Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty as a picture...

The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men oft go awry. Some people sit down in cafes to eat their pastries. And some people fill up bags of pastries.
Telling themselves they're going to just paint them...
They take them home and make very nice still life setups...
But they forget...
To paint them...
Somehow the pastries mysteriously disappears...
Before they even get a chance to step out of their boxes...
Here's one I forgot to buy and regret not eating. These are all from Angelina.
Some irresistable baby clothes are not edible even if you wish they were...
Like these D&G baby clothes...
Maybe not delicious but there has to be a dog in every PB posts.


  1. Yes, there must be a Dog in every post...Poodlicious!

  2. I love the way Paris pastries look - they just LOOK delicious!
    Great shots! I'm hungry :)

  3. Darling Carol,
    I love your little bird! It is very happy your pictures!!
    See you,
    Paula K.

  4. Love the little girl's dress--so sweet. Love the shoes, too, but I wish the "D&G" wasn't on 'em!

  5. Carol almost to beautiful to eat! Cute little girl things as well!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily. You will love it!

  6. Paris pastries are perfection.
    Too beautiful to eat really but sometimes you have to make an exception.
    This was one of those times...

  7. I believe there is hope for you yet! Finally, a crack in your impenetrable armor!

  8. You make me so hungry! YUM! I would eat my still life set ups too.

  9. Oooh those cakes look delish! Wonder why I am sitting here with a cuppa and no accompanying delicious cake?! I loved the white dress, at first I thought that was a beautiful christening cake.

  10. Dearest Carol,
    merci beaucoup for putting a smile on my face with your witty and beautifully done post today!
    I especially love the sexy grand exit from the box of that Saint Honore' - mamma mia, what grand Dame!
    Big hug,

  11. We are still smiling from your wonderful story. We deal with this dilemma weekly and just do not know where those pastries go. Pastry heaven?

  12. What a charming post Carol. You always have a sweet way about writing. I don't blame whoever ate those pastries (of course it wasn't you, now was it Carol?)

  13. Hmmm? I wonder where some of those seememingly delicuse pastries ended up! I;ll bet there was an apperitif in the mix there somewhere, maybe that's why they didn't get paintde,,,,HEHE The main thing is you enjoyed them!I am salivating here......Maryanne xo

  14. Mucho belated B-Day wishes to you, Carol. I think you have every right,
    as an artist celebrating her birthday, to indulge in the ritual of eating your still-lifes.
    I just wish I was there to share in the eating.

  15. I have to agree with you, those pastries are too good looking to be eaten.

  16. yummy yummy! still love that little bird too!

  17. That "mysterious disappearing" thing happens at my house, too, like when I buy a bag of cookies and promise myself I'll eat 3 a day for a week and it's gone after day 2. Yeah. Mysterious. (And I can't even blame Harry The Cat for this one...)

  18. Bonjour PB~
    We are now counting down til our return trip....ooooh those pastries!!
    And I missed "little bird".
    Happy Spring!

  19. Amy:
    Cookies last until Day 2?
    Not here!!
    Never :(
    I believe in being expedient.

    A clean slate a toute a suite!
    Best to get the job done and over with is my policy.

  20. Oh soooo yummy! I have really enjoyed your blog!

  21. I always try to use props that I can eat afterwards...preferably those made from chocolate.


  22. This made me imagine sitting there trying very hard not to eat the pastries... If it were me there would never be any paintings, the pastries would be eaten every time.

  23. I especially like the bag picture among all these delicious eye-candies. I'm visualizing toting that bag already ... Wish,wish,wish. Love your blog!

  24. I especially like the picture with a big yellow rose and a bird. :)

    All treats looks delicious, as usual. :)


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