Friday, May 27, 2011

Les Meilleures Tartes au Fraises de Paris

Berries by Fantin- Latour The French mad for their fraises/strawberries.

I can't remember all the varieties (fraise de bois, gariguette, charlotte, mara des bois, ciflorette, etc.), but try to buy a box from Espana at Monoprix and you'll get a slap. Buy local bien sur! 

Is there a pastry chef in Paris who dips his brush into the strawberry patch more than.

I think not. 

Name a contender and we can duke it out.
Really it's no wonder Gerard Mulot won hands down this month's Le Figaro contest for the BEST Strawberry tarte in all of Paris.
Who doesn't want to be in this taste testers shoes?
Photo courtesey of Le Figaro
Are you drooling yet
Photo courtesy of Le Figaro
There is NOTHING in my fridge that even hints of strawberries
I cannot even claim to have tasted Mulot's winning tartelette though I have taken a gazillion photos both inside his patisserie and outside.
I can claim to having eaten these horrors -faux fraise tagada, marshmellowy affairs - not really something you want to shout out about...ahem
Well here's the list of winners in order. Guess who will be using this as her guide next trip to Paris?
At least I photographed runner-up Carette's tarte - another non-accomplishment.
Meanwhile Little Bear is running his own tasting contest, if he could only decide which fourchette to use! Do pop into Le Figaro and drive youself nuts watching the video. Then run out and find something FRAISE for Gawd's sakes. That's what I'm going to do RIGHT NOW!

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  1. The fifth photo down is incredibe...I am speechless. Can there be something that amazing in this world?


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