Monday, December 24, 2007


BIG MERCI! dear PB readers and have a happy holiday
New York's lights and windows are my Holiday gift to you
Here's the annual Rockefeller Center BIG tree overlooking the skating rink.

A bottle green Xmas tree at Botticelli shoes
You can buy this Swarovski crystal cut glass tree at Rock Center... It's all of 5" inches high.

Those green ball trees in front of Reed and Renny Florist.

Multi-glass trees are decked out with watches on 57th street.

Bernardaud porcelaine has snowy birch trees in their windows.

Plus they have a specially designed hot chocolate set made for Pierre Herme's Chocolat Chaud.

A tradional Victorian tree in a posh men's haberdashery on East 57th Street.

Back at Rock Center giant wooden soldiers watch over.

The evening skaters under the lite trees.

New York Dog photo by Bill Cunningham of the New York Times New York dog photo by Bill Cunningham
This is no reindeer, but a New York pup braving the cold while window shopping captured byYNYTimes venerable photographer, Bill Cunningham.
Please visit his wonderful tour of NYC's decorations.
Happy Hols Everyone!


  1. That first tree picture made me so happy!

  2. I love all that you post.
    Merry Christmas
    Love Jeanne ^j^

  3. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Merry Christmas and a HUGE merci to you Carol for your wonderful posts through the year.

  4. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Merci Beaucoup!

    You have made my morning "coffee & computer" time even more enjoyable since Nov. this year.

    Happy holidays!

    PB reader In-May

  5. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I have enjoyed waking up to a Paris breakfast all year. What a find. Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year.
    Sarah from IL

  6. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Thank you for Bill Cunningham!

    But THANK YOU most of all for the daily Paris inspirations.

    I love getting up know a some Paris dreams are awaiting me with the flick of a switch!

    Most kind of you to share your joy and experiences with us.


  7. Happy Holidays! Big Merci right back at you for all the joy and visual goodies you pass out all year long. Best wishes for a truly scrumptious New Year!
    All best, Jan

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I want to go shopping with that hound!
    THANKS for all the fun every day.

  9. Anonymous11:13 AM

    How I enjoy PB.

    THANKS so much and many blessings to you at Christmas and in this New Year !!!!!

    Abbey :-)

  10. Merry Christmas Carol! Thanks for the taste of a New York holiday...

    btw - I received my 2 fabulous watercolors from you, they are in fine shape after shipping and even more beautiful than I imagined.

    Thanks again.

  11. Life just wouldn't be the same without your peeks/posts into fantasy land! Merry Christmas and Happy New years to you dearest!

  12. Thank you for the tour. I saw the Rockefeller tree on TV recently and thought to myself how wonderful it would be to be there in person to photograph it...New York at Christmas; a very special place to be. Happy Holidays to you too.

  13. Thank you for a glimpse of stylish New York at Christmas, thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Hope you have a super lovely Christmas! A big thank you to you for all of your wonderful posts through the year, bringing style and humour to my inbox.

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2008 to you.

  14. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful artzy things you come across.

    Happy Travels

    Merry Christmas


  15. Happy Holidays Carol! :-D

  16. Wow. It's amazing. So many beautiful trees. I think I like the Victorian one best. Merry Christmas. Joyeux Natal.

  17. Merry Christmas Carol!

  18. What a funny bundled-up dog picture! :-) The lit trees are beautiful.

    Hope you have a merry merry.

  19. Merry Christmas, Carol, and thank you for a wonderful blog!

  20. Thank you sharing Christmas in New York with us.

  21. Wow! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. It is really beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful dose of Christmas spirit and for your inspiration. Happy New Year!

  22. Anonymous12:00 PM


    Thanks for the daily joy you have brought me each morning this year with your delightful water colors, tidbits of your experiences in the world of illustration, advertising and the culinary world. They are wonderful gift you share.

    An embrace and kisses on both cheeks of appreciation!

    A tip of ye olde tea cup to ye' as I enjoy traditional crossiant and raspberry preserves with my wife this Christmas morning, just as we have done for at least twenty years.

    Additionally, I really enjoyed the window photos and the New York pup braving the cold while window shopping.

  23. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Super pictures of Xmas bla bla bla


  24. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Chere Carol

    j'espere que tu as passe de bonnes fetes a bientot !

    super photos !!!!!


  25. Wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas....may you have peace, love and joy....

    Gypsy Purple

  26. Merry Christmas!!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  27. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Big Joyeux Noël to you, Carol!Your gift is magnific, I enjoy so much New-York's photos of Christmas time! You know, you are better here, Paris is dark this year, just one or two poor ligths!
    Big Bravo for P&NWCB, Queen of Breakfasts!

  28. Carol,
    I am dreaming of one day again visiting New York at Christmas time. It's magical. Thank you for keep the dream alive! :-)

  29. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Please get that dashing Miss dog's phone number for me! I'm a mature gentleman with exquisite manners.

  30. Anonymous8:28 PM

    My dear, it is we who owe a big merci to you for sharing your delightful dreams with us all year. Good health and much happiness in the new year. Oh, and of course macarons!

  31. Anonymous10:42 PM

    C'est nous qui vous disons "merci" pour les mini voyages en France toutes l'annee.

    Chaque matin, je me regale avec les "posts" de "Paris Breakfasts." Vous avez un don pour nous prendre avec vous pendant vos voyages et vos decouverts. Ahhh, et les aquarelles....quelle beaute!

    A Grand Merci - Mille Fois!!!!

  32. Happy Holidays to you Carol! If the envy strikes you, come down south and I'll make you food to paint!

  33. Thank you for letting me see how New York looked thgis Xmas. My fav place in all the world...miss it so much...Thank you


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