Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chanel Again

So I went back with my carte d'identite/passport to find out what the Chanel exhibit was really about as requested.
I discovered more exhibits upstairs I'd missed first go round.
And more historical information from the audio tape which includes photos too. More about Chanel's romantic entanglements/liaisons.
Plus a reminder that Chanel was firstly set up as a hatmaker.
Even her hats were revolutionary. Utterly simple compared to what went before. Apollinaire wrote poems about her hats.
Chanel's hats were the cherry on top.
The finishing touch. We've lost so much elegance haven't we.
Catherine di Medici was a heroine to Chanel. She owned this little portrait and followed closely the severity of di Medici's black and white style.
You always see more the second time around don't you?
What was it like to walk in her shoes..?
Or work in her atelier?
Upstairs there's a gazillion reference books to browse on big comfy sofas. And a room to watch all the Chanel N5 videos - a delight.
If you work at the exhibit you get to wear Vans black and white sneakers which are very in again... What would Chanel think?


Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Incredibly influential! It seems that every famous woman interviewed says the first designer pieces she bought after earning the money...was a Chanel suit!
Found 6 macarons for $6.00 today at Whole Foods, all different flavors. Somehow, I resisted. Perhaps I'm losing my touch.

Connie said...

Your painting is off the charts wonderful. I do so wish hats were still in style. Not only do they look oh so chic but I wouldn't have stress out about my hair!

NataliaR said...

Carol,wonderful post and beautiful sketches today!
Thank you for going back to the exhibit and sharing with us.
Wow, CC was an awesome Lady! I don't agree with all of her life choices,but applaud her for following her heart/wishes. And No 5 is still one of my favorites (love Patou's Sublime most of all).
Jeanette, you didn't miss anything at Whole Foods.
I wasn't impressed with their macaroons;not impressed with almost any of their deserts,for that matter.Too stingy on sugar and I canNOT get my arms around tough,whole wheat crust(!)
(wonder if it's just our local store?)

La Table De Nana said...

Your Chanel bottle is perfection:)

I loved the movie..and really.. that is the most I learned..watching that movie..and now..through you:)

Parisbreakfasts said...

Hats to cover up bedhead!
How right you are Connie

Cris, Oregon Artist said...

My favorite perfume is Coco Chanel. Loved the post and her style.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Probably a good thing you resisted
Bet they were 7-grain Whole wheat Macarons

Nikon said...

Love the opening sketch & the vintage photos!

Jeanie said...

I'm definitely NOT a fashion maven but boy, I do like exhibits like this -- she was really quite an amazing woman and to be so timeless is something to savor. Must find out more about her lives and passions. I suspect there are many!

Anonymous said...

This exhibit is on for just One month!! I am going to just miss it...too bad.
Anyway, I have this and other posts to think about and
thank you for sharing...

Parisbreakfasts said...

Maybe because its Free and has a fancy free catalog
It's All a promotion stunt really to get peeps thinking of Chanel N.5 again perhaps...

Parisbreakfasts said...

There must have been a hundred books on her at the exhibit
Plenty to read for sure!

Anonymous said...

Response to what would Chanel think?
I suspect she would opt to return from whence she came.
That "cherry on top" photo is amazing.
Thanks for giving us a window in. K

Parisbreakfasts said...

Who knows?
She was Very commercially-minded and might have jumped right in
With a Chanel hip hop video?!

Parisbreakfasts said...

5 Chanel books in a telegraph review here:

The fairy-tale remains sufficiently compelling for writers, as well as readers, to wish to make it their own; myriad reinterpretations and variations, all of them woven out of Chanel’s raw material. Given the afterlife of her classic designs that still prevail in her own now globally recognised label, not to mention all the other brands, we should not be surprised; consider the lasting appeal and reinvention of her little black dresses, soft tweed jackets, chain straps on quilted handbags, stripy tops, pearls, camellias.

Each of these can be linked to Chanel’s past: black as the colour of mourning, remade into a symbol of female independence; pearls akin to the rosary beads of the nuns that taught her to pray, and to sew; chains like the ones worn around their waists; white camellias in recognition of La Dame aux camélias, the archetypal courtesan who died of consumption (as did her mother); tweed from the sporting garb of her lover, the Duke of Westminster; sailor stripes and trousers from her Riviera escapades.

Anonymous said...

The Chanel exhibit seems spectacular. In my fantasy life, I would be the proud owner of the basic Chanel suit.
My great aunt was an apprentice to Chanel and I could swear that it is my great aunt Georgette sitting right next to Chanel.
Chanel used to rent a summer home for her "girls" at Mont de Marsan not far from Arcachon. My great aunt loved it there.
I am so glad that you are having a great time in Paris, your latest about the caneles was mouth watering. I make them for my children here
and I have to say that baking them is really tricky.
Have a canele for me!

Anonymous said...

This was fab....I love Chanel style, I wonder what she would think of some of the junk they are producing under her name. There are some real ugly handbags and clothes that she would never design...

French Girl in Seattle said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! -- hence the price! :-)
-- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle.)

French Girl in Seattle said...

What a treat. I am a huge Chanel fans, as the pile of coffee table books lined up in my hallway attest... :-) I would love to go and see this exhibit. Do we know how long it runs? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

sukicart said...

Actually, I've tried the macarons at Whole Foods & they're not too bad - especially if you can't get to Paris to pick some up. They are definately not 7-grain whole wheat,

Parisbreakfasts said...

I was only kidding...words said in jest ahem

labergerebasque said...

It is interesting you posted this today…I had lunch with a lady who knew CoCo well (worked with her in the first oceanfront atelier de Biarritz), needles to say a fascinating conversation. Seamstresses were considered very well trained in the Basque Country (ha! ALL the nuns!) and so designers located their ateliers here; Chanel in Biarritz, Balenciaga in Getaria

labergerebasque said...

Parisbreakfasts said...

What would Chanel think?
cette ici:
Affreux, vulgare, pas d'prestige