Friday, December 21, 2007

Why I Love ABC

ABC Home Not just windows today PB readers!
ABC HomeI'm taking you inside my all-time favorite store in NEW YORK CITY!
So fasten your seatbelts everyone!!!
ABC Home The store I love the BEST is ABC HOME!
ABC HomeIt's a huge, crazy emporium of Gawd knows what...well just about everything you've ever dreamed of - THAT'S WHAT!
ABC HomeLots of exotic hand made things from around the world...
And spa things - perfums, oils, frankensense, you get the picture...
You can sit on these rocks and sniff till your hearts content. Sigh...
ABC HomeVery high ceilings and every inch filled with wacky treasures like the flea market you've never imagined...
ABC Home And there are 6 floors of it too!
Why do I love this store so?
It's a fairy land I can wander around through and come out inspired...
ABC HomePlus Michel Cluizel has a chocolate boutique here too...
Well you need chocolate at times like this for sure!
ABC HomeDo they have Christmas decorations? Forgettaboutit!
Are you looking?Now PB readers
Please click and then gaze into this crystal ball for 3 minutes
You will be swept away on a magic carpet to...
888 Broadway near 19th street in downtown New York.
Don't miss this store next visit.
OK, My best kept secret is out!


  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing your secret favorite store! I will be in NYC in May ... and I will definitely be visiting this place!

  2. Anonymous9:57 AM

    I've heard of this store and I've never been, (well, until now!) Thanks for taking us--it looks like it WOULD really be a fun place to spend hours and hours. What a cool find.

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    finally catching up...your holiday walk through ny is fantabulous...i enjoyed looking into your crystal ball...thank you...season's blessings, rebecca

  4. Oooh La La I love all the pink stuff.
    Love Jeanne

  5. SIX STORIES full of goodies??? Zowie. It's like going to Disneyland without rides. lol
    I love stores like that. Oh the inspiration in there. The chocolate in there.. your secret is out.. ;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow! Thanks for the virtual tour of the ABC store! It is definitely on my list for a future NYC trip!!! Does look like an enchanting wonderland!

  7. I always visit ABC Carpet and Home when I'm in NYC. A most wonderful place...

  8. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Wow what a tour - thanks I needed that!! :)
    hoganfe handbags

  9. lol :-D
    I think I'd never leave this store if ever I went.

  10. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I'm on my way! Well, almost....looks like my week in NYC for mys son's gradution may need to stretch to a month! I found the most adorable moleskine with NYC map, subway map, lots of blank pages and tabbed pages for addresses, and I have just added ABC Home!

  11. Anonymous2:04 AM

    Have we got to unfasten our belts now? already?
    I wish the flight was longer !
    Applause to the pilot !

  12. Anonymous4:22 AM

    that store looks like heaven, I am saving my pennies for New York...

  13. WOW so pleased I had my seat belt on. What a glorious shop.

  14. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Oh Mon Dieu! That place is HUGE! Looks like a lot of fun. Miss you and gros bisous, Ms. Glaze

  15. ah la la j'adore, merci to share your New York with us. Joyeux Noël.

  16. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Looks like a playground for artists!
    Visual material to keep you going for a long time.

  17. One of my favorite places...gorgeous pics you got! I have really enjoyed all of your New York photos. Such a visual feast with all of the holiday sparkle and fun...thanks for sharing!

  18. Wonderful places in NYC. I'm loving the ABC store - so many sparklies! Don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it. Wow.

  19. LOVE all the sparkle and the girly PINK is the color of my cast!! Perhaps I need to add some sparkle!!
    May the spirit of Christmas leave its rich blessings in the hearts of you and yours!hugs NG

  20. It is pretty glitzy but with a spritual twist in a way...
    I wish I was more glitzy maybe that's some of the appeal...

  21. ((P-L-E-A-S-E)) come back and scroll down to previous post and you will see the ((bubblegum PINK)) cast!!
    I have been receiving art and signatures that I will modge pogde on cast after Christmas!! hip hop along NG xo

  22. I think I would still be there if I'd ever put my foot inside their door (or rather "gates"?). Such splendor!
    Size-wise I'm sure Vienna would fit into it. Imagine. Much less sparkle though. :-)

  23. Great photos. Better than the actual store because I didn't have to deal with the crowds!

  24. i loved this store too. Was there a couple of weeks ago and told to put my camera away! thanks for the pics.

  25. So I take it that you live in New York not Paris ! I love the pink photo's, what an amazing shop !


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