Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Paris Sketchbook Jason Brooks

It doesn't matter where you look, Paris is a visual feast.
Jason Brooks' Paris Sketchbook manages to capture so many aspects every which way in line and silhouette.
It's true. Bevies of beauties are everywhere.
The Metro is the perfect place to people watch.
Jason Brooks, a renown international fashion illustrator for Elle and Vogue, would fill endless sketchbooks while in Paris covering the couture shows.
Photo by Elliot Erwitt
His sketched umbrellas remind me of this fab photo.

Of course Paris' beloved Eiffel Tower shows up throughout the book along with travel tips.
In rain or shine (yesterday it was rain on the menu).
And bien sur Paris lovers.
Seen everywhere.
Paris is kiddie town as much as a lovers paradise.
The lineups of school children tearing off to museums or the Metro is well-captured by Brooks.
And Brooks' perfect pastries sketches are just as pretty as his fashion drawings and architecture. There isn't much Brooks can't draw. He gives you the feeling you're in Paris looking over his shoulder
Do take a look at Jason Brooks' Paris Sketchbook.
A perfect immersion for the Paris-obsessed.


  1. It's nice mix of various images & refreshing to see the black & white sketches. I'm sure one could never run out of inspiration & treats to sketch, photo in Paris! No wonder you moved there...I see "Blob Sketchbook" above...I'm still looking forward to the Carolg book...sketch or otherwise...

  2. Catherine1:03 PM

    The Eiffel Tower/Umbrella photo is by Elliott Erwitt. I have that framed in my daughter's bedroom. It's also in his book, "Elliott Erwitt Personal Best."

    1. THANKS Catherine!
      It escaped me today...

  3. Lucinda1:46 PM

    Love how you balance the illustrated graphics with your photos
    nice flow

  4. I love the silhouettes!
    Great pics and artwork of Paris.

  5. Kind of a blend of Sempe and Sasek: super!

  6. The Erwitt photo is new to me ...but what an instant classic!!! Jason's sketchbook is such inspiration! Must practice drawing more!

  7. Looks like a fun book and yes inspiring. Love the one of all the little kids lined up.

  8. This sounds such a fun book- I'll certainly keep an eye out for it. I love your first photo of the Metro silhouette.

  9. Barbara9:32 AM

    Thanks for a peek into another wonderful book that will indulge my Paris obsession! While following your enjoyable blog for the past few years I've been able to collect several books, suggested by you, that I would not have had a clue about...merci beaucoup!

  10. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Good Morning, Carol. I love your Paris feasts as always, but I do miss when your own drawings/interpretations are not included. How is that for blog pressure! Hugs, K

  11. Is it still that cold? The little child all bundled up in red looks like it must be cold there! Sweet.

  12. I sooo need to get this book for my collection/addiction, Carol! It's such a fun and fanciful look at Paris. :) x Katie

  13. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Love your post--I looked at the book on Amazon and will definitely be ordering a copy. Amazon has a cute 1 minute video of the book, which I also found on Vimeo. Here is a link if you haven't seen it already:

    Judy L.

  14. You do the best book reviews..... I've seen so many of this one but your take is the best!!! Love it. Thank you.

    I believe you are not on Twitter but will tweet this review to the publisher.


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