Wednesday, October 10, 2012

75010 Here I Come

 It's getting to be that time again - Paris is looming on the horizon. Naturally Bear is packed and ready as always.
 I'm staying in the 10th arr. this time, an area I don't know so well. Any suggestions are most welcome PBers.
 I will be in Paris for the Salon du Chocolat - Wednesday 31st October to 4th November
 And there's a big show of packaging 'Emballage 2012' I'd love to attend November 19-22.

 A new hot show at the Musee D'Orsay of Impressionism and Fashion has just opened that looks like a must-do.
 The Musee des Arts Decoratif is always a must-do for me.
 Would you ever mistake this ceramic faux chou for a real cabbage? But a good reminder to eat some veggies non?
 Like here in the 10th 23, rue des Vinaigriers at Voy Alimento. (not my photo)
 Louise took this photo of 10th arrondissement tarte au citron meringue from La Fabrique a Gateaux 34, rue des Vinaigriers (and just down the street from the veggie resto!).
 I read about a not-to-be-missed Tarte Tatin at the new Abri in the 10th from Table a Decouvert. 92, rue du Faubourg Poissonniere. I wonder if you can just get dessert?
 I'll definitely be hitting la piscine with all these desserts waiting for me...
 Plus I'll be climbing up four flights daily at my rental which can't hurt. I started getting in shape today (3 times so far).
 Your advice is requested. My ancient TravelPro finally gave up the ghost in Maine and I need a new small bag (22" tops). I heard 4 wheelers are much better than 2 wheelers. All suggestions most welcome.
 And my beloved Canon S90 may need a rest. Have you tried the S95?
 Or the S100?
 This is a reminder to take French Girl her favorite Murray's Sesame Bagels!
So I can eat some of these (photo unknown) from
Tholoniat  47 rue chateau d'eau 75010
All suggestions most welcome!


  1. There are a ton of gourmet shops on Faubourg St. Denis, great for getting food! We stayed in the area in 2011.

  2. well the canal is in the 10th...take a stroll and some pictures around there

    lucky you and lucky us since you will be taking us with you again!!

    go for the four wheels for sure...much easier to maneuver.

  3. Can I hitch a ride in your suitcase? lol Would so love to visit Paris, never having been there, but I have French Canadian roots and therefore, French DNA in me, lol.

  4. Bear is always so cute.. and in his Parisian stripes..always en vogue.
    I have no recommendations but wish you another fantastic trip..Hope someone can recommend a camera..My daughter and Son in law bought a very small Nikon while in NYC..I could get the are terrific.But if you are a Canon girl...

  5. I just upgraded to the!

  6. Carol,
    I had the S95 for a few year and love it, but it died and I replaced it with the Canon G12. The G12 is the top of the line for point and shoot and I'm thrilled with the results. You can set it on automatic or manual. It has the low light setting, which I adore, and takes a great picture. I did look at the S100, but decided I was getting a lot more with the G12. Have a wonderful trip.

  7. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I have spent more time in the 10th than any other arr.
    DO NOT MISS visiting the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Tourists rarely go there - you never find it in guide books. SO many views, you'll take tons of photos - I'll be looking for them here :-)

    1. I'm seeing the Parc des Buttes in the 19th arrondissement but not too long a walk away.
      There are not too many tourists in the 10th me thinks...

  8. So happy for you - Paris, again! And AGAIN with the citron - yum!

    Here's a funny trompe-l'oeil story: I was playing my harp at a church dinner a long time ago and they had baskets of fake bread loaves on the tables. I saw one old woman reach for one and put it back, saying to her table mates, "My, those have quite a crust on them."

    blaaahahahah! The things you hear from behind the harp...

    1. There's a book in this-
      Things overheard by the harpist at weddings

  9. Carol,
    Don't miss Du Pain et Des Idees, a patissserie at 34 rue Yves Toudic in the 10th arrondissement. It was unfortuantely closed on the Sunday afternoon when we were there but it was featured on the cover of May, 2012 issue of Travel + Leisure and get great reviews. I will be sitting at home drooling and waiting to hear what you think. Bon Voyage!

