Monday, December 17, 2007

E comme Eiffel Tower

#121 - Laduree Pink Box and Eiffel Tower A year ago I swore I would never paint the Tour Eiffel...#120 - Laduree and Eiffel Tower After painting 20 Eiffel towers and counting...I'm ready to eat my words, especially if it's a chocolate tower...#119 - Eiffel TowerIt turns out the tower has become a good least in my still lifes.I shot this view from the Musee des arts Decoratifs overlooking the Tuileries.

Last trip I measured this tower of nougat against the height of the tower...just checking

Late one night I succombed...4 towers for 3 Euros
Those four Eiffel Towers helped me learn to love the tower.

Another reason to love the tower - snow globes!
 Eiffel Tower earrings are so lovable - you don't even have to go to Paris to get them thank you Ebay. 

I would love it if this cashmere sweater had Eiffel Towers all over it... Next time I'm going to try to get closer than the nougat candy store.
Do you have a love/hate relationship with the Eiffel Tower?


  1. Bummer, only a couple of your pictures will display for me (the rest will not open at all) - If there is another link I would really appreciate it.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I love the Eiffel could you not? I have several little towers to remind me of my lovely trips there.
    I also love opening your blog to see what's new..what a treat to see!

  3. A tour of la Tour...I have one on my silver charm bracelet brought back to me from a high school trip omg too long ago. And I have eaten in the restaurant opened by Daniel Bonnot . How they got it moved from the tower to St. Charles Avenue, I don't know. But If you go to New Orleans and look across from the Ponchartrain Hotel you will see it. Mine, the tour I just as Eiffel placed it, in Paris, love seeing it there... or on a pristine white paper painted by our own Paris Breakfast, in a holiday photo , a scramble of things...well her Tour Eiffel , it just sings.
    All best, Jan

  4. 5 reasons I can't get my fill of the Eifel:
    1. I had the most romantic birthday lunch of my life at a window table of the Jules Verne.
    2.It is a symbol that I have through out my homw that reminds me of my favorite city in all the world.
    3. How it sparkles at night.
    4. The view it gives you of Paris when you travel up to top of it.
    5. How ever present it is--visible from so many places in Paris.
    Merci, for the lovely post!!

  5. I Love the Eiffel tower. Paris wouldn't be Paris without it. Being able to see it so far around makes it so charming and comforting for some reason. I LOVE those Eiffel Tower Globes and would love to have one. The E towers you put in your paintings add that French Charm to them.
    Thanks for posting about it.

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I think your Eiffel Tower paintings are just really charming, Carol! (Those little earrings are kind of cute, too, by the way!) they look adorable propped up on your boxes. Glad you succumbed!! ;))

  7. I love to look at it but hated going up it. Not keen on the area around it either.
    I love your little Eiffel Towers you painted - cute!

  8. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I think i have been in love with the Eiffel Tower for...well forever! I am finally going to actually see it this coming April. I have been visiting your blog for a very long time and I have to tell you it is one of my daily stops on my trip around the worldwideweb. Thanks for sharing your art and yourself with us all.

  9. I have fear of heights too Di, and I find the surrounding 7th arrondissement offputing too.
    But it would be a good idea if I could get with in 100 meters of the darn thing!
    I do love it from a distance especially lit up and flashing at night time.
    Silver charms, JANICE, that does sound appealing...

  10. Ah, the Tour Eiffel! I have one of those little souvenir tours, purchased on Rue du Rivoli somewhere across from the metro stop near the Tuileries (I'm probably misspelling all these French words....)

    There's a fantastic view from the top of the real tower, of course. I had to do that at least once, and I've only been to Paris once, so...

  11. LOVE/HATE relationship with La Tour Eiffel...that would be me!
    I think it is ugly and beautiful at the same time. When I saw it for the first time, I was excited to be looking at an icon that was so familiar from photos and movies, but then in person it was also just UGLY to me.
    However, I think it's beautiful at night, especially when it sparkles.
    I did make it to the top, however, I was terrified the whole time and did not like being up at the tip top, even though it was caged.
    I do love Eiffel Tower keychains, though, and received my first one when I was a teenager!

  12. what a fun post! I love nougat too :)

  13. I love la Tour Eiffel, and I wish you could see this drawing I've seen several places (I think done by the same guy who did all the cats in black and white walking away, do you know who I'm talking about?), anyway, it's of a little old grandmother knitting...the Eiffel Tower, it's pretty funny.

  14. Paris = Eiffel Tower!

  15. I LOVE the Eiffel tower, I have some cute designs I did for my shop....

    Lovely blog!

    Jen Ramos
    'Earth Friendly DESIGNER Cards'

  16. Anonymous2:31 AM

    If you can't find any sweater, you may find hats...

  17. I have a particular tenderness for the Eiffel Tower because it reminds me my Grandmother which saw it through her flat's windows and always said:" MY Eiffel Tower"!

  18. trouvé les tours qui rentrent dans la boite!!!!

  19. I LOVE the Eiffel Tower, allthough I have not been to Paris yet, it is the symbol of my dreams of going there. Great pictures, I may need to save some of those to look at att the time. I love your blog, one of my very favorites. Thanks for sharing

  20. Last night, in below freezing weather, I waited below the tower as my husband went to the top with a friend of ours. I paced, and froze. And now, I love the tower even more. But I still don't want to go up!

  21. Anonymous2:01 AM

    I hate the Eiffel tower!because my sister surprised us all and eloped to Paris with a man who is not only handsome, rich and successful, he worships her on top of it all. They mailed us killer photos of the two of them jumping in front of the Eiffel tower. Ergo, the tower takes the blame!

    Just kidding. I am very, very happy for her and j'adore! the Eiffel tower. Grr...
    No, really - Love!

  22. I think I understand your love/hate relationship with the Eiffel Tower. I had no particular interest in it but when my son and I visited, of course it was the first thing he wanted to do - go to the top. I was surprised how beautiful it was in person, like metal lace. Still, I fell in love with Paris, not the tower per se, and symbols of it seemed to me too "touristy" - I swore not to buy any eiffel tower image clocks or eiffel tower garden arches or eiffel tower painted plates. I was "above that". We brought home one tiny Eiffel Tower key chain for the Yule tree. That was enough.
    But then I saw a Eiffel Tower shaped glass bottle of flavored oil, discounted at the market. Heck, it was cheaper than buying it in a regular shape bottle. And, sigh, it was really cute. I gave in and brought it home. And put it on my counter. I guess I'm not so sophisticated after all. But since then, I've softened my stance. I've lived near and love San Francisco. I don't actually own anything with the Golden Gate Bridge on it (come to think of it, I used to own a framed poster my dad bought there) but I would find it entertaining to do so. Life is short. Tchotckes are fun. Embrace your inner child and enjoy them. Paris is more than just the Eiffel Tower, but the Eiffel Tower does a good job of standing in for it as an immediately recognizable icon.


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