Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Rosy Ispahan

 New Year’s day Bear wanted something rosy. 
Rosy with raspberries and litchis was the command. Head to Pierre Hermé on rue Bonaparte. 

And arrive early before the galette de rois people start lining up. 

One holiday ends and the next (Epiphanie) begins immediately in Paris. Let’s eat cake! 

The classic Ispahan caught our eye. 

Pick up some litchis and framboise 

And rose petals at Au Nom de la Rose

Open the box and a delicious fragrance of roses and raspberries wafts up. I’ve tried this pastry before but waited a day before eating. Big mistake. 

It should come with instructions,”Eat me now” Yes I got 2 Ispahan macarons. 
And some Christine Ferber jam to paint later. The macarons didn't make it. 
On the way home a Parisian famille out strolling. Overcast weather does not deter them. To a rosy new year PBers when we can all get along together ❤️🐻🐥


  1. I have had a yogurt drink called ‘lassi’ made with lychee (litchi) but have never seen them in their natural state. Very pretty colors and interesting texture. Good enough to paint? The raspberries are perfection. Due to the virus I am ordering groceries on line and having them delivered. My raspberries usually are mushy. But then the fruit and vegetables in France always look gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful day. We have snow and ice❄️

  2. Wow! Living in Paris would totally blow apart all of my New Year resolutions...so much temptation! Pierre Herme, Bonaparte is one of my favorite places. Thank you for the photo of their pastries to ogle! Your watercolors are worth every calorie...beautiful.

  3. Sybille9:21 AM

    That Bear has the best ideas. And impeccable taste! Ummm, Ispahans. Wonderful watercolors, Carol.

  4. The watercolors are coming out beautifully...and you have the best research! I’m so jealous.

  5. Thirty-five years ago, the Pierre Hermé shop on rue Bonaparte was an old school candy and ice cream store where neighborhood kids went for treats. While staying at l'Hotel Bonaparte across the street for a week, we let our free-range six year old go down the stairs, cross the street, and buy bons bons every day. It's funny to look at the glossy Pierre Hermé shop with well-heeled shoppers lined up for their pricey macarons when I vividly recall little kids lined up waiting to buy candy with their centimes. In one of those curious twists, our daughter took a photo of herself a few years ago in front of the hotel with our granddaughter. They wound up buying the Pierre Hermé macarons. Our daughter had no recollection of the former candy store!

  6. So gorgeous -- sort of takes your breath away!

  7. Stunning (the pictures and your watercolors) but pink always looks good and makes me smile. Thank you for cheering my day. The Seine is looking melencholy and cold in that picture.

  8. How joyful waking up to a little stroll with you.
    B KJ

  9. Wonderful story EYE OF THE BEHOLDER :))
    These days most old fashioned candy stores are elegant too sadly.
    I also stayed in Hotel Bonaparte pre-Herme days. It was cheap as...dirt?

    I Wish you could join me Bev for a stroll though ‘the weather outside is frightful’

    SUKI the Seine turns mud-brown after days of rain. One gets used to it and is not effected mood-wise.

    GA the litchi is an exotic fruit (white and sweet) inside a bumpy brown shell with a big stone seed inside. We used to get them in Chinatown as a kid for dessert (canned always). Here they come from Madagascar, a French colony and are plentiful at Christmas time only. Definitely a seasonal treat I look forward to.

  10. Everything is so beautiful in Paris! I miss that so - can’t wait to get back there.
    Thank you for sending - such a treat to see!
    Happy New Year!

  11. Beautiful post! Makes me want to be back in Paris cruising the Patìsseries!

  12. Ispahan and litchis look scrumptious. Enjoy Carol and Happy, Healthy New Year.

  13. those roses are lovely beyond compare and I wonder if they smell? That would send me over the top if they also actually smelled.

  14. Oh my that looks yummy Carol! Is it quite large? Is it a beautifully dressed macaroon sandwich with yummy custard and raspberry innards?

  15. Jane I forgot to measure it :()
    I will Have to back for another I guess...

  16. Thanks, I needed that...lovely, sweet.

  17. Ga, fruit and vegetables in France travel a shorter distance than in the US and what’s available is usually Only what’s in Season.
    So winter = mostly Clementines except for the holidays when the litchis come in from Madagascar YAYY
    Spring/summer is the cornucopia of variety

  18. Thank you Carol. I love clementines. We get "Cuties" here. They must be a variety. Do you ever go to the International Agricultural Show. That would be so much fun!


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