Friday, May 17, 2013

Un Cadeau/ a presie

Today as always, is Norwegian Independence Day.
It's also my birthday and a first since I moved to Paris.

Today's horoscopes were not too encouraging...
Metro -Taureau: Des remous sont à prévoir dans voter foyer. Vous n'etes pas d'accord enter vous et chacon campe sur ses positions. Faintest le premiere pas pour débloquer la situation.
Google Translation- Taurus: The tub are expected to vote in home. You are not in agreement you enter and o'donnell sticking to his guns. Not the faintest first to break the deadlock.
Ok forget the horoscope.
The other day Patricia left a comment:
Please write a book!
We love your witty comments and hidden peeps of Paris. Illustrate it with your whimsical paintings. Please! And please include a whole chapter (if not more) on ONLY FABULOUS DESSERTS (OFD)
Well I've been working on a book for ages and ages...
It's been through many renditions and it's been a kind of torture.
Just this week literary agent Rachelle Gardner talked about bloggers being told they should write a book and maybe they should forgetaboutit?
Honestly I LOVE blogging daily for PB.
It's a creative challange that makes my day.
Plus what's not to love about the instant recognition you get back?
Creating a book is soooo different than blogging. It takes way more time and the format is completely different.
Solving that problem has stumped me for such a long time.
French Girl keeps asking me,
"When is ze book launch?"
Grrrrrr....she has no idea. Haha
Lord knows I've certainly collected enough macaron material to write several books over.
And even researched beyond Paris' perimeters.
Heck! It was the main reason I moved to Paris.
But not a whole lot has gotten done.
So I'm turning to you dear PB readers to give me a good kick in the pants regarding 'Ze Book' as a birthday presie.
Or maybe I should quit? Qui sait?
I've had a little breakthrough this week.
I do a lot of work while riding on the Metro and in the pool.
Let me know what you think svp.


  1. Joyeux anniversaire, chère Carol! You are living your dream, which is the best gift you can ever receive! Well, that and some macarons.

  2. Joyeuese anniversaire!!! Your birthday is one day after the Sheepfarmer (May 16) EASY to remember. The light of my life was 60 years old yesterday...
    YOU definitely have a book in you :)

  3. Ah, Carol. Happy birthday, and since you are on your way over to my apartment, I'll buy you some macarons for all the well-wishers from the blog. I only think you should do a book if it really lights your fire! I'll be first in line when you do!

  4. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Happy Birthday!!!!! :)

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Carol, joyeux anniversaire! Yes you should write a book! Your blog is amazing--enjoy your posts everyday! Happy you made your move to live in Paris! Check that off your list and next a book! I understand the struggle---as folks have been after me to write a memoir--and also to publish my plays. You will do it!
    Best wishes on your birthday!

  6. Happy birthday! As a Norwegian it is always great when someone knows such a random fact about our country, by the way eating ice cream is totally OK even encouraged on this day back home. (Who cares if it's single digit degrees ;) )

    I would definitely read a book from your pen and brush...

  7. Happy birthday!!! Can´t beleive you´re writing a book about macarons and thinking about stopping. It´s a non-non. Please, continue. I´ll buy one, if not two. From what I can see it´ll be a complete jewel. Have a beautiful day!
    A girl from Argentina

  8. First, Happy Birthday! My lily of the valleys here are just about in bloom, so when I cut the first one, I'll think of you & my other May birthday friends. So, you KNOW I would love to own a book on paper with your art, but that's me: I love books on paper. My thoughts, just my thoughts: You have so much material, what if you simplified simplified? Just a collection of the recent images at the top of many of your posts would work for me, or just a few aspects of the many notes/images/essays you've done. IMHO...Having said that, only you know what will be the best direction...and if you don't ever do a book, that's good too because you have found such a great venue here!

  9. Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday..and that translation ? Oyoyoy..
    You should not be said in a way that there is trouble in your home you are both sticking to your guns..That you should give in to make things smooth again..
    So..just say to Bear.."Bon..tu as raison.".and Paradise will be found again..

    Re the book?

    Hope you heard me this time:)
    It would be delicious and charming and colorful..
    Love your macaron birthday a wish and blow out that candle..

