Monday, May 13, 2013

UGC illimité

I've been in Paris for FOUR months and NO movies!
This is a disaster
Especially in a town
A wash in movie theaters. That grey sky looks threatening to open up at any moment and give us all a good soak. Movies are a great escape from the rain or a chance for a quick snooze after too much running...
Weekly PariScope has SIXTY pages allotted to just films every issue so I have been dying to go. 
Enfin I was saved. The UGC chain has a deal where for just a monthly fee of 20.08€ you can see as many films as you want (even in the same day as long as an hour has elapsed between séances/shows.
You do need a French bank account. I opened one precisely for this reason - to go to the movies believe it or not. Up to now it's just been me and the ATM. By the way UGC has 620 salles/rooms playing 620 films in Paris and the card is good outside Paris as well.
French movie theater seats are low and cushie. The rooms in most multiplexes are on the small side but who cares
As long as there's a movie playing, I don't care if I'm sitting on an orange 🍊 crate.
Before the feature begins there are ads for perfume!
And art exhibits ads! Not your usual fast food chains or soda pop.
Today I went to see Sous Surveillance or Robert Redford's “The Company You Keep” with a top-drawer cast and story. I thought it was dynamite terrific! A don't-miss.
Of course there were French subtitles. I scribbled in the dark little expressions I wanted to remember...
I should to be seeing Fr films to improve my language skills but I'll get there eventually
Gatsby opens on Wednesday and I can't wait!


  1. ... great post, I feel like I've been to the movies just reading it ...

    1. Yup, nothing like sitting in the dark for a couple hours of great escape.
      Then you're ready to go out and carry on with renewed energy!

  2. What a great thing! A fun pass at a reasonable price for sure..Loved The Great Gatsby..this one should be good too..remakes though? Not always my faves..
    I love small cinémas.
    We used to have a tiny one's now a bicycle shop..was one a fruit closed over 35 yrs ago..I saw Saturday Night Fever there:)

  3. So fun! Do you have to subscribe for a year or can you do it month-to-month?

    1. Yes it's on an annual basis.
      They must support the French film industry.
      A lot of films are made here.

  4. Ah, the UGC pass is one of the Parisians' best kept secrets. I literally lived inside movie theaters during my Paris years. I would often catch several movies a week. How fun that was. I would often go alone, and I did not mind one bit. Would always catch movies in "V.O." of course. Who needs t hear Robert Redford dubbed in French?! (the horror...) Small rooms and screens, yes, but the lack of that gawwwddawful popcorn and fake (butter) smell so common here more than makes up for it, methinks.

    If you like Jay Gatsby, as I do, swing by chez moi today. You should enjoy the new post and no matter what you do, do NOT miss Leonardo DiCaprio in the new movie version. I loved it!

    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Yes it's quite a terrific addition to my little pack of cards...Metro card, swim card etc.
      NYC was never so much fun!

  5. And in fact you don't need a bank account - just go to one of the bigger UGCs (Montparnasse or Bercy for example), fill in the form, pay one amount for the year by your credit card + they have a small camera on their computer to take your photo and within 5 minutes you have your card !
    Not only UGCs take the card- also all MK2 cinemas plus most of the independents like the fabulous Pagoda in the 7th, the Champo in the 5th, the étoile salle at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the newly restored Louxor in the 10th.
    Paris has 1003 cinema screens ! More than any other city in the world.
    Enjoy !
    Meeting the French

    1. Oh I didn't know that was possible!?
      I'm looking forward to visiting the Pagoda and I think the Max Lindor too is included.
      A wonderful opp for movie lovers indeed
      Thanks for the info MTF

  6. The movie pass sounds like a great idea. I like the theater seats, too :)
    Let me know what you think of Gatsby, OK?

  7. Yes Max Linder too. And the Balzac where the owner comes into the salle before the screening to give a little rousing speech about the importance of cinema and a synopsis of the film you are about to see !
    Pariscope shows next to each eligible cinema "UGC illimité"
    DO NOT MISS Searching for Sugarman, opened 4th Dec in 2 Paris cinemas now showing in 12 cinemas !

    1. WOW!
      Thanks so much for this info
      A whole new door has opened for me in Paris.
      Another reason to love her.
      Course I'm imaging myself going daily to the cinema...
      If only there were enough light to draw besides scribble Fr expressions in the dark ;)

    2. And Thanks for the Sugar Man tip!
      I read about that...
      I'll see it today

  8. Can you buy beer too, like in German theaters?

  9. I'm interested in hearing your review of Gatsby, too. I'm wondering if I can endure the film just for the fashions?

  10. I love it - it's the first thing I got in Paris too - have had it for 5 years and I think I got my money's worth!! It's such an incentive to see at least more than 2 films per month to make it worthwhile. Attention though, you can only cancel it on the exact same day each year that you signed up so it just keeps rolling!

    I love hiding away in the cinema in the summer too when it's too hot outside - I am practically albino haha!! Enjoy and keep us posted on Gatsby, I can't wait. (Sugarman is brilliant, and I've enjoyed Mud recently too).

    1. Oh excellent info OM
      So many Paris insider secrets you never hear about!!

  11. Ohlala Maman- We have the same taste in films. Saw Mud yesterday at Les Halles UGC at 09h15 - great to get in early and the big salle there is fabulous. Mud was superb. Faultless. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    1. MUD is on my list too..
      So many movies, not enough time!

    2. 09h15!
      That's dedication.
      Maybe we should start an early bird movie club...
      To heck with the piscine.

  12. What a deal! If only the American theatres would do something like that!

  13. You might know that I am a big cinema goer. I think that is a GREAT deal and I would certainly join you if in Paris. I LOVE going to the cinema in Paris - have great memories of it. I also go when I'm in Nice. I often prefer going to the cinema by myself. I'm lucky, I belong to a private membership club that has a cinema room with 36 comfortable sofas. Last night I saw the new Almodovar film... I'm meant to go to The Gatsby tonight but don't won't to leave the house as it's cold and raining. And WHY did they shoot it in 3D????

    1. How was the Almovodar? It looked a bit off the deep end though I usually love him.
      I wondered about the annoying 3D too
      Who needs it
      Paris film salles are like private clubs and NO popcorn munching or drink swilling!

  14. Vive la France! Thanks for the info about the carte UGC! You clever one! xoxox

  15. Interesting how something so ordinary can be so different. And what a bargain you found. Love the look of the chairs too.

  16. Hey, great post! I was wondering about the UGC card, apart from the 20.80euros per month, do we have to pay another 30euros for the registration of doisser?


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