carol, what a wonderful checked-decked post. You certainly have the artist's eye. You make me smile so much seeing this: I am surrounded by the checks here, but just hadn't noticed until you've pointed it out.
    Saw Brigitte Bardot in front of Printemps a few months' back. It was definitely her, although not wearing the vichy checks. Just the ultra trendy sunglasses and the dog accessory :-)

  21. Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire, plein de joie.

  22. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Hi there, I loved the pictures. I just returned from Paris last week and I'm missing everything terribly. Can you tell me the name or address of the kitchen store with the blue stove?

    Merci, Charlie

  23. Love the Jacadi Vichy swimming costume!

  24. Hope I didn't sell that red checked tablecloth in the garage sale!

  25. The kitchen store was along bvd. Haussmann and they sell Agas...
    Just the most expensive stove on the planet.

    Better to look in Sabre in the 6th for kitchen stuff.

  26. So checky chic! When I was 18 months old I had a little yellow checked bikini like the one in your photo. Mom took a picture of me on the beach in Northern Minnesota. I'm all tummy and pigtails. I love that photo. (No, I will not post it on my blog.)

  27. Love checked napkins, table clothes, clothes - anything! It adds a touch of whimsy to everything. Life could use more whimsy, don't you think?

  28. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Remember when Bonne Maman jams had actual fabric coverings? And oh how I wish I could get my hands on a jar of their chestnut spread--delicious. I must get to St Barts soon.

  29. Anonymous4:48 AM

    The model of the first pic isn´t french, she´s spanish....
    Love your watercolours......I fell in love with them


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