    C'est à ton tour de te laisser parler d'amour~
    (That is part of Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to French)

  10. Joyeux anniversaire! Love reading your blog every day--so only write a book if it doesn't detract from the blog!

  11. PS you must please make sure..a lot of your art is in it..Tous les beaux desserts.. magasins..etc:)

  12. Happy Birthday Carol..I think your blog was my very first Paris blog and it's still the first thing I go to in the a book would be great but the daily certainty of your beautiful blog is the real treasure

    bon weekend!

  13. Haopy Birthday, Carol,
    many many many happy returns and a boatload of macarons always at your fingertips!

    I'll buy any book you publish. My dream would be a book with your wonderful sketches, all those pastries, still lives, scenes from Paris. I would love to also read of your witty observations of French idiosyncrasies and about your favorite pastry places.

    1. Oh what good ideas you have M!!
      Very inspiring.
      You could return the favor and please do a similar book on Vienna

    2. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Yes, THIS!

      Kim B.

  14. Happy Birthday, Happy Macaron Birthday, Carol! I'm certainly the last person to say it, as I've procrastinated long enough on mine, too. BUT for all it's worth, GO FOR IT! Macarons by Arrondissement sounds fabulous! That kick can be in the form of a cuppa or glass of something in Paris soon?

  15. A Very Happy Birthday, Carol! Hope you treat yourself to something wonderful. Your should totally go for it. Do one with images of everything Parisian--sort of just categorizing it all, and sketch your heart out. Then, you can periodically just wax poetic and write here and there about things that strike your fancy along your merry way.

  16. ps
    That way, you can just sketch dogs, and macarons, and flowers, and Tour Eiffels, and coffee cups, and boulangeries, and Metro stops, and shoes, scarves, etc, etc, your heart's content...and here and there, you can tell us interesting anecdotes as you go along... You're a natural.

  17. I think your book is going to be 'all wet' if you are working on it in the pool..:) JK..I hear that writing is a lonely job so those that need people around it does become harder, but I think you could do it.. like sue said... and we would love it. Happy 39, again :)..I will be 39, again :)in a few days too. Have an extra Macaron for me too. :)

  18. What a great idea - YOUR book will be wonderful! Just take your time and find your own way - it will come to you bit by bit how you want it to be - it won't be like anyone else's. When you feel at a dead end go another way. We all know you are capable!

  19. First of all, happiest of birthdays! Your first Parisian one? Terrific!

    Second, love every image in this post because as you probably know by now, I am a macaron 'ho and I'd sell myself for them.

    Finally, yes, DO continue ZE BOOK and tell us when all is done. The deadlines are those you set for yourself. We will wait sort of patiently!

  20. First, happy birthday!
    Second, a book or not a book (that IS the question?) ---
    I've been both places. A book has prestige, a BIG ego boost for a short while, and then --- unless you're top of the charts --- not a whole lot.
    Your friend's book Le Road Trip is wonderful, and Carol's Glorious World of Macarons would also be wonderful. Wonderful artifacts, complete, existent. BUT --- they don't do anything about future creativity. Only daily creation does that. Blogging on the other hand is WILDLY appreciative, little daily boosts of delight. Each one is an encouragement for the next, and so the process continues, and so you live and grow and create more and more.
    I guess what I'm saying is that (despite the usual perception) a book is short-run, and a blog is for the long run.
    Isn't it nice to be in a situation that's win-win?

  21. Happy Birthday, Ms. Agog!!!!!!
    First, toss the book aside for today and cream? Patisserie? Bon Bon?....
    Enjoy the whole weekend.

    ...and then...just keep swimming...on that book. It will be scrumptious. Don't forget the pups you meet along the they have macaroon shaped dog treats for Parisienne dogs?xoxo

  22. Patricia10:47 AM

    You already know I want you to write a book; it would be the perfect birthday gift to my sister Carol who is also a May baby. And, of course, I'd buy one for me too!
    I do love your blog and read it every day. And unlike painting; writing is best done in coffee shops and sidewalk cafes ...

  23. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Carol, and thank you for the daily gifts your blogs present us!

