Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arte Montmartre

A tour of Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement today PB readers- fasten your seatbelts.

Peter of Peter's Paris was kind enough to lead today's jaunt. He's lived in Paris for 30+ years so he should know the way. We're at Place de Tertre, group, where the street painters hang out.

We will zig-zag around since this is strictly an armchair endeavor.

This is the famous fruit stand from the movie, Amelie.

Amelie's cafe des 2 Moulin is under renovation. Sorry group.

But the Moulin Rouge is not!

Here Hector Guimard's fab original arte nouveau metro at Place des Abbesses. Please give the accordian player a coin or two.

Please note the "M" for Metro woven into the design, group. You will be tested later, so I hope you're taking copious notes!

Just a few of the stairs going down that you won't have to climb today.

And some going up.

A typical doorway.

Ah Ha! Grafitti lurking nearby.

Actually in the 17th arrondissement, just below Montmartre.

More grafitti.

At a famous theatre nearby.

And back in Montmartre grafitti by artist MISSTIC.

Up near the top...I did say we were zig-zagging around.

A small parade of school kiddies all dressed up for who knows what..?

The views of Paris up at Sacre Coeur are spectacular. You can shoot now.

Today's Eiffel Tower group.

And today's dog...
plus a cat!?
Hope you enjoyed the tour group?
I'm going to get a transfusion of steak frites...
A demain


  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Merci for the grand tour!
    Now I don't have to climb all those steps myself :)

  2. I can see that you were more fascinated by the graffiti than the rest! Understandable! Also nice to know that your aquarelles can beat anything that is produced or sold at Place de Tertre! Now I’m waiting to see your paintings of the small corners that you don’t show in this post! I know that they will come! (Thanks for a nice day together!) :-)

  3. I've climbed those steps and seen those views at 6.00 am. We were on the way back from a holiday in Provence and stopped for a cafe creme near the Gare du Nord. Seeing Sacre Coeur at 6.00 am when we had Paris to ourselves was fantastic.

  4. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I've noted all and am ready for the exam.
    When is it by the way?

  5. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hi Carol,
    I too, am in Paris and just wanted to say that I always enjoy your photos, remarks and tours. We live in Tiburon, about 60% of the year, but divide our time in Paris, two and 1/2 months in the spring and fall.
    Please Continue...

  6. Anonymous7:01 AM

    A lot of walking and climbing...
    So much to see in just one village of Paris!
    Thanks for the tour.

  7. Anonymous7:57 AM

    This was wonderful....
    I "almost" felt I was on the tour with you! BTW, I am finally planning a trip to Paris (1st time) around my birthday in September. I'm tired of waiting on any friends who might join me and I know I have enough on my list to keep me busy when I get there.
    Perhaps I will enlist Peter to take me on a tour!
    Ont une très belle journée!


  8. "M" is for memory...what a fab tour of the area, enjoyed it so very much. the views are indeed grand.

  9. Thanks to this one post, I discovered two new things. One, I've studied countless pics of Guimard's Metro architecture and never noticed the embedded "M" and Two, never knew about the view from Sacre Coeur. Thanks for these pieces of my vicarious puzzle, and also for the landmark pics (love "Amelie"), a new Metro entrance (never saw that one), and the graffiti shots (makes me feel like I'm actually discovering the unseen Paris). Long comment, but if you weren't so prolific... And finally: Love canines, but am happy to see a feline has finally made the cut!

  10. Anonymous8:44 AM

    The feline showed up for the casting call in error.
    What's one to do?! Cats have a mind of their own...

  11. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Hi Carol,
    I love Monmartre--one of my favorite places in Paris--has not changed much in many years--so beautiful.

  12. Bojour Carol!

    Oh, thank you so much for such a full flavored visit! I have 2 run now, but, an embrace of appreciation! May write again if have time.


    Stef in dreary Chicago

  13. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Lovely graffiti -- an oxymoron, but then again, it's Paris!

  14. I gave the accordion player 2 Euros! Bravo! Your post was just lovely!

  15. Oh, I'm so glad you're heading to Monmartre and some of my favorite areas for a change, Carol! I love it. This is wonderful.

  16. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Love the old French songs..
    And the spontaneous artworks..
    AND the perfect views!

  17. C
    Thank you for the tour!
    Any chance for a coffee before the exams? ;-)

  18. Great shots. I love Amelie - thanks for the shot of her cafe, never knew it was real!

  19. Oh such fond memories! I have that same photo of the artist in white (first pic)! I still can't believe I've been there AND get to go again next year!

    I love your blog - found it through Kat's blog. Beautiful artwork and voice:)

  20. Great little tour. Thank you. I don't think I could make it up all those stairs though.

  21. Thanks for the tour carole! I felt like I was back in Paris - hmmm, maybe, just maybe, if I saved enough money and stopped buying clothes...oh, who am I kidding? I am convincing my bf to move there with me in 2012 though so that's something!

    Those look like the steps outside a Montmartre hostel I stayed in once...some lady fell down the stairs and was screaming her head. So scary!

  22. I have no clue where you are in Paris but I am enjoying the tour. Love that Eiffel tower view. I didnt realize how big it is and how far it can be seen. wow.

  23. Anonymous9:49 PM

    You must be getting quite aerobic with all the stairs you're climbing! French graffiti seems quite foreign - nothing like ours with the day-glo paint and all the airbrushed colors.

  24. Anonymous1:00 AM

    tres amusante!

  25. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Delightful. I , also , love the glass bead metro entrance over where Colette lived in her later years. Off what I call the circus plaza with all the black and gray risers.
    I see the weather has changed and you've lost those brilliant blue skies.

  26. Anonymous1:25 AM

    This is sooooo delightful!! You bring joy to my heart everyday!! I so look forward to your blog everyday!
    Thank you... Merci mille!!

  27. CRIS - this tour is in the 18th arrondissement of Paris - the artist area below Sacre Coeur church. I should have identified that!

  28. All great, but especially the mom with the "wings"!!!

  29. PS
    Just looked at you etsy.
    Makes my heart smile
    Bravo C!!

  30. Anonymous5:50 AM

    NO school on Wednesdays in France. Those kids are probably from a "centre de loisirs" (= leisure centre).
    They must have been busy making/decorating butterflies to celebrate Spring - which they could not do before at the Centre ....

  31. Looks like Banksy has been to Paris. I hope after all those cakes you ran up those steps :)


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