  10. I am deeply in awe of your packing skills....something I have lately been trying to hone. ONE 22 inch CASE!!! How about a post of your contents?

    1. I take next to nothing and always black
      Mind you there are MACARONS plastered all over my T-shirts.
      It's coming home that's problematic-too many macaron boxes!

  11. Please buy a case big enough for me to sneak into. Oh wait. They'd charge double for the extra weight. Not such a good idea.

  12. Carol,
    I use a Canon S100 since February and I’m absolutely satisfied. It’s easy to carry around and the snapshots are fare better than anything I did before.
    Have a nice trip to Paris. I follow you immediately for the 2nd weekend in November and an evening at the Odéon – Theater of Europe. Harold Pinter’s The Return will be played by a group of outstanding actors directed by Luc Bondy.
    Bon voyage !

    1. THANKS! a woman in front of me at the Alliance was shooting with her S100 and she could easily get shots I couldn't of the speakers on the stage and with no flash - very convincing.

  13. Trisha1:00 PM

    I travel almost 200 days per year and have for 17 years. Briggs and Riley is my go-to brand, hands down. Excellent quality and design and the fix it for FREE! I recently had an airline damage my bag and they wouldn’t fix it. I sent it in to Briggs and Riley under their lifetime warranty and they not only repaired the damage but practically restored my 15 year old bag: new handle, new zippers, etc. at absolutely no charge. It was painless and well above what I had expected.
    Bon voyage,

  14. When I was a grad student many years ago I lived at 23, rue des Vinaigriers! I used to tell everybody I lived on Vinaiger-makers street.

    An excellent retrospective of Edward Hopper's works just opened at the Grand Palais, if that interests you.

  15. Although I've lived in France now for 22yrs I've only been to Paris twice !! I'm not really a city person, but maybe it's time I got my other half to take me to see all the wonderful things you get to see there. Have a wonderful time, can't wait to see your posts from your time spent there & maybe a few sketch's....

  16. and your sketch book and all those Second Empire dresses! Can't wait to see what you'll do with yards and yards and yards of velvet and lace.

  17. Rick Steeves Roll Aboard. Amazon has 2 versions. You & Bear can even go inline skating with it! I like the compartment organization, important for someone who loses things like fountain pens, hahaha! And 2 levels for the handle. There are lighter & more expensive ones out there. Personally, I LOVE Bear's suitcase!! D'orsay show sounds fantastic! Paris this time of year~less crowded, yes?

    1. Haha
      I placed the leaf on the manhole cover and cleaned it up a bit :)

    2. For luggage check out! She's a Flight Attendant with a terrific blog, and who would know better? There is also a 20% discount for Travel Pro Luggage on her website!

  18. Oh what wonderful timing! So much wonderful stuff. I'm so jealous of your being able to attend the Salon du Chocolat. I'd love to see that Hopper exhibition too. It's great staying in a new arrondisement- I've done 5 and 2 so far. Trying to decide on one for next year- such a delicious decision.

  19. The canal st martin is nice to stroll along and there are several nice mom n pop restaurants in that area. sorry i don't remember names or streets. look for red check tablecloths. as a seamstress, i find the rue d'aboukir fascinating.
    there's a fab professional mercerie with big brass sissors for door pulls. lots of interesting door pulls in paris--a good subject for you.
    i'd love to see that expo at the d'orsay! enjoy for me. love, katy

  20. Hello Carol:
    I have been following your exploits since the beginning. Love it all.
    I have had a Canon s90 since it came out and like it. I carry it every day, so it has had a lot of use and never broke. I always carry at least one extra battery. I think of upgrading, but after reading the serious reviews, don't and say, I'll wait for the next one. Well the s110 has just come out. You may want to get that. It is expensive. The price of the s100 has dropped.
    BYW: the G12, although a fabulous camera, is larger than the s series. It does not fit in a pants pocket, and is not the sleek spy camera that looks like most point and shoots. The G12, or whatever number they are up to looks like the pro camera it is.

    BTW, I purchased a "BackJoy" on your recommendation and it is helpful. I was suffering the same problems you described of being hunched over. The BackJoy is helpful.