    You've a unique take on life and art and so much energy and talent. I am sure that there are many thousands of folks in various parts of the world who have not yet connected with Paris Breakfasts. A book by you could definitely enrich their appreciation of much life offers.

    Perhaps thinking of a series of books is an idea, as well. Biting off more to chew on? I enjoy "riding the bus/metro" with you and all the insights you offer on style, manners, and more. The pastry tour is a natural. There are indeed many existing books about Paris and France, but what you do is unique. Believe it, dear Carol.


  24. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Thinking about Paris and what I would like:
    I like DK books because they have pictures of what is to see
    I have a book of great walks of Paris
    I have been saving your blogs and articles about where to eat and what to see
    So, at least a section of your book could be your version of great walks- "Gastro-Walks"- start someone out in the morning
    A great place for breakfast
    Then a walk with notes/pictures of what is to see
    A mid-morning espresso/tea/croissant
    More walking, seeing
    The best place for lunch
    A museum
    A quiet little bistro for dinner
    Well, you get my point, people (like me) sometimes like to be led by the hand and pack in as much of the best in a short period as they can.
    Just a thought,

  25. Happy Birthday!

    I also often wondered why you haven't published a book. Your watercolour is beautiful and I would love to see your version of illustrated map of secret Paris with a lot of macarons, sweets and people illustrations.

    Plus, if you ever want to publish it in Japan, I can translate it too! Japanese girls would love your art.

  26. Dear Carol:
    I hope you´ll have a great day, I know whatever you do today will be full of your charm and your orginality and your joie de vivre. It´s great to celebrate your birthday in the most beautiful and charming city in the world. P A R I S, oh-lala!

    Carol, you are a great and intelligent writer, I am sure you will have a great succe3ss if you write a book, no matter if it is about macarrons, pastries or just about tips on Paris.

    Oh, yes, I Paris kind of travel guide with tips for travellers.Living in Madrid like me I go to Paris monthly and really belierve, I list the addresses and places you recomment rather than looking the regular travel guides. I really encourage you to write, yoy are a must.

  27. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Carol. I agree that despite the complexities of writing a book, you - of all people - should! Between your wit and artistic flair, your book would be a sensation and we will patiently (ahem) wait for it. I am a devotee! I start every day reading your blog.

  28. Anonymous11:13 AM

    It seems you already having a dozen books created by your blog....
    Colors of Paris
    Metro travel
    Anything thing your clever eyes have touched.
    It is probably just a matter of organizing what you have...well, and a few new things just to
    Please yourself.
    They would be it!

  29. Anonymous11:15 AM

    I am a devotee of your PB blogs and would love for you to come out with a book. From what you are saying, I almost get the feeling that you have not yet gotten a clear premise or vision of what you want to do. Once that clarifies, I am guessing it all might start to happen and come together. Keep us posted!!! Delightful idea. I'd love to have a book you created that had things like your how to pronounce French based on Children's Books (am I remembering that correctly), favorite little museums, discoveries, experiences, Paris and small towns outside of Paris, fashion, food, art, culture, maps, transportation systems. How To Paris. I don't know. I am excited already to see your book! (Everyone but you, eh?) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wishing you a delightful day and a great year in Paris ahead of you!!!
    PB Hugs, Sandra

    1. Thank YOU Sandra
      For validating my intentions.
      I'm so glad I got up the courage and asked today.

  30. Carol, first Happy Birthday!!! Second, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! I think your talent as an artist and your perspective of all that is Paris is wonderful! In fact I think your publisher should be Chronicle Books, you fit their niche and they have published many blogger books!

    You could do a "sketchbook" of Parisian pets, or perhaps a book on macarons or frankly anything!

    You go girl! We are rooting for you!

    Enjoy your birthday.

    xx Elizabeth

  31. Bon Anniversaire! Vous avez vraiment du courage! Alors, do the book! What are you waiting for? Allons-y!

  32. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I have followed you for many years. I cannot wait for your book! Thank you for everything!
    Best, Celeste

  33. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Happy Birthday!
    Blogging is its own challenge, and perhaps "the book" feeds it!
    Ann Lucile

  34. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I know that I would love to see you do a book. Your blogs take me to Paris when I can't actually be there. I cannot wait to open the iPad each morning. By the way, happy b-day. I'm a Taurus also (may 12) and spent my day in Paris wandering about in the Marais. It's 3pm your time as I write this so have a wonderful dessert and espresso for me! (Wine later!)

