Monday, March 09, 2009

Cafe Les Deux Magots

Le Coupole Paris 75014, 5" x 7"
Do you have a favorite Paris cafe?
Avez-vous le cafe habituel?

Le Deux Magot Paris 75006, 5" x 7"
Do you drop in every trip like it was your own personal local pub?

Le Select Paris 75006, 5" x 7"
Even if the waiters don't remember you (like they do in Italy...) it kind of feels that way. Sort of homey.

My personal favorite is Les Deux Magots on 68 Boulevard St. Germain 75006.
The waiters could not be nicer.
I'd rather shoot the works and get the complete petit dejeuner here than eat dinner in any Paris restaurant you can name... And they have the BEST grapefruit juice in the world!
Top this Florida!

Atmosphere may have something to do with it...

And the surroundings are nothing to sniff at either...
Let's many days, hours, minutes, seconds until I can be here!
What's your favorite?



K and S said...

we just learned about this cafe in class, I think it is my teacher's favorite too :)

Anonymous said...

I love Les Deux Magots for their atmosphere, their Croque Madams, their wonderful salads, the people watching and view from the terrace, and yes, their friendly waiters. However, I prefer the breakfasts at Cafe de Flore down the street. I believe their croissants are superior, and they have wonderful jus d'orange!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Just wanted to note that I think some of the eme’s next to the cafes are off a bit!!!
Beautiful watercolors!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Carol -

Often on your site you show pictures of what I consider to be "my Paris" - St Germain des Pres where I lived for 5 years, the Rue de Seine, Rue de Buci, Rue Jacob etc... but today you honed in on my own little corner of paradise. Each weekend for 5 years my husband and I sat on the Les Deux Magots terrace drinking cafe au lait and eating a croissant watching all the world walk by, reading Le Monde and soaking in the Parisian ambiance.

Thanks for the memories!


Debra said...

Please take me with you! You had me at the croissant.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Join the gang!!
The tour starts next MONDAY!!
Get packing :)

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a good morning carol
hope you are scurrying about getting ready for your trip...wish i could join you. i am already ready for another trip.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, breakfast in Paradise, just the best, best. Breakfast as it really SHOULD be. IMHO..;-)

I am loving your street scene watercolors. Just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

until this set of paintings and photos i was just admiring. NOW you're in my territory... the chairs, tables, waiters off to the side. i can TASTE the light.....JEALOUS here now.


Anonymous said...

These latest are magnifiques, Carol. Well done! They're just charming. You've really captured Parisian cafes.

Miss Kris said...

I agree with Toma, I love this part of Paris, I always stay at Hotel de Buci! I simply love this cafe! You are soooo lucky to get over there soon. I wish you a lovely time and come back totally inspired with some more pretties!!! I love your beautiful art, you are so talented!

vicki archer said...

To tell you the truth I am pretty happy in any Parisian cafe - but Deux Margot and Flore are pretty near perfection. I love the illustrations - just completely adorable. xv

Nikon said...

Boy, is that a nice series!

Anonymous said...

My favorite café is La Palette on rue de Seine in the 6th. My first apt. was on that street. I lived in a 2 room apt. in 1976 for only 200 a month. Can you imagine? The 6th is the high rent district now as you know since you like Les Deux Magots. Then it was more accessible for students and teachers.

Anonymous said...

I like Deux Magots, but what's the name of the one next door? It's more favored by the French. I have a book, Bon Chic, Bon Genre, which is the French version of The Preppy Handbook, and according to it, "no one" goes to Deux Magots. Deux Magots is definitely friendlier.

I don't think I tried the grapefruit juice, but I love breakfast, such as it is, in Paris, so must go back.

The waiters did remember me in Cafe St. Andre.

Love the watercolors.

Anonymous said...

Of course Les Deux Magots! The picture of the complete petit dejeuner is soooo yummy. Reminds me of my trip several years ago. Oh, how I wish I were there RIGHT NOW. Enjoy it for MOI!

Desiree said...

I used to live on Edgar Quinet, so spent a lot of time at Le Select and La Coupole. I wonder if the bar Rosebud is still on Rue Delambre? Love the paintings, the photos, the stories

Blind Fly Theater said...

Love the color, contrast and vivacity of your paintings... It especially speaks to my "color deficiency" which means my rods and cones fail to distinquish between subtle shades of color. I love artists that work in sharp color, light, and even emotional contrasts. Thanks for the art and for those pics of cafe life (the "bread and butter" of the Paris experience), which feed me vicariously. Have a great trip, and I'm sure you'll take thousands of snaps. A real treasure trove, you are.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I love all the Paris cafes... especially the ones you paint. I feel the anticipation building up for your Trip. These trips sure seem to come around fast. Well... to me they do. :)

Irene said...

Favorite Paris cafe? why, the ones you paint, of course!

Di Overton said...

My favourite cafe is in The Marais but I can't remember what it's called :(

Martinha said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆

Anonymous said...

You make my mouth water. I learned from a French friend that your photo of Chambre Claire means clear room, rather than Claire's room. I sent it to her because her name is Claire, oh well, live and learn. Have a wonderful trip. You should have breakfast at the Ritz, once in your life.
Bon Voyage,

Anonymous said...

I agree that only the nicest waiters get to work at Deux Magots. Perhaps there's a long waiting list for waiters? It's worth any amount of euros and any minutes of waiting to sit and bask in good service at this wonderful Parisian icon. Kathy

Anonymous said...

that's fabulous!

Merisi said...

has anybody ever told that you are the Reigning Queen of Croissant Painting? You make me want to reach out and eat'em (and you know I never eat real ones, unless I am in Italy and there they are different from the Viennese and Parisian ones).
I am off to Rome tomorrow,
bon boyage to you,
can't wait to see you enjoy spring in Paris!

PeterParis said...

... and what about Cefé de Flore! Nice, nice indeed, but you have not chosen the cheapest one! :-) My today's favourite is just about 30 seconds away!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you might actually love Paris almost as much as I do!

Great blog, I loved your pictures (especially of le petit dejeuner).

Virginia said...

I gained 10 pounds just reading your blog!HA Love your watercolors. Maybe I did something wrong but can't find them for sale on Etsy. I've added your blog to links on my blog.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I hope you have squirreled away lots of those jam jars!!!!