Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Rosy Fauchon

Tuesday I left the house (with no umbrella even though they said 97% chance of rain). 

I’m thinking about Pink and roses for 2021. Practice thinking positive.

 I was on a search for  Fauchon‘s rose bud tea in their Madeleine store to paint. I rounded the corner of rue Tronchet. Fauchon is closed. Forever.

 I spent endless hours browsing in that wondrous emporium (always feeling a bit like an imposter admittedly).

 I used a Fauchon carry-all for years. It was so chic. Drank out of their mug daily. Painted their macarons and desserts many times. Did I have the Panda bear cookie tin? Can’t remember. 

Bear misses them too. Anyway its all gone because of the Pandemic. They opened a new hotel last year. Not the same. Bonjour tristesse 😳 Across the street a flower merchant handed me a tea rose stem on its last legs in the pouring rain. An homage to Fauchon? I got into the Metro heading to Grand Epicerie. 

They had packets boutons de rose. Now to find a nice jam jar. Google said Monoprix carried Fauchon rose thé so I went up there today. No way.

Only holiday crackers full of New Years Eve foie gras. 

By the way French tv channel ARTE has a new Secrets of Marie-Antoinette doc out on her petite ferme, the decor, her beauty routines etc. Its in French but you’ll get the gist of it. I did. 

I’m painting pink rose subscription bonus watercolors to get in the mood of thinking positively. Practice, practice. Today was glorious by the way. Tomorrow back to Paris grey drizzle 😃🐻 💋Bonne Année and Relax dear PB readers 🥂 🍾


  1. Oh my! Can’t believe Fauchon has closed permanently. My last trip to Paris I frequented Fauchon a few times as my hotel was very near on rue Vignon. I am with you and thinking positively about the future. Your pink roses are lovely.
    Happy New Year to you and Bear.🎉

  2. Can’t believe they’ve closed - so sad. Unfortunately, they are only one of many we will loose due to Covid. Love yourpink roses - we all need lots more of them right about now. Happy New Year to you and Bear Carol. Here’s to a much more positive upbeat fun year.. Hugs.

  3. Oh I cannot believe they are closed.

  4. You are living la vie en rose, Carol! Your rose watercolors are gorgeous, as are the packages of rose buds at la Grande Epicerie. Paris has the loveliest products. Sad about Fauchon, but glad their products survive. The Marie Antoinette YouTube cannot be viewed in the US. 😢

  5. Sorry I guess copyright infringement from ARTE tv... :((

    Truth be told I think Fauchon had over-extended themselves. Maybe the Madeleine area is no longer a major shopping center. Or it could be online businesses biting into their profits. That other wonderful luxe epicerie closed a few years back...H...something. Plus competition from Grand Epicerie and GLafayette Gourmand and Printemps getting in the act.
    Still Fauchon had a Fab unique style of their own. Inventive - things like Eclair week etc. It is a loss for Paris in my opinion :((

  6. Sybille10:59 PM

    Lovely blog post...very optimistic...and your weather looks wonderful.

  7. Dorrance11:00 PM

    That kitty lives a pampered life...I’m envious!

  8. HEDIARD , another old time luxury food emporium also at Madeleine closed some years ago sadly.
    The displays and red tins were superb!

  9. Carol, your posts are always great! Your roses are wonderful! And I too believe we should have hope for a better year ahead. Hooray for vaccines!

  10. It's so sad to see a beloved store close, especially one like this. The pandemic has done a number on everyone, everything this year. May 2021 be better for us all.

    Happy New Year, Carol.

  11. Un grand “merci!” for today’s post, Carol - it is a great way to begin the last day of the year here in snowy Colorado!

  12. Chef Ann11:04 AM

    so sad that Fauchon is closed forever. I am drinking my tea
    out of my Fauchon Cup and still use my carry sac all the time.

    Bonne annee!

  13. Maxamillion11:10 AM

    I've been enjoying Paris Breakfast, and the latest one (received this morning 12/31/20), with all the pink, was exceptional. Thank you!

  14. Carol.....thank you for another year of wonderful insights and allowing us the joys of Paris without being there.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2021!
    Norman Levy

  15. Bill and Meg11:41 AM

    Love the exercises with roses.
    You nailed the lovely color.
    Meg and I will be doing New Years Eve by ourselves...

  16. No Fauchon????
    Those rose paintings are beautiful.
    Happy New Year, Carol.

  17. Jacquelyn11:47 AM

    Have shopped @ Fachon & found one of the totes here in Bay Area!
    Thanks for the update.

  18. It is so sad to see these landmarks go away. There are so many loses due to Covid.
    I enjoy your blog very much.
    It is my Paris escape.

  19. Cat Lover11:29 PM

    You obviously need to get a cat, Carol.
    The question is what would Bear think??
    Je vous souhaite une bonne année! you believe that?!?

  20. Bonne Annee & Happiness & Good Health in this year. Thank you for giving us so much pleasure with Paris Breakfast. Love to you & Bear.

  21. Your roses are lovely Carol! Sorry Fauchon have closed but impressed you found the rose bud tea easily somewhere else. I’ve never had tea like that so am pretty interested. Rose jam sounds great too! Enjoy the clear Paris days and stay positive :)

  22. Desiree2:22 AM

    I am sooooo sorry to hear that Fauchon's is closed. I still have an old plastic container with some of the small roses in it from when my husband and I were there way back in 1998. (boy how time fly's) Is it possible they will reopen someday after the pandemic? Desiree

  23. Mille mercis for your wonderful Paris Breakfasts! They are absolutely swoonable! You make so many people happy with your blogs!

    Wishing you continued success and safety.


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