Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pain de Sucre

PAIN DE SUCRE- ParisBreakfasts Just desserts today.
And what incredible desserts they are!
PAIN DE SUCRE in the Marais only creates the unexpected.
PAIN DE SUCRE- ParisBreakfasts
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PAIN DE SUCRE- ParisBreakfasts They have a strong sense of pastry geometry too - one of my passions.
And they LOVE the SQUARE!
Of course marshmallows/guimauve are square, but in flavors of green Matcha tea or Orange flower or saffron..? This is unexpected.
PAIN DE SUCRE- ParisBreakfasts Pastry chefs, Didier Mathray and Nathalie Robert take the everyday Provencal almond-paste delicacy called a "calisson" and make it square with added candied oranges.
PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfasts Look at this absolutely perfect raspberry squared tarte! Their fruits are the best quality too.PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfasts
More perfect squares of deliciousness...
PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfastsAH HA! Now these squares begin to look a bit like Sicilian pizza non?PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfastsLike tomato with Rosemary popping out of it!
PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfastsAnd here sliced figs with more Rosemary!
Extraordinary don't you agree?
Recently a reader wrote that she'd hung around Paris Breakfasts for a month and thought there must be more to Paris than "LOLLIES IN SHOPS".
She was moving on.
But she promised to come back in a month to see if I had moved on from "LOLLIES IN SHOP".
I looked it up - a mostly New Zealand expression for lollie pops in candy shops.
Some of the most creative artists on the planet are creating exceptional lollies in shops. And PAIN DE SUCRE is one of them along with Pierre Herme and Gerard Mulot and...and...and...
PAIN DE SUCRE - ParisBreakfastsPAIN DE SUCRE can also do beautiful, surprising round pastries too.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    NO, No, no!!!

    Don't move on.

    I relive my days in Paris through your exquisite photos and artwork.

    Love your blog!


  2. Non, non, et non! Stay just the way you are---the writer apparently missed the chefs and the wines, and the scarves. And so on. I look forward to whatever you post.

    And I'm leaving Saturday for a month in Paris. Over Christmas and New Year's!

  3. THANKS!
    I'm staying put!

  4. I'll happily continue to divour your lollies with my eyes. Of course, for complete happiness, hand me a slice of that plum tart (last picture, bottom right), s'il vous plaît, I will provide the coffee (espresso, melange, einspänner, cappuccino?).

  5. Happily evour, of course (see what low sugar levels do to my spellin`?).

  6. Now, who ate my "d"???

  7. I think whatever you are doing keep doing it. Your site is honestly an inspiration to me.

  8. Non, il ne faut pas s'arreter! I check this site each morning for a "taste" of Paris including the culture that takes me back to our days of living in France.


  9. Anonymous8:23 AM

    these cakes look divine!

    I believe you have a sweet tooth.

    So do I.



  10. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I do not think you should change what you write about at all -- continue to write about everything you're inspired by, as you have been! You have written about several subject, and personally, I LOVE the posts about sweets and pastries. They are accompanied by the most lovely photos and make me wish I were there too!


  11. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Dear Carol:
    "There must be more than lollies in shops?!"
    Qu'est ce que c'est?!!!!
    What would life be without lollies de Paris?
    I found a few lollies there a few weeks ago that had no chance of airline survival but, nevertheless, had to come home avec moi.
    Keep up the good work.


  12. I look forward to your daily posts. They are always a treat. We can't please everyone. Do what inspires you:) Merci, Heidi

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Don't mess with perfection Dear! Your passion for the things you photograph and write are what I enjoy the most. Long live edible art, eye candy and Paris Breakfasts! ~ Mia

  14. What would we do without a vitrine or two packed with "lollies in shops"? Razzleberries squared, who knew? I for one would miss the view.
    Ooh la la, don't even think of it, au revoir, à bientôt, bon voyage, short sighted reader. Now where is my tea? I must look once more. Ahh, so many treats. Already the day is better
    All best, Jan

  15. Anonymous9:28 AM

    My vote is to go with what interests YOU since your enthusiasm carries you to wonderful heights, and we get the joy of watching you! You've shown me beauty I could never even imagine!

