Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pierre Herme Saint Honore

Pierre Herme's Saint-HonoreIt's been a while since we've immersed ourselves in a Paris patisseriePierre Herme has a new collection out. It's a small new collection of Saint-Honore gateaux.
A little history. I hope you have your pencils poised.
The St. Honoré Cake, is a richly decorated cake named after Saint Honore, the seventh-century Bishop of Amiens, and the French patron saint of pastry chefs and bakers. (WOW!) Pastry chef Chiboust is rumoured to have created it in his Paris shop in 1846. It consists of a pâte brisée base with a pâte a choux ring around the outside. Individual pâte a choux puffs are filled with pastry cream and dipped in caramel. They are then attached on top of the outside ring of the cake with more caramel to hold them in place. The Gateau St. Honore is also known as the "Ball Cake" because of the little caramel-covered pastry balls surrounding the top of the cake.
Shall we head over to Pierre Herme's at 72, rue Bonaparte in St Germain des Prés 75006?
You can take ligne #4 to station Saint-Sulpice. Or the #87 bus stops nearby. We're back on rue Bonaparte. Look the windows have changed! Last week for Jour du Macarons day, schools of hungry fish hunting for Free macarons!This week a sweet bebe is transfixed in wonderment at Herme's new Saint-Honore petit fours. A closeup - is this a fausse petit four? Let's go inside for the REAL thing! Vite! Ahhhhhhhhh...Ooooooooooo..
*Please note it's the caramel that is the glue that holds these cream puffs together. Pierre Herme's description for these delights:
Saint Honoré SatineTrès frais,
très parfumé,
entre acidulé et sucré
(a rough translation=very fresh, very perfumed, between acidic and sweet. French sounds so much better doesn't it?)
Just in case you're not up for whipped creme there are other delectables to choose from.
Afterwards, take your goodies to a park bench in the nearby Place Saint-Sulpice.
The pigeons are waiting.
Or go for a coffee at nearby Cafe de la Mairie, just round the corner. Word has it you can bring P.H. goodies here to eat in proper fashion as they well deserve.
Then I suggest you rent-a-frouffy-dog from Etienne Marcel to work off the cream.
Or come on a my place and climb the 132 stairs (7 flights) any number of times.


Anonymous said...

Lovely tour today!!!
always nice to get a French snack at breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I am drooling over these gorge gateaux!
Imagining Caramel filled with cream
Not fair so early in the morning.
Maybe I'll take the stairs today to get ready..

Anonymous said...

Luscious looking goodies today!
I'll swing for the reat-a-dog rather than the stairs thank you very much!
Well worth the work-out

Blind Fly Theater said...

Tickled with delight... Très frais. The artistry of these pastries is amazing, and those stairs are beautiful (or maybe breathtaking would serve a dual purpose).

Anonymous said...

7 flights! like Camille in "Ensemble c'est tout" by Anna Gavalda I'm currently reading. She draws and paints.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a good day.
my oh my look at all those lovely calories...loved their windows...clever displays :)
so did you indulge in a tidbit?

C. Anne said...

His display windows look fit for the similarly colourful, oh so precious Hermes scarves too! They should team up!

Nikon said...

Beautiful :-)
I love that staircase shot - looks like a great place!

pieplate said...

If I'm not being too much of a pill or a pedant, I would translate the description: "very refreshing, very flavorful [full of flavor], between sweet and sour."

nikole said...


Michelle Marie said...

Excuse me while I wipe away the drool from my chin. How delicious and divine!

Anonymous said...

You take such lovely shots of Paris....makes me want to go back!!! I had 5 flights of stairs in Munich years ago,,,when I could still climb that many flights ;),,,,but you with your 7.....whew, makes me sweat just typing it!! But with all the "goodies" those 7 flights are quite useful.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Paris in a few days, and can't wait to taste a delicious pastry from Pierre Herme. True genius. I love your posts - beautiful pictures and commentary.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Loving the tours. Even the foods. sigh
It's all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry PIEPLATE
I knew someone would come to the rescue.
My translation skills are limited.

Anonymous said...

What very pretty stairs.
It looks like PH put the pate choix upside down ( flat side up)-
I havent' seen that before but it does give an interesting surface.
I 'll take one of those with my tea RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh....I feel sooo much better after that tour. Properly fortified with caramel, choux paste and whipped cream, I didn't even break a sweat on the 7 flights up to your apartment! I am also in love with your stairs...that warm honey wood! The light!

Anne Corrons said...

I'm still debating about the St Honoré I'm going to eat. I should taste all of them, but I have less than 132 stairs at home!!!!!!Miam, miam!

Anonymous said...

Love those steps, Carol! They're beautiful! I was up and down a ton of steps at Duke today. I can relate. Not as pretty as yours, though, for sure.

Jann said...

All the window displays are beautiful works of art~ I think I am going to buy one of these desserts and share it with my sisiters when we visit Paris next week~I just hope the "drooling"stops bt then.Your shots and info keep me going backto Paris!

rochambeau said...

Hi Paris Breakfasts!
Thank you for the St. Honoré extravaganza!! Wowza!
I've been thinking of him the past three days.

Hope all is well for you friend!!

Anonymous said...

Great job!
Enjoying your visions of dancing St.-Honores Linda

Anonymous said...

Have you ever gone to the candle shop that is across from Gerard Mulot in St Germain ?
They have the nicest Macarons candles that look just like the real thing.
The shop is called CIR and is an experience by itself .
Thanks and keep the pictures coming .


Anonymous said...

Circular staircase = Ugh
Ah, but the film makers love them.
Have you noticed how many film shots have them?

Merisi said...

Dear Carol,
I am under my table while I type this. Simply could not sit straight anymore after all these smooth goodies and caramel to glue me to the chair was not on hand.

I sure hope that's only 132 steps - and not stairs - up to your apartment, otherwise I'd call you Rapunzel from now on! :-)

Tamsen Burk Reid said...

Loved the stairs! I was just in Paris with my sister who is afraid of elevators (especially small French elevators). She climbed 6 flights several times a day.

Di Overton said...

Only the Parisians could put two cakes on a see saw. I now want a cake.