Thursday, December 17, 2020

Bear goes Bûche de Noël Shopping


Another Ta Da moment!! I was enthralled by Earful Tower’s 100 beautiful doors of Île Saint Louis. A great idea for a Paris map and just outside my door. 

But after 3 weeks of ✏️ doodling, hair-tearing and procrastinating I gave up and did Paris’ 2020 bûche de Noël (Christmas Yule Logs) - a fab densely chocolate mousse log from Jean-Paul Hévin perfectly named ‘Bûche Voyageuse’.

Drawing cake vs. drawing tiny detailed doors? 

“A piece of cake” every time. Its not exactly a map. More like a collection of pretty Noël pastries like this Pierre Hermé bûche.

Bear 🐻 was drooling over these foxes of pâtissier Yann Couvreur. Now you have cakes to dream about for next Christmas in Paris🙏 

Hugo Victor is represented with two bûche, because green was needed to compliment the pinks/reds. 

Pierre Marcolini never disappoints for ingenuity in design. Btw Vogue takes a closer look at the most beautiful Bûches de Noël in Paris for Christmas. 

I wonder who sent this French dad out to deck the halls with holly in Galeries Lafayette ..?
Frederic Cassel-Fontainebleau made this cake for  us. Word out is the average weight gain after Lockdown is 12.5 pounds..waving hand furiously👋
“Let them eat cake”. Me, I’ll take some Cartier. Or ‘Lucy in the sky with Diamonds on Pont Sully in the meantime. Thanks for reading Paris breakfast. You can get Parisbreakfast letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox📮 
Have a Happy rest of the week PBers ❤️🐻😃🎁


Bonnie L said...

Wow! I think the best of both worlds would be a wee red Cartier box atop a bûche...perhaps guarded by a Yann Couvreur fox?? Have your cake and diamonds too! Beautiful Bûche map, Carol. So fun to fantasize over which one to choose.

Ga From Dekalb said...

Have always been fascinated with the Buche Noel. Candy for the eyes on the Vogue site. I liked the Nolinski log. Simple yet elegant.
What is the history behind the Yule Log?
Your Buche map is so intricate. Lots of work. Thanks Carol, looking forward to receiving it.

Sybille said...

That came out so well...the bûches are the festive...I want them all...even if I’d end up in a sugar coma

Parisbreakfasts said...

Ga..the yule log was originally a LOG!
Your basic jelly roll with chocolate icing that looked like bark + elves in green + an 🪓 axe !
It has come a long way. In Paris that’s the deviate from tradition as much as possible!

La Table De Nana said...

Just read M.Macron has one is safe..seems..thanks for keeping us beautifully distracted!

Alison M said...

You are so talented, I love reading your Paris musings whilst having my morning coffee and imagining myself back in your lovely city.
Wishing you (and bear) a very Happy Christmas

Jeanie said...

Enchanting. I'm with bear -- I love the fox! I think I might have to make a buche de noel of some sort this year. Just because!

sukicart said...

That map is really over the top - can't wait to get mine and I look forward to the doors of Ile St Louis. I would love a bunch of little buches so I could at least taste them all - still under the average but gaining on it.

Susan M said...

Another fab’ miam miam

SS said...

Beautiful! You crack me up, Ms procrastinator.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Hmmm...forget the doors Sukie
That poney didn’t ride. Not enough space to show the detail.
Ach 😳😳😳

Tim E said...

Merry Christmas, Carol!!! Thanks for all your beautiful pictures and commentary over this last crazy COVID year. Better times ahead hopefully.

Jane Gabin said...

Only 12.5 pounds?
Heh heh.
Idea for another map: The Great Latke Hunt in Paris!

JJ said...

Beautiful map, Carol. So professional and perfect.

Dorrence said...

Really...why don’t you weigh 300lbs with all that temptation??
Because you also look at the ever beautiful Seine...perhaps for distraction?

Karen said...

Stunning! Thank you for sending! :-)

sally said...

Hi Carol,
Can I buy a single Buche de Noel map...or 5?

Sally V.