Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Financier Pastries 2

Financier Pastries Financier Petit Fours, watercolor, 9"x 11"

Champagne by Carol Gillott Drinking too much Champagne once-a-year is not that big a problem.

Financier Pastries But becoming attached at the hip to a Patisserie just a short train ride away is another matter.
Financier Pastries Dear PBers,
I need an intervention.

Financier Pastries What started out as mere research for a petit four drawing project.

Financier Pastries Has turned into an obsession. Ouch!

Financier Pastries I tell myself I'm buying these delights just to paint them. Ha! They're disappearing faster than I can paint them :(Financier Pastries A few years ago I kept pastry temptation under control easily.

I only painted miniatures.

Under an inch high. Help me PBers.
Especially since I haven't tasted "Le Tropical. At least there is a remedy for greediness straight from Paris - Oddibil charcoal tablets created for pastry overeaters. I recommend it highly.
BONJOUR Petits Fours 2!

Chef Eric Bedoucha of Financier Pastries


  1. One person's obsession is another person's glory. Both, however, will end up fat.

  2. You DO need an intervention. But hey--if it helps with your lovely watercolors, I'm all for it. Hey, you only live once, right?!

  3. I'm headed out to the pool

  4. Geri, NJ3:48 PM

    There are far worse indulgences! How about getting off the train a stop or so ahead of time so you are forced to walk more...just a thought.

  5. You sure put a whole new spin on "suffering for the arts"! ;-) The results are gorgeous, though!

    Charcoal tablets? *giggles*

  6. What a memories to see your chefs drawing again !

  7. Your photos are beautiful, as always, Carol.
    If the pastries are driving you nuts, just imagine what it's doing to us!!
    If I lived near a shop that sold those delicious morsels, I'd be making it my second home.

  8. STEP AWAY FROM THE PASTRIES! There does that help? Now we have gone from starving artist to overfed artist!

  9. Carol you are an inspiration to bloggers and artists everywhere. I don't know how you do after day. Bravo to you!

  10. Yr are a strange one my dear!!Ending a beautifully painted put together post.
    PB with digestive tablets?!

  11. Thank you Wayne Silverman
    I LOVE it!!!
    YES I must step away from the pastries!
    mon dieu

  12. Faboulous watercolor!
    Looks more delicious than the real thing.
    I have no cure except the tried and true one, go in the bakery FULL. (of salad, of course)

  13. Oh my, I think I like Geri of NJ's idea best. Just get a little exercise on your way to the shop.

  14. You have come to the wrong place if you're looking for an intervention! what would we do without our pastry fix????

  15. Hmmm...
    I've heard of 'Tough Love' but I didn't expect to get it from PBers.

    I'm not addressing this to you JEANETTE bien sur.

    So little sympathy for my predicament

    I can't even turn to OPRAH with my pastry problems :(

    c'est la vie...

  16. "Your good friend has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You will probably need this information when you check me into the Betty Crocker Clinic."
    — Miranda to Carrie on Sex and the City

    merci Sweet Freak

  17. Oh, Carole, your paintings & those pastries are equally gorgeous. I don't have much of an answer for resisting quality sweets; sometimes I tell myself that I have to TASTE everything, but not buy anything twice, but in all seriousness, if by chance you have diabetes in your family...11 years after my diagnosis, my doctor today verified complications that the best I can do is slow progression, so I'd say play any mind game at all to stay under the danger line. (Sorry to be so serious)

  18. Jeanne L.9:47 AM

    When I saw these Godiva chocolates, I thought of your lovely paintings, and wanted to suggest adding these to your repertoire!

  19. Leda fr Brasil9:53 AM

    First of all, I'm from Brazil. I have a nice day when I read your Paris Breakfasts.

    I would like to know a recipe of englih cake with brown sugar.
    Thank you very much,
    Leda Laetita

  20. Oh, what a terrible predicament for you! I have a solution - send the pastries to me and I'll eat them for you!!

  21. Pretend all the pastries are plastic.

    Or spray them with hair spray so you can't eat /only paint them.

    Paint them with glycerin like we do when styling food.

    Counter a bite of pastry with something good for you like a carrot...

  22. I really love these busy messy images!

    Hmmmmmm, like when you come and visit me at the café!

  23. Lovely painting!
    My daughter says this patisserie is near her apartment, so it's a must-see-try on my next visit!

  24. If I knew the secret to resisting pastries, I wouldn't be in the same exact boat as you. The other night, I had to throw! away! perfectly good, delicious dried apple that I schlepped from Paris and carefully saved for weeks to enjoy. But I literally couldn't stop eating them. Into the bin they went. A stab to the heart, but a save for the ass...

  25. Anonymous6:46 AM

    You will get no such help from me! If I lived around those wonderful pastries, I would be right there egging you on.

    Eat the pastry the pastry....


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