Thursday, May 30, 2013

La Pomme de ma Tante

Apples today and jardins tomorrow...I need to paint a flower Ooopla.
We went to the Apple lady in the marché before getting lost on the way to Versailles yesterday.
What better snack to take than apples and handmade apple jus pur?
And everything comes from her farm in the Loire Valley.
She's really quite unique in the market with an extensive variety of apples
She has many regular customers, quite loyal too.
How else could she have such a big table? Comparable in size to the fishmongers.
I've always been a little hesitant to try her apples being still loyal to New York State apples myself...
But I gotta admit they are darn good. Some times you get the crazy idea that there are no other apples except New York State apples. It comes with the territory. Are you loyal to your state's apples?
This morning I ran a little test to see if I could bring home a chausson au pomme after the pool from boulangerie Pichard.
My loyalty to their apple 'danishes' knows no bounds. It rarely lasts more that a few feet from the bakery.
I thought maybe I'd paint it and popped it into my swim bag...
Remember the 'Marshmallow Test'?
5-year old kids were left alone for 15 minutes with a marshmallow and told they would get a second marshmallow if they didn't eat it? I know I would have flunked within seconds (a sure sign of one's future success if you could wait out the 15 minutes ahem).Not only did I pass with flying colors but I only ate the apple compote inside! Wonder if it's too late to pass the marshmallow test at this stage in the game..?


  1. Your watercolors are just great..I thought they ere to be your real tante's my memory correct? You have a range there?
    A dentist?
    Anyway this ms range sure is productive:-)
    Were you not even tempted to eat parts of the dough that had touched the compote?:-)
    I would have for sure..

    1. No not tempted but I put it under the hot water anyway just in case I changed my mind later.
      I am not to be trusted where cake is concerned.

  2. How can she have good apples at this time of year? Have they been stored all winter....and she grows varieties that store well?
    I would be happy to sit around eating the scraps you discard...strictly for purposes of economy.

    1. Give me your address.
      Sending crust scraps a toute a suite!

  3. Something is confusing me.
    I live in NJ and apples don't come out till much later. Are French apples that much different? Are those this year's apples?
    Beautiful pictures btw.

    1. I think it's the tail end of the Autumn season..soon to be gone from the marche.

  4. Anonymous2:24 PM

    It's all a matter of variety, around may in France we find lots of apples but different from the fall's ones...

  5. We used to live next to the University of Minnesota Experimental Apple Orchard. I have not had an apple as good as those anywhere else. I'm partial to the crisp, juicy, slightly tart varieties that are harvested after the first frost. Alas, in Florida no such thing.

  6. Carol, your watercolor pommes are lovely. Over here it's the same thing at the farmers market...still some apples looking good and available, while the strawberry season begins.

    If only the primo tomato season would last so long.


  7. I am telling you my typing is awful!

    I meant I think you have a TANTE there?
    Oh apologies.

  8. Beautiful sketches,Carol! You really do those delicious pommes justice!
    What wonderful treats this lady has!
    No better way to be spoiled!
    Makes me look forward to Fall. We're well into Summer fruits here now in the Western US.

  9. j'aime beaucop le pain aux raisins, quand je suis à paris je le mange toujours! Carol, excusez-moi, je nage pendant tout l'année, mais je n'ai pas encore essayé une piscine in Paris, où tu vas? Est-ce quelle est propre? Est-ce qu'il y a beaucoup de monde? Thanks you very much Helga

    1. Check out the Paris piscine web site Helga
      I go to Blomet in the 15 th which is enorme-50 mt.
      I think they are all propre (I have visited at least 7-8) IMHO

  10. I admire your willpower...and drowning the leftovers was a brilliant move.
    No Texas loyalty here. I prefer Royal Gala...from New Zealand. However, if we were talking peaches (which we're not), nothing beats the fruit from Fredericksburg. ;)
    on week-end!! x Katie

  11. It wouldn't be the first time I've committed death by drowning to a temptress pastry...

  12. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Vanessa and I shared a bottle of the sparkling apple juice that we bought from the apple lady. OMG, it was the best ever!!! I think we are going to run back over there on Sunday and pick up some more. We haven't eaten the apples yet that we bought, but they will be hard to beat our Washington state apples! Carolyn

  13. Sorry ladies, NOTHING beats Ontario apples (in the fall) and summer strawberries here in Canada. ;)


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