Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Murder in the Latin Quarter

Private detective Aimée Laduc's back in town and duking it out in the Latin Quarter.

Hanging out with Aimée's creator Cara Black in Pigalle was a trip. She doesn't miss a trick. There's red velvet elevator in her Latin Quarter book described in great detail. Will this elevator in the Hotel Langoise we strolled into show up in a future mystery? Ya gotta wonder..?
Cara/Aimée is a bit of an imp. Yet there are can be serious political back stories in her mysteries. I appreciate that her victims are NOT stereotypically brutalized women or all prostitutes.
The 'Latin Quarter' or 5th arrondissement is Aimee's old university turf with scenes inside the Sorbonne. and scenes in the last remains of Roman ruins in the city like Les Arenes. Plus some underground shenanigans going on in the catacombs that you'll never get me to go down in.
Neighborhood cafes are featured since Aimee is big on espresso. So is Cara for that matter.
The main museum is the Cluny on 6 Place Paul Painlevé
There's a terrific scene late in the book with Aimee hiding out in the Frigitorium from her supposed villain.
Aimee could definitely wear a helmet full-time. she gets knocked about on her head way too much IMHO...
She runs around a lot hiding from her persuers...
I wish she'd wear some decent shoes for once..
Foiled again at rush hour on the #10 Metro is Aimee...
And Aimee Puleeze try to stay out of Parisian ambulances. Too much tripping, falling down, heels breaking and tearing of vintage Schiaparelli beaded jackets. Sensible this French girl is not.
Aimee does eat a pastry in Latin Quarter! OK, so it's a figue tarte but figs are not in season so you'll have to make do with apricot or strawberry.Be my guest.
Murder in the Latin Quarter is just as un-put-downable as the rest of Cara Black's Paris by arrondissement series. Right now the guardienne of my building is gobbling up the latest batch sent over from Soho Press but I'll soon get them all to myself. Can't wait! Maybe a tarte citron is waiting in the next bunch to devour. Qui sait?


  1. I've always said "I'll take the fifth." Perhaps I know it the best---so many interesting places. Did you see the tapestries at Cluny? Now I understand why you needed the photo of the ambulance! LOL, I love how you tie everything together.

  2. I love your opening sketch and all of the night photos on this one!

  3. Now I must add this book to the list. I do love the Cluny Musee so much. One of my favorite places to visit in Paris.

  4. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Sounds wonderful" Plus, this is my favorite Quarter in Paris! <3

    1. I'm just getting to know the 5th better thanks to Cara Black. Ok all of Paris for that matter.
      So far I haven't wrecked any of my couture clothing either!

  5. Who knew there could be so much murder and mayhem in Paris? You could collaborate on a book with Cara- you know, something like, "M. X Gets his Just Desserts", " A Tarte Before Dying", "Death at La Patisserie" get my drift.

  6. Oh I do love that night scene. Book sounds good. I love a good mystery. Or is this a Murder Mystery?

  7. Those shoes are killing me:-)
    Can't wait to start reading these in jour..
    You're a great little duo.

  8. You "Nailed It!" Describing tearing of hosiery to her hifg heels getting caught in the cobble stone streets. Enjoyed the read...your blog and Cara Black's books.


  9. We love the work you are doing with the blog! lovely post!

  10. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I will take a couple of strawberry tarts. How beautiful !

  11. I DO get a little jealous that you get to follow Cara Black around! I spent a frustrating time Saturday trying to convince my local independent bookstore to carry Aimee's books. I'm falling behind and dying to catch up. This will be my summer quest. I feel a visit to Amazon coming on.

    Thanks for making the books pop out for real. The reviews I did of some on Chopsticks and String (my book blog) used whatever I could find to come close. Not quite so close as you.

    And by the way -- the Cluny? It may be my favorite museum in Paris. Four star post!

    1. Believe me it ain't easy keeping up with Cara.
      She's on a mission when in Paris and can go and go
      Browsing tartes and Macarons are not on the agenda but fancy shoe shopping is!

  12. I have zipped through all of the Aimee Leduc books except the last one thanks to you! They are great reads and Cara Black makes the reader feel like she is in Paris.

  13. Anonymous2:47 PM

    I have all of her books but wish the publishers would keep them all in the same size.
    mimi, a huge fan of both of you

  14. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Love tripping around the arrondissements with you through Cara Blacks book. I don't know Paris well, each trip was a whirl wind run around seeing as much as possible. When hubby was learning French before we moved here he used to listen to tapes in the car, & one of the things to say was 'ou est le rue Saint Jacques'
    He'll be amused how he found out :-)

  15. Thank you for introducing me to Cara Black and her wonderful books!
    Each one nearly impossible to put down and just a fantastic voyage through Paris!
    (Like your blog,Carol!)

  16. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I detest murder stories especially if they (and they usually do) centre around beautiful young women victims. I particularly hate my favourite places being tainted with murder fiction. I guess it takes all types to make a world and I must be in the minority with these views.....Gwendoline

  17. Gwendoline,
    Pls. reread text.
    Women victims are NOT the focus of Cara's books
    Plus she helps you see more of Paris with fresh eyes renewed

    1. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Thankyou for your reply. I am happy that that is the case. Gwendoline

  18. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Once again, you've done a terrific job of bringing Black's books to life.....

  19. Another wonderful post, I've let too many accumulate and now I feel I have to read them all at once. What a fabulous experience to trek about with an author. Musee Cluny is definitely on my hit list for my next visit. I can't believe I haven't been yet. So much wonderment to see in Paris.


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