Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aux Puces

Just some of my bootie from the flea Here is just a little of the bootie I acquired at the Sunday puce in Provence...
I broke it so I own it And here's what I broke while browsing... I didn't take it with the rest my items. Was that a mistake?
Puce - flea marketA terrific coffee moulie for the wall. Ah Ha! Bleu de Provence!!!
Puce - flea marketI thought this was fun - A dealer's petit dejeuner...
China sets for dollsLots of dollhouse petit dejeuner sets... Who could resist? I bought one.
China sets for grownups too Complet tea sets for grownups too...
Puce - flea market And in so many beautiful colors.
Puce - flea marketThe puce went on forever down so many avenues and lanes in the park.
Puce - flea marketHere Corey, flea market shopper searches for special goodies. 4 eyes are better than 2, and I'm used to looking for still life objects, so we each found things the other would like but not necessarily spot .
Fraise Tagada There has to be penny candy at a puce! Can you find the Fraise Tagada here?


  1. foodwalker3:39 AM

    Looks like you cleaned up on still life objects here!
    Lucky You

  2. lucinda3:41 AM

    So many delicious china tea sets.
    I bet there were going for a song too.
    Love the macarons thrown into the frey too!

  3. Did they notice you break the plate?

  4. Of course they noticed FRENCH FANCY
    That silly broken dish set me back 5 Euros.
    It costs $$$ to visit the puce :)

  5. except for the broken dish, this puce looks fun!

  6. What fun!! I wish I had been with you!

  7. I just wanna be there with both of you! Your pictures...the dishes...how beautiful.

    I hope you gals had a great time!

  8. Oh what fun. I loved the Coffee Moulie for the wall. Very French looking.

  9. Melissa9:27 AM

    I'll take the pink tea set, please! It matches my office walls.

  10. loveitaly9:44 AM

    It looks like our flea market we go to every weekend when we can here in NC. I looooove to browse through all that--that looks like it was great fun, and how wonderful that you and Corey got to go together! I can't wait to see paintings from your purchases. Sounds like you're having great fun!

    I just saw your note about the cost of the broken dish--you needed to haggle more!!! You should have taken it anyway and made a little mosaic picture frame, Carol...quelle dommage.

  11. So great to see you and Corey hanging out! What a wonderful world!

  12. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I love seeing the leaves on the ground near all those wonderful things to buy! Could you capture some more colours of the Fall for us in Provence & Paris?

  13. OK, I'm not going to be the one to ask how you're going to transport all this without breaking anything else! Looks like you had great fun.

  14. Were we supposed to look for that lone macaron??? ;-)
    I am very suspicious of flea markets. Don't go near them anymore. Every time I liked something, it was as expensive as heaven. :-(
    Are there any fleamarketing courses for beginners in Provence?

  15. Oh what fun! Where in Provence are you in these photos I wonder. Anywhere near Avignon? I studied there in college. Am loving "traveling" through your blog back to France. Tres bien!

  16. Anonymous11:05 AM


    Your picture of the meal of the vendor is similar to one I took of a vendor having dinner while he ignored customers. In L'isle sur Sorgue, a vendor left me with his whole kiosk filled with antique linens while he went for "cafe", then drove me back to my hotel after I bought too much to carry. Only in France.

    You should have bought the green Deco teapot. Could have sold it for a good price in NY. Very in.

    A great post.


  17. MERISI I spent a grand total of not even 100 euros.
    Lordie...for 18 items + 3 more I left behind at Corey's.
    The most costly was 20 euros for a miniature wooden coffee mouli and the least was 1 euro for miniature porcelaine doll teacups.

  18. Oooh, what treasures! ANd the little santos among the cups. What great eye candy. IT will be so much fun to paint. Know you had a great time. All best, Jan

  19. So now you're doing the flea markets. Is there no end to this? I just read at Corey's blog how you made her eat all those Macarons, how cruel!

  20. Oh what fun! And what terrific finds! Wish I could have been there with you both. :)

  21. toulousaine3:58 PM

    I LOVE that moulin à café ....Are you going to do a water color of it??? ;)
    I'm going to have to search for one of those when I go in spring, since coffee is my thing!

  22. Marie-Noëlle1:42 AM

    I can imagine you there in Teasetland... (as happy as a young child in Disneyland)

    I MUST show this post to my children, Carol !!!
    This will root them in their very first impressions about you:
    "Carol? ... the American lady who pictures leftovers on café tables in Paris? the one who paints cups and... cups?"

  23. I am wondering which puce you guys went to, I saw several this pasy weekend but didn't have the time to stop.

  24. beautiful puce! I hope you will bring all your treasures home safely andnot break them before they reached home:)!

  25. Dear Carol,
    I must admit, spending less than a 100 euros is quite a feat, considering the bounty laid out there in front of you. :-)
    I am always afraid of spending to much on these bargains and then having nothing left to spend for the items I'd really need.

  26. Correction: "too much". Pardon!

  27. What terrific treasure hunting! (And how, did you say, you were getting all of that home...? Just curious....?)

  28. Can you hear me shouting?
    I'm coming with you next time!


  29. shopping in provence...shopping with corey...are you the luckiest girl ever...i am jealous...blessings, rebecca

  30. I just love that first photo!

  31. You and Corey? Corey and You??? Oh what fun!!! Love all the cups and teapots! DELICIOUS...

  32. jeanette mistress of longears9:06 PM

    We need to learn from the French--even au puces, the vendor lays a TABLECLOTH for petit dejeuner!

  33. What fun, especially with Corey, who's so familiar with flea markets in the area!


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