Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Golden Compass

FAO SCHWARZI said I'd take you to Tiffany's today, but something came up...Hold onto your bears a moment. Let's go to FAO SCHWARZ toy store instead.You're greeted by a giant LEGO Santa when you enter.THE GOLDEN COMPASS FAO is featuring THE GOLDEN COMPASS. I saw it Friday. It's magical, perfect for the holidays and Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra Belacqua is enchanting.I'm not the biggest fantasy film fan but I was captivated. So many BEARS!There are lots of the bear characters from the movie hanging out at FAO.
Plus plenty of the giant stuffed animals FAO SCHWARZ is famous for.
Did you ever desperately want a ridiculously expensive Madame Alexander doll?I toyed with the idea of buying one now, just briefly...
Did you see Tom Hanks in the movie BIG play chopsticks on FAO's giant keyboard? Anyone can play. Just two blocks away the Fifth Avenue subway station...Is full of bears! This is my favorite station. And more bears...
But the best bear was in the street. I tracked it back into FAO and captured a shot for you. Isn't it the most fantastic Polar bear coat you've ever seen?

Before you run off here's a bit of THE GOLDEN COMPASS. Go see it and tell me what you think. You won't be disappointed.
Now let's get on our bears and go off to work.
Tomorrow TIFFANY'S!


  1. Hey ... thanks for this - LOVE those bears in the subway.

    We're off to see the Golden Compass tonight - I love the books, and REALLY loved the stage version at the National Theatre, which I saw several times (the first time at the final dress rehearsal, when Philip Pullmann was there, and very sweet to Alfred, then aged about 12, when he went to say hello during the interval).

    So I've had mixed feelings about the film, but - thanks to you - I've just watched the opening shots of Oxford, and can't resist it any more ... it starts with the most fabulous shot of the Radcliffe Camera, a library in which I spent many many happy hours as an undergraduate, reading with an unstoppable fervour

    - and looking forward to Tiffany's tomorrow ;)


  2. Joanna
    I heard THE GOLDEN COMPASS first on the BBC on the NET and loved it so I could not miss the movie.
    I would have loved to see the production at The National...
    You were an undergraduate at Oxford...sigh
    A good friend, an Oxfordian, gave me a tour of the colleges grand!

  3. Cannot wait to see the film! Bears with my tea again...that's always fun. Have always made a stop in FAO Schwartz each NYC Trip....wouldn't be the same without it. Brings out the child in everyone.
    Love those bear tiles!
    Good show!
    All best, Jan

  4. So many Bears..Who knew? Funny how once you get into something you see it everywhere and it has been there all the time.
    I Didn't know that key board was really in the FAO'S store. Loved seeing Hanks on it in Big.

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Oh, Carol, you're taking me to all my old haunts--I LOOOOVE FAO Schwartz! It's such a magical store. That Legos Santa is amazing! Love Legos, too. And you know I loved "The Golden Compass." I'm totally not a big fantasy movie fan, but this was wonderful: story telling at its best. I hope there are sequels. Their bears were great, and immediately reminded me of yours. Thanks for the trip to FAO Schwartz! You're making me miss NY...

  6. I had to be dragged from the piano in FAO Schwarz mainly because my tunes were so awful but it's such FUN

  7. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I saw The Golden Compass last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt it ended too soon as I wanted the story to continue. Nicole Kidman was deliciously cold and evil and appropriately named Miss Coulter. How fitting. How nice was it to see Sam Elliott again in such a perfect part. The effects were amazing and I was most impressed by the heroine. She is sure to become a major star.

  8. SUE
    You're the one who convinced me to go see GOLDEN COMPASS...
    funny huh?

  9. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I just wanted to let you know that the paintings arrived and are as delicate as I thought they'd be. I can't wait to get them framed.
    What a nice Christmas present to me!
    By the way, the Madame Alexander doll is really too beautiful for words. That little face with the pouty lips and enormous eyes reminds me of my little "Muffy" doll. She still is very much loved.
    Happy Holidays.

  10. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Oh Thank you so much for this.

    I just loved going to FAO today and seeing things I would otherwise never see.

    Thank you for all your wonderful work and taking us with you to my beloved Paris.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  11. The legos kill me! That is so cool!

    Looking forward to breakfast at Tiffany's tomorrow!

  12. Bears, bears, everywhere! Nice polar-bear-jacket stalking.

  13. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Well, you have enlarged or lengthened Bear Street !
    Nice post while awaiting Christmas ...

  14. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Macaron et ours dans le meme film !!!!
    Super pour toi


  15. M. That's a blimp-thing.

  16. Anonymous8:01 AM

    After 21 seconds into "The Golden Compass" trailer on your YOUTube screen, the compass looks like a macaron!
    LOOK at it
    it's very funny !


  17. Anonymous9:36 PM

    May I ever so discreetly point out that you have stalked perfectly innocent bears down the streets of New York? Then kindly turn your thought to the adage about the pot (calling the kettle black). Bears, rabbits......hmmmm

    Stalking a "BEAR" coat can in no way come close to your rabbit shenanigans!


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