    Let the critics take their own shots and create their own blogs.


  16. Anonymous9:29 AM

    No, please don't move on!
    I just found you and you inspire me everyday!
    I have enjoyed going back and reading and admiring your older posts. Especially the one about your mother. You have made her proud, so stick with it!
    I would love to see a painting of the square raspberry tarts!
    Love your blog, so carry on!

  17. Looks like the majority rules here. Why mess with perfection as someone said. Here's 'her' hat.. Buh Bye. ;)

  18. Anonymous10:46 AM

    No moving on!

    These aren't just "lollies in shops". All of this is spectacularly beautiful, handmade food. Not fast food, not canned food, not junk food, but real, honest-to-goodness food that feeds your body and spirit.

    The thing I find amazing about all of the photos you show us is that most of that beautiful food in little bakeries all throughout Paris is being eaten! All of that amazing bounty, which is undoubtedly *not cheap* gets consumed by people who make a point of seeking it out.
    Makes me a little jealous...


  19. Dont be jealous Paige..
    The pastries are not cheap but not like staying overnight at THE RITZ!
    So an affordable taste of luxury for everyone
    Really quite lovely when you think about it...
    Carolg :)

  20. Anonymous11:27 AM


    I can only quote my two year old this morning when she
    saw your beautiful photographs and shrieked, "I'm
    gonna eat that right off the screen!" and then
    proceeded to try.

    After all, isn't the point of a blog to write what
    interests YOU?


  21. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I've seen those gorgeous cakes, but I hadn't spotted the marshmallows before! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow morning... :) Although only if the weather is a bit nicer - I haven't even ventured out yet today.

  22. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Non, Non !!!!!!Our New Zealand friend needs to expand her horizons or ...just go play somewhere else.

    One lone comment should not deter your passions!

  23. And if you moved on, where would we get all our pastries from everyday??????
    So, you gotta stay!

  24. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I'm so relieved that, obviously, you did not allow her comment to keep you from continuing to post about, 'lollies in shops'. Yours is the best foodie blog in the blogosphere, Carol, and it gives me great joy!

  25. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Carol, this is so funny! I just visited Pain de Sucre this past weekend, and brought some of their macarons home (they didn't last, obviously), and right before reading your post I was looking up their website...quite a coincidence.

    P.S. I finally managed to hang up all the watercolors from you, they bring a lot of color to my room:)

  26. I vote that you do NOT move on! These lollies you've been treating us to are visual feasts, and I just wish I was in Paris so I could also taste them!

    Onward and forward with the lollie art!

  27. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Oh mon dieu, I had forgotten how fabulously beautiful the French dessert window displays meaning to the expression "work of art".
    Funny, we never enjoyed eating (versus viewing) the frou-frou things, not big on creme or sugar, but the tarte au citron or the marrons glaces this time of year, ah...only to be back.
    we lived in the 8th, near Parc Monceau for almost 6 years and it still seems like home.


  28. Anonymous3:34 PM

    People make choices about what they do with their time and their money.

    I think you should spend time in places that make you happy, paint what makes you happy and write about what makes you happy.

    And sharing that is enough to make me happy.

  29. Well GOLLY GEE!
    I'm very glad I shared that email with you all!
    What a lovely response!
    Most kind :)

  30. "Lollies" is also used by Australian's but I must say I have yet to find a "lollie shop" in Aus quite like the ones in Paris.

    I remember standing in the long line at Laduree's back in september during my first trip to Paris and I could hardly contain my drool. Their "lollies" were Absolutely exquisite and always worth painting and writing about.

    As another poster said, I check your blog every morning with my coffee and and taste all your fabulous finds and the best thing about doing it this way is I don't gain any weight lol.

    Anna.C :)

  31. what a delicious post!

