Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comite Champagne

Financier Pastries Red Fruits with Rose Champagne, 9" x 11"
 Yesterday I learned I can drink rose champagne with red fruity, chocolatie desserts.

Do you LOVE ❤️ French Champagne 🍾 

You would have adored yesterday's French Comite Champagne tasting in Hotel Plaza's ballroom.

You got a chance to speak directly to 30 champagne makers from Rheims and Epernay.

They were happy to explain to you with passion the whys and wherefores of their brand's characteristics.

You got just a slug to taste, but after many slugs...hmmm

Of course you can 'nose' champagne to enhale the aromas, floral or fruity - as long as you have a tall glass and wait for the bubbles to quiet...

Don't forget to SPIT and do not drink up to the last drop or you'll never make it around the room in one piece (like some people)

Cleanse your palate with a plain cracker occasionally...

Pommery guides me in tasting a 'flight' of three - their most recent, one a few years older and their vintage Champagne from 2004 - simply divine. But I forgot to spit. Too divine to waste...

I paid later for my enthusiasm when I sit down momentarily, then got up leaving my purse and CAMERA on the chaise! I looked for my lipstick but my bag and camera were missing. I raced back and hotel security cames up to me, "Are you missing something Miss?" MON DIEU! Thank Gawd women wear lipstick.

Isn't this Belle Epoque bottle of Rose beautiful?

Financier Pastries Isn't this red fruit and chocolate tarte perfect to go with the Rose. But it was not served at the tasting.

Excellent French fromage et fruits were...

What's YOUR favorite Champagne? Some people drink it every night. Why not? There are so many to choose from. \
Do try a different brand next time.


  1. I could definitely have me a glass right now. It would make my evening ten times better.

  2. Justine7:58 PM

    It's true lipstick is a wonderful thing...so much would be lost if we didn't have to look for our lipsticks occasionally..

    What a grand time you must of had!

    That makes up in spades for the Tuna fish sandwich on your birthday last week.
    Bottoms up!

  3. Oh my Carol! you have the most difficult duties to perform! and all at the Plaza Ballroom.
    Simple looove... that pretty Demoiselle bowl!!

  4. Carol how very exciting!! The images are simply gorgeous and your art!

    Art by Karena

  5. Ahhhh...champagne! Lovely! And glad to hear you found your wallet etc!

  6. I suddenly feel the need for a glass of champagne....quelle dommage! Will have to settle for prosecco - it's the only thing in the house. On the bright side, it will give me a chance to test Real Simple magazine's technique for quick-chilling wine: Wrap a bottle in a soaked and wrung-out dishtowel, refrigerate for 30 minutes.

  7. “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” - Dom Perignon
    Thank you so much for all you do for us, your fans!

  8. I'm sorry, dear blogger friend. If it's French and it's champagne, I will never spit it out! But please help me find the floor, I mean, door.

  9. I'm with Bill on this subject! And how jealous am I - I would have been your date for this event in a heartbeat ...

  10. LOL, what a shame to spit it out :)
    I don't drink anymore, but when I did, nothing went right to the grey cells like champagne.
    Looks like a great way to spend a day in NYC!

  11. Mon dieu NIKON!
    Thank gawd it was just ah hour of tasting...
    Losing my camera/purse wasn't enough?
    A DAY of tasting champagne?!
    no no no
    I'd probably stip and splash myself with the stuff in no time
    A champagne bath...

  12. Anna Maria A.5:22 AM

    Some people DO lead the HARD life.
    What a bon vivante you are?
    Lashing of Champagne with endless French pastries...
    While I sit here with just bread and water...
    Pas juste!

  13. Real French Champagne from beautiful Riedl flutes,
    I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven! Spit it out? I'd rather be drunk. ;-)

    Exquisite painting, Carol!

    Lucky your purse and camera back!

    On one of my Venice trips, I left my rucksack with myMacBook on the vaporetto. And I got it back! It traveled alone all the way to the end station, where the captain dropped if off at the lost and found.

  14. Oh, I think I've seen heaven. I do so love champagne. One of my favourite things in our apartment on our last visit to Paris, was the special part of the shelf on the fridge door that fitted a bottle of champagne- Ruinart was the most perfect.

  15. LOVE a kir royale: champagne with creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).

    Champagne with St. Germain elderflower liqueur is a lovely summer drink too!


  16. How delicious this post is!
    Makes me more than a bit "heady."

  17. Mon dieu - what a way to spend a Tuesday!

  18. You take us to all the best places....glad you got your goods back. Now, don't feel bad for me, but,...I have never had TRUE champagne...proseco, yes,...cremant,yes,...cava,yes... and other sparkly sweet white varieties...all yummy, but no true champagne...yep, it goes on the "list".

  19. The Best champagne!!!!



  20. Red fruit and chocolate and rose - AND LIPSTICK - oh, my! Your paintings are as tempting as the photos.

    I love Veuve Cliquot for special occasions and for nothing more special than "I cleaned my porch and I'm going to use some of the money from some CDs I sold this weekend to buy champagne and I'm going to sit on said cleaned porch and treat myself."

    Lately I've come to enjoy prosecco, Italian though it is...

  21. (flourless cake is less fattening, right???)

  22. Life it tough sometimes! :-)

    Did you find your favourite or do you need more testing, tasting..?

  23. Anonymous9:45 PM

    My favorite champagne? I love so many. Bollinger Special Reserve is a great everyday champagne. I love some Marguet for everyday too. A vintage Krug for special occasions. Oh, and I love Pol Roger too.

    Then there are the grower/producers--that opens up a whole new area.

    Time for a drink.

  24. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Hello! long time reader, first time commenter. Lovely post! I envy you for the time you had that day! I love all wines and champaign the most!

    Ahhhh....I may need to go get some!

  25. Bonjour PB~
    I am a little behind on your posts....brief vacation to the Outer Banks,NC.
    My favorite champagne.....Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial!!!

    for us....special occasions only!

  26. hi and hallo,
    my absolutly favorit of champagne is:
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  27. Awesome this post !!! really nice looking in your party and beautiful all pics . thanks for nice sharing

  28. Carol, Thank you so much for all the Paris 'fixes' you provide. When real travel feels too far off, you provide that virtual escape (Ah, Paris, I love you)...


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