  35. Happy Birthday Carol!
    I am thinking you could write about yourself and how you came to this magical journey. There is much that interests me about what you write, how important it is and some people may not think so. How many macarons can a person look at? That happens with fashion too. There are layers and cultures involved. When it becomes beauty that is what we are looking for.

  36. Of course, you should do as you like. But I would love to see a book. However, sometimes books become cumbersome because one is stuck with/in the original idea & trying to make it work causes trouble. Often, what helps, whether it be a book, a story, a song, a poem, a starting another one. Put the other aside & see what happens. Or not. Whatever you wish is what you should do.

    And...the happiest of birthdays to you, dear Carol!


    Susan & petite Julie

  37. Happy Birthday. Since I just found you I am content, but if a book is in the future, well, that would be a bonus. I love getting little snippets of Paris life.

  38. Happy Birthday Carol. I'm new to your blog but absolutely love it and would certainly enjoy a book filled with your insights and sketches and beautiful water colors; but, of course, you need to do it in your own time and not be rushed.

  39. Oh,yes! Do the book! It will be utterly charming! I would love to have a copy! :-)

  40. Joyeux Anniversaire Carol! Je te souhaite une piece montee de macarons!
    I would love to see you write a book. What I enjoy from your posts are those with your swatches of watercolor paints reflecting the photos and objects about which you blog. Those colors on your brush, palette and paper are exciting to me. Seeing Pairs, the colors of Paris, through your eyes and senses - a wonderful "escape to Paris!" Bon courage pour la tache enorme de triage. Tu a de quoi a ecrire plusiers livres! Artzart

  41. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I just want you to know you bring such a ray of sunshine to me among all the negative thoughts in the news etc., you brighten my day, my mood and my creative process as you inspire me to start journaling! Thank-you for all you are doing and all your amazing discoveries that inspire us to take a look around our own neighborhoods. I will be in Paris in Sept and have already written down many of the places you have mentioned to visit.
    Have a great day,
    Grateful reader

  42. Joyeux Anniversaire Carol!
    Now blow the candle and...write the book! I love your blog, the only blog I read everyday but I love books, yes, the real book on paper not "tablet book" so a Carol Gillot book would be a must!!!

  43. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Happy Birthday Carol! I used to see you sometimes at WH Smith when you used to come visit Paris instead of living here.

    Your art brings me such joy! Thanks you for sharing it,

    Kim B.

  44. Happy Birthday Carol! An extra bonus on NIDay:)

    What I love about your blog is the way you take us ONTO the streets of Paris and investigating WITH you.

    A large book is a HUGE commitment. A pocketsized book would seem? to be easier to accomplish. Honey, if you can move to Paris - YOU can do anything. Your artwork is delightful:) I think you should tell everyone you see it is your Birthday today since you are not back here! Have a FUN day!

  45. Happy, happy birthday sweet Carol! Next year, we should celebrate our birthday week at some fab resto in Paris! (My bday is the 14th.)

    I love the book idea and agree it's so different than the immediacy of blogging. Still, it would be fun to have your wonderfully creative work in a hand-held version! x Katie

  46. I know I want to buy your book, so yes, keep at it!!

  47. Happy birthday, bon anniversaire, buon compleanno from Italy! Je lis toujours ton blog, tes dessins, tes photos you are the best! Helga

  48. Happy Birthday, Carol.

  49. Happy birthday! The Google translator must be the same person who writes assembly instructions in China.
    LOOOVE the mac/paint montage!
    And of cCOURSE you should finish the book...think of all the copies that are already sold!

  50. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Personnally I love your blog posts, you give us daily doses of
    your awesomeness, and for me that's more enyoyable than a book which you
    put away once its done.
    Hopefully getting your readers' opinions will "déclencher" a reaction that will help you see what YOU really
    want to do, because after all that's what's most important.. well that and income I guess :)
    A very happy birthday to you, thanks a lot for your great posts.