    1. Hahahaha
      I carry around 3-4 batteries
      I do love my S90 but I know it's limited after what I saw in the S100 LCD of a woman sitting just in front of me in a theater - it was pretty amazing
      no I will not swing for the S110
      The Sony RX100 is the best out there of the P&S with the biggest sensor.
      But $600+ ouch

      Glad you like yr Backjoy!

  21. Carol, it's great to hear that you and Bear are about to again cross the Atlantic. I'll have to get out my Paris map to check your destination in the 10th.

    The various art/cultural events that will be on offer sound marvelous.

    I do not own a suitcase with wheels and will enjoy sort of eavesdropping on the advice you get from other comments. It's funny, but a few nights ago, I had a dream with a "plot" that involved a wheelie suitcase. Must be something in the October air.


  22. I am so excited you are going back! I will be back in 99 days, but who's counting? I just bought a Canon PowerShot SX40 and love it. It's bigger than the 90, though. It was on sale because the next model is coming out. It has a super lens. Bonne chance et bon voyage!

  23. .. have a great trip ... I have a Sony CyberShot, digital zoom, 12.1 mp's ... it's easy and takes great pics .. had it for 5 years. I'm a 2 wheel person, it's so easy to fly around corners. Can't wait to see the 10th from your ventures .. didn't Ines do one of her shopping vignettes from the 10th?

  24. The d'Orsay show sounds amazing! Jealous

  25. I have a Canon SD 700 and love it. All my photos are taken with that one little camera. Before this camera, I used a Nikon SLR and loved it too but these little guys are brilliant ! Carry it in your pocket, easy to use, rarely mess up a shot :)
    Have fun, send photos :) and tell me about the new suitcase, we have to get a couple ( for the journey back home).. Bon voyage ~

    1. I FOUND something!
      A version of the TravelPro made especially for crew members - sturdier and less expensive called:
      Travelpro FlightCrew4 22" Rollaboard
      You can find it here
      They are located in an AIRPORT in MN!
      I'll have it next week and tell ALL.

    2. Too bad u didn't check out for 20% off list price.

  26. Nancy in GA7:35 AM

    In the 10th Arr.

    Walking along the Canal St. Martin is a treat in good weather. The quai de Jemmapes which runs alongside the canal was becoming quite chic with cafes and shops when I last visited there in 2006. The Canal had filled up with silt and was restored a few years ago to full function, and following the restoration the 10th has improved (and become more expensive, natch).

    The Hopital St.-Louis was built as a plague hospital when this area was far outside the city, and is still a functioning hospital. It's built around a square and is quite interesting. It is reminiscent of the Place de Vosges and was designed by the same architect. It is just east of Jemmapes where Jemmapes turns south-east.

    3 restaurant suggestions, but I haven't been to any:
    Brasserie Flo, which is so out of the way that there are never tourists there (according to my little book, "The Historic Restaurants of Paris"). "Charming Bavarian interior". Typical brasserie menu.

    Julien. "Dazzling Art Nouveau interior".

    Restaurant de la Grille. Relaxed, friendly, only 30 years old, seafood menu (is on Rue du Faubourg-Poissoniere).
    Bon voyage, bon appetit!

  27. An area with less macaron shops perhaps, but with a lot of nice "living" streets, alleys, backyards, galleries... and I believe you once stayed in front of a well-known restaurant there, so you must know a little bit. Hope to see you! :-)

  28. For luggage check out "" She's a Flight Attendant with a great travel information blog. There is also a 20% discount code for Travel Pro on her website!

  29. How fun! I'll be in 75011, right at the border with 75010 in a couple of days!

    Canal St. Martin, Au Sesame, Pink Flamingo, Chez Prune, Antoine & Lili, Du Pain et Des Edees.

  30. If you are looking for another Travelpro bag, consider the following:

    Travelpro Crew 9 21” Spinner or the Maxlite 2 20” Spinner

  31. Any Eagle Creek luggage gets my highest recommendation...they are lightweight (relatively speaking), rugged, and versatile.

