Sunday, December 27, 2020

Creating the December Letter - Simple Gifts


I had big grandiose plans to say the least. It was going to be an engineering feat of genius. First doodle
Galeries Lafayette Christmas windows in a triple-fold affair with kiddies gazing into into dreamland. The big tree in the center fold. 

Like previous foldie/cutout letters. 

Then I thought, no, its got to be Marie-Antoinette’s own theatre, in triple fold,  les balcons full of 17th century people, the big GL tree on stage. 

Then I remembered PBer Dee said she Loved my doodles ❤️

Pulling out old agendas I came across one little doodle. Me en route to la Poste 📮 loaded with your envelopes💌. Wheels started turning. Forget everything else. Start with this one figure. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple.

Bit by bit the story unfolds. A page of French Christmasy doodles? Why not 👏

 Mid-sketching I needed a treat, a reward, a chance to stretch my legs? A quick run to Picard For apple crumble topped with vanilla ice cream (a popcicle),  etoilé spice cookies, plus pomegranade  soda. Yes! 

I built it up layer by layer till at the top a brainstorm. Personalize each letter with your names! 🤸🏾‍♀️ Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. 

I hope 🙏 and pray you’re getting your packages. USPS is struggling. 

Later after your letter art was finished I went out looking for panettone, my new love, but had to make do with this Polanaise. Ah..Simple Gifts

Loads of Best wishes from Bear 🐻 et Moi XOXO💋 


  1. This is a first! You made me laugh with glee at your doodle on pink! Looks as if your mind has been swirling and the end result is genius! Can’t wait to receive it in my mailbox.📪💌

  2. But its a pink post-it!
    Everyone writes on those dont they?
    Whatever is nearest to hand :))

  3. Beautiful, Carol! I absolutely agree with Dee...your doodles are delightful. As are your reward treats! Yum.

  4. A very yummy post! Your doodles are delightful, too. Thanks for a day brightener!

  5. Bonnie D11:41 AM

    That is funny.
    Go, girl!

  6. Gorgeous post, Carol! Joyeux Noël and a healthy and joy-filled 2021 to you!

  7. Normajean12:47 PM

    Everything is SO lovely!! Beautiful time of year!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, Carol!!!

  8. Brilliant solution and beyond charming. The last picture brought tears to my eyes as that was our daily view (though la Bastille wasn't lit quite like that).

  9. Thank you Suki,
    I think its the 1s yeartheylit up the Bastille like that...
    I can see the tiny blue from my window at night.

  10. I can hardly wait for my letter!!

  11. Jocelyn8:18 PM

    Absolutely beautiful!

  12. just have to let you know... personally, I prefer your flat letters (not cut out & folded)...the chefs, the “Frenchness”, the spirit, the humor, the ribbon border and personalization was brilliant!
    Merry 🎄 Christmas!

  13. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Here's your Panettone, Carol:

    Happy New Year!

  14. Love those star cookies, they had them at Aldi. I hid an extra package and now can't find them.

  15. That is sooo the story of my life. I just hid a new apricot jam jar
    Finally found it! Hooray

  16. Thank you for all the Parisian charm you add to my life. May your New Year be one of your very best.

  17. You-are-the-best! LOVE to see your process sketches & doodles. The doodle of you is my favorite - just makes me laugh! The ribbon border is perfect! KISS... Keep it Simple Sweetie

  18. Thanks Maria, but the cardboard, dry stuff that comes in a box is Nothing like freshly-made Panettone.

  19. It's fun to see every bit, step by step! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas in every single way! And onward to a fabulous new year!

  20. I love your sharing as if with family...and Yo Yo Ma's special gift,
    Simple Gifts...
    A friend who lived the simple life reminded us all that the simple life is not at all
    EASY.....if it were, more would do it....

  21. What a kind thing to say Julie.
    Yes, I guess Parisbreakfast readers are my family, my tribe :))
    And very nice ones at that!


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