Monday, March 30, 2009

Sonia Rykiel

Photo by Dominique IssermannPhoto by Dominique Issermann
On Saturday I went with Anne to see the Sonia Rykiel exhibit at the Musee Les Arts Décoratifs - Mode et Textile 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 I used to be a HUGE fan in the days when Sonia was the poor girl's Chanel.Photo by Dominique Issermann Photo by Dominique Issermann
Sonia gave us so many things - fabulous color, sweater dresses, the high arm hole and the tight sleeve, writing in rhinestones, STRIPES!!! and independence. Her models danced down the catwalk at her shows, like in this famous photo by Dominique Issermann.
Sonia's stripes were to die for. The colors and combinations were soooooo inventive - many of them nautical in origin.I never had anything like this! But I had the belts, the gloves, the socks (!), hats, pins, the bags on a belt (the first fanny bags), even lipsticks. Whatever I could afford to buy. I even made a very good friend, Parisien Christine, while waiting on line for the winter sales at Sonia at 7 AM. It was freezing and they put a little radiator out in the street and served us cups of coffee while we waited. Inside were cardboard boxes full of wonderful treasures marked down ridiculously! It was sheer heaven.Andy Warhol did this portrait of Sonia with her mass of fabulous red hair. After the exhibit we had a designer tea at Le Saut du Loup inside the museum.
Earlier we had lunch at Christian Constant's Les Cocottes, 135, rue Saint-Dominique, 75007
A new and very casual (et pas cher) branch of Constant's resturants - No reservations required
We shared this terrific salade des lardons with a soft boiled egg lurking inside - words can not describe how good.
My main was roasted cod, served in a cocotte pot bien sur, with carrots, potatos, almost like a stew = FAB!
Anne had poulet with creme. We did NOT eat this for dessert. There was a wall at the Sonia exhibit of letters of admiration and quite a long one from Pierre Herme. So I thought it only fitting to show one of his desserts BONJOUR LUNDI PB readers!


  1. Grace under pressure4:05 AM

    Heavenly post today!!!
    I have loved Sonia Rykiel from afar...but her prices are sky high unfortunately now :(
    Your lunch looks wonderful

  2. my Sonia Rykiel rose is in bloom here at the moment. The perfume is lovely and here your post pops up today all about her!

  3. That Sonia Rykiel is tres cool, xv.

  4. Oh my. I also was a fan of Sonia's. Exhibit must have been fun.
    Never made it to a sale in Paris, once or twice I got to the shop near
    Rue du Bac. Her clothes were
    The current trip has been so much fun to follow.
    Thanks so much. I wish you had a way I could forward them to
    friends. I especially liked the Walking Man and the Eiffel Tower.
    Very clever and spirited.
    Your painting has changed a bit -- somewhat
    looser and sketchier.
    My thanks and appreciation.

  5. Looks like a fabulous exhibit.

  6. debbie in toronto8:56 AM

    Oh my goodness the lunch is to die for...that salad with the soft boiled egg...yummy

  7. Ah! Paris in the morning! This is my favorite e-mail du jour. Merci! Beautiful photos, inspiring comments, fun to read and see the pictures first thing in the morning, with my cup of coffee.

    My Paris memory visual: circa 1972, Christmas-time, outside Notre Dame Cathedral, snow falling on snow, silence, all things medieval and grey and black, dark gunmetal blue icy Seine flowing by, and an old, sweetly smiling woman selling tiny bunches of fresh violets in lacy white paper of course I bought one, and have it still, dried and saved to remember.

  8. Of course, I would recommend Les Cocottes and the Sonia Rykiel show. And, I would like some of these clothes at home!

  9. That was a fun walk down memory lane, Carol! I liked Sonia Rykiel's fashions, too. I didn't realize she was still doing her thing. Good for her! The food you showed here is making me starving, too. Yum! So glad to hear you're having fun escapades on this trip, and thanks for taking us with you!

  10. Thank you, dankeschön, merci!
    What a post, I feel I went to heaven and back.
    Truly wonderful.
    May you enjoy more of these fantastic sights and meals.

  11. You have shown so many differet things this trip to Paris then before. Its been a very interesting & fun trip from fashion to Food. I can see many paintings coming from this visit when you get back over the pond. I have really enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower. How is it living with that wonderful view? Or did you take that place that had the view?

  12. Oh my goodness!! how were u able to take all those photos in the exhibition!! i came there at the start of March and had a totally mesmerizing love affair with her beautiful work! Her boutique is so close to where I live and it still fascinate me every day when I pass the boutique to see her wonderful quirky clothes and accessories in the windows! I know a lot of French women hates to admit it but i think that Sonia R. is the true French Fashion!!!!! I LOVE YOUR POST!!!and the salad with the egg... :)

  13. When I got to the photos of the food I didn't care about the fashions :-)

  14. A Facebook friend, Elizabeth, just turned me on to your blog, because I mentioned Oeuf pochée with salade frisée - and so did you today in your blog!
    I signed up.
    Your blog has lots of energy and is very beautiful too.
    All the best,

  15. I loved today's PB.
    Like spending a day with you.
    I want that pink outfit!

  16. Sophia6:32 PM

    Sonia is my all-time favorite after Chanel.
    I have several of her striped sweaters for both winter and summer; I have 3 striped purses, a scarf, and even lost my mind and bought a t shirt last year for $175! My checkbook cover is Sonia as well. I love, love, love stripes.
    Sometimes I buy Gerard Darel knock-offs, though, because they are cheaper.

  17. FoodWalker6:40 PM

    Are thosee cocottes ceramic or metal?

  18. Les deux cocottes - !!! I take back what I said about your near-sightedness. Seriously.

  19. I am really enjoying your site. Friends told me about it and I will pass it along.

  20. Back from a week in Paris, saw the SR exhibit. I was disappointed, they did not display her fabulous velours that I wore when younger until she went logo and rhinestone crazy!!!

  21. Gerard Darel knocks off Sonia. There are stores with his name –174 Blvd. St. German—amd and you can buy his stuff in the department stores. The ads always feature Charlotte Gainsborough—daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge G. And you can’t buy any of this in the US.

  22. Sonia Rykiel one of my all time heroins and the food - you make me so hungry when I come over here :(


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