Friday, May 24, 2013

Ciel Bleu

From Danny Gregory's An Illustrated Journey
Ciel bleu/blue skies, swallows, putti...that's what you'll find when you look up in some old-fashioned boulangers in Paris. I went out to hunt a few down today but there are many more to discover.
First stop in the 7th arrondissement at le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur, 14 Avenue Villars, 75007 Metro - Saint Francois-Xavier
This place is buzzing. The environment could not be more delightful. But the pastries are as beautiful as the decor.
I got a sable praline cookie perfectly matching the peppy pink walls but tasting heavenly.
Next hop onto the #80 bus up to Montmartre to Boulanger Lional Cailles. The sign is tiny. You could so easily miss it but not the facade.
And the interior is one of the best with butterflies, be-ribboned croissants, floral tiles in cornflower blue.
The prices are old fashioned too which is awfully nice.
And very pretty.
The hunt continues in the 10th at the highly regarded Les Ideas et des Pain 14, rue Yves Tudic 75010 Metro: Jacques Bonsergent
The pretty sky ceil is in heavy competition with the perfect pastries and breads, neck and neck. One doesn't know which way to look.
The twirly pistache - chocolate swirls are much loved, But I just got a savory walnut pavé with chèvre and tomatoes seché inside.
The perfect place to complete your hunt for boulangerie blue skies is the 18th century-styled Hotel Caron de Beaumarchaise in the Marais.
Speaking of roofs over one's head, I must begin hunting for my next roof for September 1. I need to find another small studio anywhere in Paris. If you've heard of any available studios coming up do let me know dear PBers,
Bonne Soiree PBers!


  1. I realize this will go totally against the grain...but you could take up residence in a single patisserie and accept a small pallet in the kitchen in return for all the great publicity you could give them....sort of like Rick and the Select. Hmmm...they should PAY him to sit there!

  2. I hope something comes through for you for le 1er Septembre~
    Le lieu will not come from me..because I have not even been yet..but with all your connections surely something will pop up..
    On doit toujours avoir espoir~
    Your cherubs are darling~
    I have not seen so many paintings on ceilings since Rome..
    Oh..and one home here:( Not good..I hate to be critical but angels on ceilings in modern mansions in QC.. pas beau.
    My camera would definitely not leave my side in it never did in Provence and Italy:)

  3. Merci Carol! The ceilings are almost edible in themselves!

  4. Wow wow wow! Beautiful who knew?

  5. Carol, each one of your destinations gets better and better, and this one blasts through the top of the list!
    Such gorgeous ceilings and likewise for the rooms--- only outdone, of course,by those heavenly pastries.
    All best wishes for finding a new place to call home. I'm certain that will have bonne fortune!

  6. Doesn't Sharon Santoni have an apartment she rents? Maybe she can help....

    Thanks for letting me in on the virtual tour.

    1. Maybe a carriage house for short-term stays in Normandy...
      She has a lovely blog

    2. I could have sworn she did a post about remodeling and renting a Paris apartment. Maybe she has Paris contacts.

    3. It's very possible she did but those are usually elegant and for short-term rentals
      Not studios for artistes like myself.
      It's why there are so few places available for Parisiennes...

  7. Our paths must have crossed within the last week. We stayed on Avenue Junot just around the corner from Boulanger Lional Cailles on Rue Caulaincourt for eight days. I was thrilled when I saw this picture as I neglected to take one on my daily visits getting our morning croissants and baguettes and evening visits for treats.

    1. very funny coincidence Nancy,
      6 degrees of difference non?
      I'll keep it going as long as I don't have to move back to Phila...

  8. enjoy your blog and cara's books so much; i haven't been to paris in too long. it might be because both of you write/show grey skies. senior-citizenship has me loving my ciel bleu in california.

  9. What a way to start out my day!
    I loved the candlestick as lighting. The cookie looks wonderful...the bakeries put so much detailing in their shops, they look like home...

  10. Merci
    Love love love it!

  11. Foodwalker12:06 PM

    These interiors are almost like theaters..
    With Opera house details.
    Very grand indeed for cakes and bread and why not?

  12. Beautiful interior & the food looks great!

  13. Good luck Carol!! Adventures at every step you take. That is how I felt when I visited just 5 days. Utter exhaustion but just one more surprise around the corner.

  14. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Re your studio Carole, it could be worth contacting Adrian Leeds
    who is an American living in Paris and very knowledgeable re real estate there. She has made it her career. Gwendoline in Australia

  15. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Unbelievable that these places continue in 2013 as patisseries. If I ever get back to Paris I will do nothing but visit patisseries, inspired by your amazing photos and information! Gwendoline in Australia.

    Adrian runs a French conversation event weekly in Paris too. Paris Parler or Parler Paris.

    1. Unfortunately her stuff is Very high end.
      She sells time shares for $$$$$$ unless something has changed Gwendoline

  16. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I am sure you are right. She does find places for people as well tho, not just on time share, and she has been there a long time.
    Good luck and hope you find a reasonable studio and I hope it's in a lovely spot. Gwendoline in Australia

  17. These do all look to be little patches of heaven. Good luck with the apartment hunting.

  18. I love that wallpapered room! (And your matchy lipstick and glasses!)

  19. Oh, be still my heart! SO beautiful -- and all the pastries make me hungry for lunch! How lovely to be in a spot like this. Heavy sigh!

  20. Mmm merci! I have some new places to check out now!

  21. What is the name of this patisserie? What street is it located on? Thanks!

  22. What is the name of this patisserie? On what street is it located?



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