  51. Wow, so many great sketches! A great post for us on your birthday :)
    I don't know what to tell you about the book. If you have accumulated lots of material, and put in lots of work on a draft, why not go for it?
    Happy Birthday!

  52. Anonymous11:19 PM

    We love the daily! We would miss it so much. Perhaps a “Top 10” chocolate, macaron, tea salon ... seasonally would be a fun list?!
    Your daily French fix is addictive. It is live, interesting, entertaining every day. I would never trade that for a book!
    Thank you for sharing with all of us lucky lovers of all things French.

  53. Dear Carol,Joyeaux Anniversaire!
    Wishing you health,happiness and blessings in abundance!
    Your posts and pictures give all of us PBers many smiles as well as many interesting and thought provoking destinations!
    Looking forward to your book!

  54. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Consider yourself kicked. Paris Breakfast is un petit cadeau in my inbox every morning. You should go for it. That said, I am well aware that writing a book is very difficult--and different from blogging.
    Bonne chance, néanmoins,

    1. Big Merci for much needed kick-in-the-pants!

  55. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Happy Happy Day to you! Yes, you should write a wonderful book and the bakeries ...the pictures were to die for andI will never understand how anyone can walk past a bakery with such wonderful treats awaiting them on the other side of the glass .....enjoy your day!!!!!

  56. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Happy Birthday or bon anniversaire!
    Blogging is infinitely easier than writing a book at least in my mind. I'm 3/4 of the way through on my first novel and blogging everyday is a joy whereas my book is so close to home that sometimes I feel as if I'm pulling teeth getting the words down on paper. Happy you day and please have a wonderful goodie.

    1. They are such different mediums blogging and book writing Laurie.
      I do enjoy working on the book
      It's when I'm not working on it that the horrid guilt attacks ;((
      I should have clarified...

  57. I am already standing in line for your book. People are looking at me kind of funny, though.

  58. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Dearest Ms. Awesome
    and Yes-you-should-finish-your-book,
    Yes, of course, Carol, you should finish your book, and I'm not a person to use "should" very often with writers. As the editor of a small magazine who is frequently called upon to manage the emotional lives of authors, I say somehow push beyond the horrible, sleep-draining, soul-sucking doubts. Your book will be a snapshot of your Parisian life and patisserie excesses, not a be-all, end-all of the expat experience.

    Let your WRITING and ARTWORK be a macaron: excellent ingredients, time in the editorial oven, and mouthwatering sweetnesses as readers turn pages. Your gorgeous watercolors and notebooky style will captivate, and of course Paris itself will send copies flying off booksellers' shelves. I would certainly buy multiple copies for myself and my artist and francophile friends. It would be especially great if it were out by my own Parisian sojourn this August, but . . .
    Best wishes and best edits,

  59. Anonymous12:02 PM

    I know what you mean. My book is my baby and most of it is set in Paris, my characters need to now leave Paris and continue on their journey and I think that I am subconsciously resisting and dragging because I don't want to leave Paris. I know that you will be successful with whatever you do, you have a gift and a talent. Isn't the guilt just awful? It serves a purpose since it keeps us going. :)lol
    p.s when I was in Paris with my daughter last summer, I visited many of the places that you wrote about, Paris Breakfast is a wonderful guide book

  60. Anonymous12:25 PM

    We love the daily! We would miss it so much. Perhaps a “Top 10” chocolate, macaron, tea salon ... seasonally would be a fun list?!
    Your daily French fix is addictive. It is live, interesting, entertaining every day. I would never trade that for a book!
    Thank you for sharing with all of us lucky lovers of all things French.

  61. Happy birthday Carol ! Yes, you've got enough material to write a best-seller ! We do look forward to reading it. xxx

  62. A book with your charming illustrations and many photos, An American in Paris sort of view. All your insights and knowledge shared in a beautiful format you could take to Paris in your suitcase!

  63. Absolutement! I would love to read your book with your whimsical illustrations. Maybe you could start small with just a little book like the kind you see at the counter in card shops. Test the waters. I think it would be great!

