Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Mac Breakfast

Breakfast in Paris...inside my Paris Frigo Here's the full view inside my "Frigo" -what most refrigerators are called in France.
My daily breakfast consists of:
a hard boiled egg
pomegranate seeds
a chunk of dark chocolate bar
plain yogurt
and Hot chocolate.
#114 - Laduree -Boxes #114 - Macaron boxes
When I was posting early mornings in Paris there really was nothing to snack on.closeup on my Frigo Except macarons - life can be tough.Bon Marche L'Epicieri macaronsFrom Bon Marche L'Epicerie's colorful collection.Gerard Mulot macarons And the almost too-pretty-to-open box from Gerard Mulot.Pierre Herme macarons Pierre Herme's box opens on it's own, making difficult decisions easy - Do I open or save? One thing I forgot was to bring any of these back to New York. What was I thinking?

I've got plenty of pictures of them anyway.Let me know if you'd like some macarons..


  1. Sign me up for a continental Paris breakfast anytime! Looks yummy. All the essential food groups too. Protein , antioxidents, dark getting a present every time you open your frigo!
    All best, Jan

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I ran to "MY FRIGO" just in case...
    Big disappointment -
    No multi-boxes of macarons :(
    Can there be some kind of macaron food Plan
    Can they share with us puleeze?

    Alice in W.

  3. Oh my God this is so sad. My heart bleeds for you having to open your fridge and see all those awful things sitting there each morning. NOT!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Sounds like a pretty wonderful breakfast to me! We still haven't settled into a Parisian breakfast pattern, so I'm making notes here!


  5. My "Frigo" in NYC is devoid of breakfast Macs...
    Except for a few frozen/saved macarons from the November Chocolate show. And they are "models" and must be saved for future still life assignments.

  6. I have about 3 months until I get to taste my first Laduree macaron. My friend in Paris is meeting me and bringing a box!!! What flavors should I request???

  7. My Frigo doesnt produce any Macarons no matter how much I wish. ;(
    I have always been a chocoholic but those pink ones catch my eye every time. What WOULD be the bests ones to try first?

  8. I'm always happy to see a little bird.

  9. Cassoulet cafe
    You can choose from the many flavors here.
    But it all comes down to personal taste. I aways end up with the caramel, lemon and framboise for some strange reason. I have to force myself to try new flavors and then I wish I'd stuck with my old favorites - a creature of habit reason.

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    The "3 Macarons" watercolor arrived on Wednesday.

    It is gorgeous, colors better than on the web, and the
    personalization was very nice.

    Hope we get a chance to buy you a chocolate chaud in France next time.

    Monsier J.

  11. Oh MY Gosh! what a deliciously delightful blog I just stumbled upon! terrific work, yum!

  12. Anonymous9:14 PM

    with all those beautiful desserts to savor, darling, i hope you are not turning diabetic :)

    l sutterlin

  13. Anonymous4:27 AM

    If I could have only ONE mac in my fridge, that would certainly do...
    were it black... I would look at and after it as a gem !
    Pierre Hermé's black truffle mac must be sipped by wee bites !
    8 euros / one mac

  14. Anonymous10:30 PM

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