Sunday, December 13, 2020

A pink Miss Dior Christmas


Carolyn asked me to paint her fav perfume, Miss Dior and emailed some photos. Intrigued I started sketching. Yesterday for more research I went to Dior’s flagship store at 30, Avenue Montaigne but no pretty Christmas decorations :(( 

Next best thing - head over to Galeries Lafayette and their fabulous perfume counter surrounding the big tree. Don’t they say to feel uplifted, paint your room pink? Don’t we all need this in 2020? 

Wouldn’t it be heaven to have your own drawer of perf samples like this Guerlain vendeuse? 

Parfum Guerlain is fond of pink.  They had a big range of shades. Lots of perfumes are colored pink. Why? More feminine appeal? To uplift us?

The history of Miss Dior perfume is surprising. It came out exactly when Christian Dior had his first show in December 1947. Not as an afterthought. Dior dedicated it to his dear sister, Catherine, who was a fierce fighter in the resistance and his life-long support. The original bottle shape was amphora-shaped like a woman’s body. 

In 2011 it changed shape and Natalie Portman became the spokesperson. Did you see Christian Dior, couturier du reve, musee des Arts last year? And there was a divine homage to Miss Dior Grand Palais In 2013.

Not by intention, I have a collection of Miss Dior perfume cards, even a flip book showing the evolution of a bow dress to the perfume bottle.

 Still thinking pink, Printemps decorated their l’arbre d’Noël in a pinkie theme. 

Take a closer look. Oui o non?

In the entry way you can win a pink flamingo if you’re lucky. What is it about pink?

Also in the entry way you can buy Ladurée’s pink Marie-Antoinette buche de Noël. Every Christmas I dream about owning a Nerides pink ballerina (for pre-teens). Some people never grow up. Thank you for reading parisbreakfast. You can receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps and Miss Dior watercolors in your mailbox📮.
Have a pink Sunday PBers❤️💋🐻


Sybille said...

Everything looks so festive! Love PINK!

Lara said...

Whoa! Another mega holiday upper.
Mille Merci !!

Bonnie L said...

Oui for a pink/purple tree at Printemps...Non for a pink/purple tree chez moi! Printemps is a temple of fantasy, not real life. Isn’t that why we love it? The pink flamingos in that vending machine are delightful!

Love your Miss Dior watercolors, the perfume counters, and the vendeuse’s shoes. ❤️ Thank you for bringing such fantasy and beauty to our mundane Sunday.

La Table De Nana said...

Beautifu perfume aquarelles and those ballerinas get me every time:)

Carolyn said...

They are beautiful! You are SOOOO GOOD!!!

Anonymous said...


Love your perfume really do them justice! 💖

sukicart said...

Pink is a happy color - I always felt good when I wore that color. Love your perfume aquarelles & keep mine next to my computer. The pink & purple tree is fine & fun for a dept store display but for home, I'm a purist - a red and green and gold and silver sort of gal.

Ga From Dekalb said...

Three cheers for fantasy and Carol!🦩

Chez Laurel said...

The Christmas tree. Love the concept of the color combinations but, unfortunately the ornaments were not installed very artistically. To my eye it looks like someone opened the boxes of ornaments and threw them at the tree. As usual, thank you for your wonderful photos and posts. They are always wonderful.

Barb said...

You deserve a pink ballerina. Good for you, you don't have to grow up. Beautiful post. Thank you.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks Barb,
Sometimes un-answered prayers is better than actually owning something.
When the dream becomes reality it looses some of its magic no?

Jan W said...

I read today that this is the 3rd Sunday in Advent.

The candle lit today is pink signifying JOY.

CI said...

I LOVE your post with the beautiful pink bottles! I thought maybe mine was just a U.S. version!
I think you absolutely nailed!!!
Lovely paintings!!

Virginia C said...

I started wearing Miss Dior when my cousin gave it to me when I was 16--a very long time ago. I always loved it. Some years ago they reformulated it--horrors--and I hated the new scent. I hoarded the contents of my last perfume atomizer for years. THEN--Dior reissued the original. I was just noodling around on the computer and found it. Huzzah!