Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Bear #107 1st I must say you knocked my socks off with your response to
2ndly you asked for MORE BEARS!!! so..more bears
3rdly I made a mistake when I said the sale would last only ONE week and then gave the wrong closing date. It should have said December 11!
Bear #108 I was inspired to paint more bears because recently my dear cousin-in-law, Bill mentioned in passing that he thought
Growllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Wa'?
Danish Jette - Bear expert I quickly contacted noted Danish Bear expert, Jette on this matter.
Thank Gawd she only had good things to say about BEARS!
Bears dear, are much more than grumpy (YAY), exclusive bundles of power and hibernation.
They have a deep knowledge about food.
They are into sweet stuff too. (YES!)

Bear #109They can walk for hours on (in Paris?) and cover great areas of many different landscapes in their walkabouts.
If someone sees you as a bear - you've made an impression for sure.
Oh I feel much better now about being bearish :)
Lenotre Macaron boxWhen I was taking the macaron cooking class at Lenotre...
Lenotre Teddy bearsI couldn't help notice the bear was their mascot...
Lenotre Teddy BearsLenotre bears turned up at the Salon du Chocolat with a bottle of Champagne, macarons and the best dark chocolate no less! Pretty classy no?
Ritz Teddy bearsTHE RITZ Hotel's L'Ecole de Escofier bears were at the Salon too!
So I feel I'm in veddy good company :)
Bears seem to belong in kitchens. I've read of New Jersey bears invading home kitchens and ripping off the doors of refrigerators...Ahem I felt like doing that yesterday..
Grizzley Bear at ABC CarpetsNo wonder I was smitten by this life-size bear at ABC Carpet & Home, a wonderful New York store. A kindred spirit perhaps..? Do you think he can paint?
Bears: A HistoryThis book just came out on bears and their complex relationships with humans... I'd definitely like to read it.
Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass opens this Friday - it takes place in a parallel world where every person is connected to an animal spirit, called a daemon.
What animal are you?!


Janice C. Cartier said...

Bear-y delicious! I think I see a mischief maker, a nibbler of macarons. And happy because of it!
All best,

a toi rose society said...

Hurray for the bears!! They were my favorite.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

The Bears are Adorable...absolutely adorable.. And Congrats on the sales.

Sarah said...

Yay for bears! My husband says that my daimon (Philip Pullman and so forth) should be a bear, but I think he should be speaking for himself. :) I love the polar bears with macaroons - adorable!


Parisbreakfasts said...

I LOVE Phillip Pullman's DARK MATERIALS!
Yes of course BEARS!
And 'The Golden Compass' is coming out this FRIDAY too!
Can't wait?

Jeanne said...

Beary special indeed.

E-J said...

That ABC bear is gorgeous! I LOVE bears. Your polar bears are great.

We share a home with a sizeable bear (a "toy" bear ... he would shudder to hear me calling him that, but he also dislikes the word "stuffed" as it sounds as though he's been embalmed). Though not a polar bear, he is named Iorek, after Pullman's character. Iorek T. Bear has long fancied writing a memoir dotted with snippets of his culinary expertise ...

Oh dear. I've gone and said it all out loud!

Cassoulet Cafe said...

Congrats on the sale so far! So are you planning your next trip to Paris yet? ;) The bears are cute!

(As for the movie, I won't be going to Golden Compass because of what the story is really about.)

Lori Lynn said...

They are so playful! Bears paired with macarons, way too cute!

Anonymous said...

How appropriate! Today is KNUT's birthday

Di Overton said...

You have to be careful what name you give a bear or you can end up in jail :)
I love those polar bear paintings. So pleased your sale went well even though I wasn't allowed :(

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm a bear I love to hibernate!

Villa Anna said...

I'm a new fan of your blog and your delicious paintings :)

I'm a bear lover also, panda bears to be precise, however those polar bears are truly adorable!

p.s Happy birthday Knut!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the bears!! I have some gorgeous Lladro polar bears that look just like yours but I didn't know they like eating macarons. Hmm may have to share them now.

Merisi said...

Didn't I say you were the Queen of Balancing Acts? Those bears have picked up your spirit! :-)

WendyB said...

These bears are unbearably cute. I am baring my soul to you about this!

Anonymous said...

Beary interesting! My daemon must be a hawk...or maybe a fox. They both hunt rabbits.

Anonymous said...

PS I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me name my next Airedale "Winnie"....I wil call her Winnie the Pooch!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love the bears!!! The polars are adorable. I would love to see some brown bears eating dark chocolate or a chic black bear eating a little jam.
I cannot choose one animal I am one part bear and one part weasel, belette.
Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the bear book.