Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Samaritaine | Willy Wonka


On Sunday Bear 🐻 wanted to get out of the house. So did I 👍

Even if the weather was a bit inclement, Samaritaine at Pont Neuf was only 19 minutes away on ligne 7.

You enter in through the gift 🎁 shop, Boutique de Loulou.

Lots of affordable gifts, chatchkas & fun things to browse.

Like this adorable big mushroom hat for kiddies (41€)

Bear gets into the act ! 

Or this Dijon moutard tree ornament…(14€)

Fun bougies/candles perfect to serve 

The new
Willy Wonka movie is coming out. Doesn’t this look like Paris’ Grand Palais? It’s probably in Bristol, UK 🇬🇧 

So that’s Samaritaine’s Noël theme this year - very customer friendly. Their staff are friendly too. 

Sparkly festive decor throughout 

 Instead of this Willy Wonka chocolate 🍫 concoction. 

There are places to sit - yellow Metro seats at Veuve. A rarity in most department stores

Thank you Veuve champagne 🥂 👏

What shoppers were wearing…

The face of Samaritaine’s Xmas newsletter is an elegant older gal 

She graces the windows

To see more Paris decorations - watch this 9-minute video.

Now this was FUN! A fun way to spend Sunday

Outside a busking horn band played for us.
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  1. Bonnie L6:29 AM

    Yay for you & Bear!! 🥳 So great to get out on a rainy Sunday and get into the holiday spirit! The Paris department stores are fabulous, thanks for all your gorgeous photos! ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing SAMARITAINE’s Christmas decor. The Willy Wonka tree was creative. I am wondering if the woman dressed in cream was carrying her patchwork coat or a patchwork quilt? 🗼❤️🌲

  3. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Woot! Woot! Super post…very festive!! 🎉

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Good to see Bear, thought he was in hibernation! 🧸

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Bear, desperately needs to visit a Cashmere Repair Center 🙏
      Or I must take up knitting 🧶

  5. Love your clever eye for details - the black and white/half and half dress and folks! Your technique for painting the champagne bottles....Merry Christmast! Joyeux Noel!

    1. Anonymous8:26 AM

      Gosh Thanks Jeri ❤️
      You see stuff I don’t see & I took the picture 📸

  6. A very chic couple..How lovely they look.. bows are in in in thanks to Sarah J P arker..Love tout ce qui esst champignon right now:)Et des lutins:)

    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      They were indeed…not French. I couldn’t catch the language

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    The lobster candle would be the perfect gift for someone living in Maine!

    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      They are from
      Cereria Introna bougie

  8. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Thank you for including the link ! So beautiful!

  9. sukicart1:17 PM

    So glad Bear got out, even in the rain. Love that Maille ornament - it would be perfect on my food and drink tree. Love the candles too. Just rented our apt and got our plane tix for next Sept - can't wait.

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Wonderful Suki 🙏 I hope I can see you

  10. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Its so gorgeous in Paris at holidays. Wow Lynne

  11. Another great spread from our woman on the street. Except for lack of sunshine, "I wish I was there". Thanks again for bringing us Paris

    1. Anonymous3:26 AM

      Thank you Peggy ☺️
      I wish you were here too ❤️

  12. This was a fun outing to go in via your blog! Thanks for taking us with you. Hope you’re feeling better from your cold, I’ve been a bit sick too and it’s summer here in Australia.

    1. Anonymous3:25 AM

      Get better soon dear Kirra 🙏 yes, I’m out of the woods dreaming of a dip in the pool 🏊

  13. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hi again, Rita here! I missed the show in Nov. (& you) but I have a walking tour in Tuscany booked for next Sept. So maybe I can swing over to Paris...Thanks for the news re Willy Wonka. I love Timothée Chalamet & Hugh Grant. You shared a lovely Sunday with us. I can't imagine just going out my door with all that stimulation!!! I just posted again. Good stuff happening in my life, more later! I'll go read more of your posts now

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Yes please dear Rita 🙏
      Swing by to Paris

  14. Anonymous4:51 PM

    The “elegant older gal” looks like the model Paulina Porizkova.

    1. Anonymous6:54 AM

      NO WAY !
      Please Google Paulina 🙏

  15. Lovely, Carol. Hehe, I came too late here obviously - as the most fun gifts at Samaritaine were no longer there. Fun to have tea with you yesterday, though! That was the best part.


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