Monday, March 23, 2009

Jour du Macarons 2009

Last Friday was MACARON DAY! Yay.At 10 minutes before opening time, the line for free macarons at Pierre Herme's was not that bad... We were all given reading material while waiting. Everyone is studying intensely.I ask the line behind me to "guarde ma place S.V.P." while I run catch a shot of the Pierre Herme delivery truck! Inside more intense decision-making processes are going on. MIAM! The macarons are not labeled, why you need the tip sheet. What is this flavor/savour?
I chose citron, Mogador (biscuit macrons, ganache au fruit de la passion et chocolat au lait) and Plenitude (biscuit macaron chocolat, ganache au chocolat-caramel et eclats de chocolat a la fleur de sel). I wolfed them down too quickly for a shot for you :(
Friday's hound.
Not far from Pierre Herme, I grab some lunch at a favorite bistro, Aux Vieux Colombier - the L'Italienne 65, Rue de Rennes. , 75006
Then off to rue Mouffetard.
For a quick stroll and then on to.
The Madeleine area.
There are quite a few patisseries participating in Le Jour du Macaron.
But Fauchon is not one of them.

I try to catch a facade shot of Maille mustard, but it seems to be a meeting place for a gang of tourists.
After much wandering in the 8th, I notice it's almost 7 PM and I'm close to the rue Cambon Pierre Herme boutique, which I've never visited.
The line here is short, so what the hey, I join in.
In this shop everything is round and curvie - the counter.
The walls, the boxes.
And the macarons too!
I'm still saving my 3 Mogadors. What am I saving them for?
To bring them back for you!


  1. Anonymous4:35 AM

    As I see,you finally head to Aux Vieux Colombier...I told you,isn´t it charming??
    They cook a fantastic lamb and chicken too,and their soup de legumes it´s perfect for a cool day.

  2. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Oh Happy Day..
    Calloo, callay!
    To be in Paris for Mac Day=HEAVEN!!!

  3. I've been 4 times at least Asuncion...
    must go back and get some MEAT
    Need more FUEL for constant running
    Rabbit food is not doing the trick me thinks

  4. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Ah! Macarons are the best experience ever. They never grow old.

  5. I must confess... I'm living in Berlin now, but I sneak down the Berlin branch of Galleries Laffayette and pick up Macaroons on a regular basis... but here's the confession - I never share them with my husband!! While I can linger over them for days, my husband would woof them in one setting and I'd be so sad to see them gone! Heaven! Pure hidden heaven!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing you time in Paris with us!!!

  7. loved your post...have enjoyed all of them actually. have a wonderful evening.

  8. Marcarons are my fave. I would have went to every store and waited in every line.

    I also love your doggy shots.

  9. Anonymous8:46 AM

    I am on a diet right sugar, low fat...saving myself for the macaroons. Am watching and reading everyday, stalking your blog for updates :)

  10. free macarons!

    get out!


    what i loved most about this posting?
    {{ not what you think, missy }}

    yippee! it is the best

  11. Anonymous9:23 AM

    that watch is a riot, Carol. Are you left-handed?

  12. I had to come out of lurkdom to say what fantastic photos. This time last year I had just returned home from 3 days in Paris, staying with a friend in the 8th. I walked past the Maille shop and wanted to take a photo, but there were just as many jeunes outside as there are in your shot. What is it with that place?

  13. yummy macaron day! c'est magnifique!

  14. I love your close ups and the lighting on your interior shots. Beautiful photos!

  15. *whistful sigh* Merci beaucoup for sharing your wonderful trip with us. Each day you give me the perfect virtual petit-vacances! :)

  16. Obviously a busy day! A lot walking ... and metro?
    So you did not try Ladurée? But Hermé is perhaps the best?

  17. Because of your blog I've been looking everywhere here in the SF bay area for macarons. In one bakery I asked for the macarons and was directed to this tray of cookies which looked nothing like true macarons. But in SF I did find one bakery that had them (and they were worth the trip!) but hope I find a macaron supply closer to home. Or maybe I'll just look forward to them when I finally get back to Paris later this year.

  18. Anonymous2:46 PM

    somepinkflowers: What sharp eyes you have!
    I bought the watch here at the Japanese boutique, MUJI and pas cher.
    It was supposed to light up in the dark for us Type As, but it does not. Still it is very clear and legible - exactly what I need to keep me on time :)

  19. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Ah, that lovely blue sky. I don't remember the French so keenly standing in line.
    I thought that was Brit thing.
    Love the violet macarons.
    Hope you ate those last 3 chocolate things. What a waste.
    They must be fresh to be good.

  20. Miam, miam, my favorite macarons are chocolat/fruit de la passion!

  21. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Ohhh, lovely. How did you ever get a picture of them?! It's always so busy when I'm there and photos would definitely be interdit!! :)

  22. Anonymous3:28 PM

    That's it exactly Terrie! It was sooooo busy with people choosing their flavors, no one noticed me shooting or said a word.
    All they cared about was getting their cookies!

  23. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I find your photos of salads most distressing. They intrude very rudely on my fantasy of you, on one long binge of macarons and other noteworthy desserts, and lead me to think that your trips to Paris are not all fantasy and play, chocolate and lemon tartes from morning to night. Of course, I suppose the "rabbit food" ( a misnomer if ever there was one: CLEARLY salads are NOT meant to be shared with the long eared ones!) may benefit your health, therefore extending the plasirs du Paris. Maybe.

  24. EVery little thing is magic.

  25. Anonymous12:25 AM

    those fruits and everything else!

  26. Anonymous12:26 AM

    This is what travel is all about. I am already itching to get away again.
    How are you doing with the stairs? Zipping up and down them by now no doubt?
    Enjoy and savor each and every moment.

  27. Anonymous12:27 AM

    I'm Enjoying and savor each and every step :)
    I wouldn't exactly use the word "zip" regarding the steps but it's OK

  28. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Love all the photos and watercolors!

  29. The lengths people will go to to get a free biscuit.

  30. I see so many Paris Dreamscapes coming from this one post. Thanks for the delightful breakfast!

  31. So much fun looking at your wonderful blog! The photos are tremendous, I see so many of my favorite places. And the pooches, I always try to take photos of all the pooches we meet on our travels:)

    Be back soon!

    Kristin K

  32. Oh la la la la la!!!
    To be in your shoes...

  33. Love the pictures, I will love to be there with you, I love macarons!!!! Did you went to La Duree, too??? Which ones where your favorites????
    PAris is calling my name so bad!!!!!!!! I went 5 years ago and everytime I think about Paris there is a great feeling in my soul!!!!!!


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