  32. Oh no! I absolutely LOVE your blog as is - please continue to write about and paint whatever inspires you. I find I am always inspired as well - both by the original and your interpretation.

    And, I have to say that I received your beautiful watercolor that I ordered and it is even more lovely in person. It is the perfect birthday gift for my husband - thanks so much!!

  33. No! Keep going! The side trips to the exquisite little shops that sell charming things are wonderful, too but don't stop showing us the fabulous breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts.

  34. Do not move an inch... stay right where you are... I live my dreams through your eyes... it is never enough!!!! Vida x

  35. `
    wBoy do I need to get all my bills paid so I can go back to Paris! It has been about 5 years since my last visit and your blog always leaves me wistful...

  36. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I love your blog. Please continue!
    It's impossible to please everyone so you should post what most inspires you.

  37. "lollies in shops"? "LOLLIES IN SHOPS"??? That's the funniest description of Parisienne artistry I've ever heard. Yes, please stick to it - or I will have to take up reading about kiwis and sheep in shops. LOL

  38. Anonymous7:12 PM

    SACRE BLEU!!! Move on from lollies in shops? Is she mad?
    Unfortunately I came to today's post totally unprepared. I was doing fine right through the gloriously colored (and dubiously flavored) guimauve (somehow it's easy for me to believe that matcha is an acquired taste I have not yet acquired, and for practical reasons, I stick with that thought and don't feel the least bit deprived when looking at the guimauve). Even the calisson failed to hook m, though I made mental note to see if there's a recipe in my book of French cookies. Then you decided to play dirty: the geometric RASPBERRY TARTE! It has everything I hold sacred (well, maybe there's chocolate hidden in there somewhere): order, hierarchy, RASPBERRIES, flour, sugar, butter!!! And poor me, with only about 6 pounds of various chocolates from my annual chocolate sale binge stashed in various hiding places....and not a thing actually baked!!!! But back to the subject at hand. NO, not even in my extremely debilitated state, lacking pastries, ice cream or sweets of any kind--NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TO STOP SHOWING LOLLIES IN SHOPS. It's a dirty job, but SOMEONE has to do it. And it can't be done by your run-of-the-mill -Sunday-holiday-birthday dessert fan!That SOMEONE is you.

  39. Anonymous8:50 PM

    No! Please don't move on! I love your blog! Just because one person doesn't understand our food obsession here doesn't mean that you should move on :)

  40. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Please do NOT move on.

    Salut Carol,
    Re: your blog today..
    I have read your blog from the beginning and loved each
    NO ONE can deny that
    you are an extraordinarily talented watercolorist.
    Plus your enthusiasm for what you explore and report to
    us is very contagious.

    I say do what you love-you are after "ParisBreakfasts".
    If this person was bored, let her go to Paris, my cure for
    any thing that ails
    This person does not appreciate what you do

    Please keep up the great work...


  41. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Lollies can be follies ... when displayed in Paris shops or in PB watercolours !!!

  42. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I love Paris Breakfasts, and look forward to seeing what's news and new every day...always a delight, as are your watercolors! I do love Paris and have visited France a few times...never enough though.
    I wouldn't change anything in regards to your PB's!
    I love chocolates, pastries, desserts, breads and savories too...guess you could call that another foodie that loves art too.

    Marilyn in CA

  43. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Do NOT move on. I love to look and read about food.
    Love your beautiful watercolors,

  44. I think I will make this my "HOME" page...
    I wish I could thank Ms. Lollies in Shops...

  45. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I look forward to seeing your paintings ever day.
    Thanks for brightening up the world.

    All the best,


  46. Kia ora,

    enjoying your blog.

    'lollies in shops'=candy in stores.

    I think the NZ reader was feeling deprived as NZ just doesn't have the amazing variety of goods you feature on your blog. She probably wanted a little taste but couldn't find anything to satisfy her.

    Poor thing huh.

    Feeling lucky to live in a city with access to good food,



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