    Safe travels!
    The Travel Insurance Lady

  32. Have you looked at the Canon 300HS (great in low-light situations and shoots faster than the S100)? At $140 less than the S100 I would at least go to the next good camera store and look at it and ask questions. I think it 300HS would be perfect for you.

    Thank you for enquiring about luggage. I shall look at your gentle readers's suggestions carefully!

  33. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I will be at the Choc Fest too!
    I have been eavesdropping for a year...(because of jealousy!) I leave on the 25 and will only have a short stay until the 2nd.
    I have been carrying around my Nikon SLR and can't get the sneak shots I want because it is so bulky and obvious. Thanks for the tips on the cameras. As for luggage this time I am breaking travel rules...taking a big canvas suitcase, putting my clothes in a cardboard box in the suitcase so I have enough room to bring back 3 loaves of Poilane bread, cooking equipment, and hopefully some flea market items. I have noticed that no matter how much clothing I pack I end up finding a favorite outfit and wearing it most of the time.
    If you are up for meeting a stranger in Paris I will be staying in the 5th.
    sorry...I don't have any profile accts set up

  34. Luggage- the 4 wheelers are the best- so easy to wheel on & off the planes & maneuver in airports. Cameras- I have had the S95 Canon for 3 years and love it to pieces. I am not a pro photog, but I get fabulous pics with it! Gppd l;uck & safe travels.

  35. Great camera advice. I still need to change mine so this is great inspiration! Enjoy the salon du choc - I'll be in Corsica this year alas, as it falls during the kids' school break. Ah well. I also love the look of the impressionist exhibn - going on Tuesday and can't wait. Will be interesting to see your camera, although you already are amazing with the quick shots you take!

  36. Richard4:37 PM

    I love the 10/11/12 districts of Paris. Especially the canal.
    Here are a few favourites I visit.
    Louloucam bistro 264 Rue Faubourg Saint Martin. 01 40 34 76 87
    Neighbourhood bistro chef formerly of La Tour d'Argent & Le Meurice. €20/30
    Au Comptoir de Brice 31-33 Rue Chateau d'eau Counter service French inside Marche saint Martin. Lunch only.
    Le Tombe de Ciel 019 81 74 77 17 7 Rue d'Enghien wine bar natural wines + small menu friendly and laid back.
    O P'Tit Paris bar 8 Cours des Petits Ecuries. Happy hour 15-20H
    pint of Kro €2.70 cocktails €4.30 Vin chaud €2.70
    La Ferme at no 5 wifi Happy hour 16-20H Good Couscous €8-16
    01 47 70 78 24
    My all time fave wine bar Le Baron Rouge 1 Rue Theophile Roussel 12e
    Bakeries Tholoniat 47 Rue Chateau d'Eau mille feuille to die for.
    Helmut Newcake 76 Rue Bichat Gluten free.
    Have a great visit.

  37. have a great trip, Carol! Sounds fun...

  38. It will be FABuLOUS to see what YOU find in the 10th arr. Can't wait!!! Bon voyage!

  39. hope see u dans le salon du choco =)

  40. Rosalie3:59 PM

    Just gave away all of my old luggage for the newest and lightest.
    Antler zero is great and you can get great deals online through some of the luggage websites.
    I compared luggage by weight.
    I always worried that I would go over my weight limit when traveling so knocking down 2-5 lbs. really helps?

  41. Richard4:02 PM

    Forgot to mention the Pink Flamingo superb pizzas not like any other, 4 outlets in Paris in the 10th 47 Rue Bichat 01 42 02 31 70 You can order and they will deliver to Canal Saint Martin.
    The weather in Paris can often be warm at the end of the month. The canal is also a great place to visit try Hotel du Nord Quai Jammapes. Good music.
    Pinks other outlets Rue d'Aligre near the Baron Rouge 12e + 3rd & 18th.
    Have fun.

    1. Richard,
      Can you please come with me?

  42. from what i've read it seems 75010 is a fab area and full of restaurants and food places
    on The Paris Kitchen Newsletter[ i think this week] at least halve of the best restaurants in paris according to wendy lim are in or very near 75010...have fun


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