  64. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Thank you for your wonderful insights, colors,fashion tips, art, I could go on and on. I feel like I have a hip funny friend in Paris that keeps me up on everything that is going on. I feel better about myself when I read your blog, more enlightened, happier somehow. You don't know how many gloomy days you have enlivened, how many smiles you have created and so many wonderful Paris ,memories of my own you have brought back to me. You inspire me and PLEASE PLEASE write a book! It would be fabulous!

  65. Anonymous2:58 AM

    i LOVE reading your blog. I am a total Francophile and lived in Paris for 3 years after I graduated from College (a while ago!). So reading your blog gives me a little flavor of the city I love so much. As for a book, I would certainly love to read it, but I can imagine it is a real PROJECT! Just don't stop writing your blogs.

    My husband and I are coming to Paris in August. I plan to visit many of the places you blog about. DOn't stop.
    Helen, a fan

  66. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Do not quit before the miracle, your blog is so charming it will make a fab book. It has been so helpful for me during my month here in Paris. I promise I will buy it.
    Yesterday I went to Rue Mouffetard, I found I a place that I don't recall you mentioning called Carl Marletti I had the best salted caramel eclair I have ever consumed. Every piece in the shop was a work of art. He was very charming helped me find my direction home.
    Best, Ann

  67. Anonymous1:46 PM

    and about the ? you asked, should you write a book !!! definitely YES you must have several books you could put together from all the things you write about. but please ,please it MUST have lots of your sketch's in it. I would certainly buy it. Lots of love or as the Frenchies would say Gros Bisou ;-)

  68. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Hi Carole. I am thinking that your book might be more of a narrative than one with many pages of sketches. There are a couple of books which I thought might be the sort of format suitable to making a book of your experiences in France, and they were written by an Australian girl who lived in Italy: they are titled "When in Rome" and "See Naples and Die". (there was an old saying in England in the 19th C re the beauty of Naples - then an unspoilt city surrounded by rich nature - "see Naples and then you can you mustnt die until you have seen Naples". The author is Penelope Green. She was a journalist in Australia so she has a racy sort of writing style...and she already had her foot in the door of the publishing world...they actually asked her to write the first book! I think my own book including my life as an Australian girl in Italy is more interesting tho ...but maybe I dont have her clever writing style; nor do I have her determination so it'll prob stay in my computer. Anyway I think its a good format for you so that your book is more than an extensive guide to all the patisseries in Paris etc. Anyway, just an idea. And also a lot of writers are finding that ebooks are more profitable. But yours would have to include many of your paintings and illustrations. Gwendoline in Australia.

    1. I just read as much as allowed on Amzon of Penelope Green
      Most enticing..
      Yes I think I'll stick with sketches etc.
      Merci Carolg

  69. Oh, yes, please! A PB book would be wonderful! A collection of your beautiful watercolours and little vignettes of life in Paris that I could hold in my hand - I'd buy it! Macarons and pastries and the colours and fashions you spot and ... well, anything about Paris. (And, since you know I can't leave a comment without mentioning Bear ... maybe a few of his adventures, too?!)

  70. Anonymous1:49 AM

    There are bloggers and there are bloggers. You ARE are an artist of distinction with an incredible eye that darts to the unexpected. Who is ever complacent viewing PB. I wish the book could feel as fun a process as the blog. Can't it be that- a compilation. Yours is not the account of contrived drivel. We only hear what you eat for breakfast if it makes your taste buds explode with pleasure. You have brought macaroons to life. I am expecting them to be named any day, and I would be in sympathy with Penelope Pink if she had been dashed by Leo Lime. I actually remember telling you I didn't care for macaroons. WHAT DID I KNOW! I am surprised you didn't box my ears! OK 'nuff said.
    But I mean, who puts a photo of a bewigged Spielburg among pink macaroons! with Woody in the wings looking characteristically wounded.
    I love it!

  71. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Love you, Carol! Your horoscope translation made me laugh, and I needed that badly this morning! I'd buy any book you wrote!

  72. Happy Paris Birthday Carol. I too would buy any book that you wrote. I hope we get to see it soon, but if we don't- c'est la vie.


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