Thursday, October 11, 2012

C comme Collectionneur

 Serendipity has so much to do with blogging. I reached up to pull some pastry bags off the shelf...

 Out fell a very old macaron lurking within! Who knew?

 Today Pierre Herme Paris sent out an email asking,
"Are you a collector?"

 I'm in love with his Les Jardin collection - I dream of capturing these exquisite macarons in watercolor...

 Perfumed macaron, 9" x 11"

 This is a year-round collection for 2012 - a new flavor appearing every month.

 In May I tasted the Rose-the jasmin perfumed macaron.

 Each monthly macaron comes with an accompanying postcard - I got this one in May.

 Herme worked with his friend perfumer, Jean-Michel Duriez the official"Nose"/"Nez" of Jean Patou/Rochas to create this rose-jasmin macaron.
Did you know the nose can distinquish 600 different smells and the tastebuds only 200? I learned this in wine tasting class. It's why you always sniff wine (3 times svp) before tasting. Perfumers, would of course, have a highly developed sense of taste.

 "Taste is made ​​up of odors, that is to say, the sense of taste is made up of a lot of smell - retro-olfaction, so we go back to the nose".
Yet when asked what his favorite smell is?
"It's the smell of kerosene. Because when I arrive at an airport I feel this atmosphere of kerosene - a sign of travel, departure, discovery and adventure," reveals Jean-Michel Duriez.

 If you want to add aroma to your macarons shells (not the interior like Pierre Herme's Jardin collection) you can find these scents at Mora to add to the meringue.

 October's flavor of the month is rose, fleur d’oranger et gingembre. You know I'll be running from CDG to pick this one up. In November violette + anis awaits. Miam.

 Truth or dare? Would you eat this months old, stale macaron if found in your collections? Don't ask me. It's gone gone gone.

On a more mundane note, thank you for all the suitcase suggestions yesterday! After reading many reviews I found this bag made only for crew members online - the Travelpro FlightCrew4 22" Rollaboard. It's sturdier and cheaper ($139) than bags made for us lowly travelers evidently. I'll have it by Monday and fill you in. The seller is located at an airport so it's got to be good.
Back to dreaming about Jardin macarons...


  1. Lucinda1:14 PM

    what lush and gorgeous macarons!
    The man is a poet.

  2. The answer to your macaron question is a definate yes from me, I couldn't throw it in the bin. Glad you managed to find a crew members flight carry on. I'm always getting stopped at CDG airport telling me my carry on case is not the correct size, even though I can go through easily at other airports on the same trip. I'll check it out.

    1. They even threw in a 'Crew' tag though I was warned luggage handlers throw crew bags around even more!?

      yes who can throw out a macarons :)

  3. I am in love with Pierre Herme's Jardin collection, the visual pleasure is so strong, I can't even begin to imagine how good the macarons taste!

    1. They taste just as good as they look

  4. THANKS for the suitcase info!
    I'll check it out.
    Wish you could order online the Herme macarons!!

  5. LW in SF4:25 PM

    LOVE the delicat colors in the macarons and yr watercolor

  6. Love Paris Breakfast!
    Love my Air France luggage and highly recommend it (available at Bon Marche as well as a shop in the Louvre Carousel)!
    Please tell me where this apartment with the divine staircase is…and oui, climbing stairs is excellent excercise, especially when a lovely apartment awaits.
    Merci beaucoup for all the inspiration and information.

  7. Richard4:37 PM

    I love the 10/11/12 districts of Paris. Especially the canal.
    Here are a few favourites I visit.
    Louloucam bistro 264 Rue Faubourg Saint Martin. 01 40 34 76 87
    Neighbourhood bistro chef formerly of La Tour d'Argent & Le Meurice. €20/30
    Au Comptoir de Brice 31-33 Rue Chateau d'eau Counter service French inside Marche saint Martin. Lunch only.
    Le Tombe de Ciel 019 81 74 77 17 7 Rue d'Enghien wine bar natural wines + small menu friendly and laid back.
    O P'Tit Paris bar 8 Cours des Petits Ecuries. Happy hour 15-20H
    pint of Kro €2.70 cocktails €4.30 Vin chaud €2.70
    La Ferme at no 5 wifi Happy hour 16-20H Good Couscous €8-16
    01 47 70 78 24
    My all time fave wine bar Le Baron Rouge 1 Rue Theophile Roussel 12e
    Bakeries Tholoniat 47 Rue Chateau d'Eau mille feuille to die for.
    Helmut Newcake 76 Rue Bichat Gluten free.
    Have a great visit.

  8. Love your passion it parallels mine, safe travels

  9. Laying M.4:47 PM

    Carol. I love your blog!

  10. Oh my, whoever does the Pierre Herme imagery really knows their stuff don't they? So sumptuous. Sadly I'll have to wait til June to get a monthly special flavour.

    1. dommage!
      June of 2013 is trop tard
      Les Jardins is just for 2012
      But no doubt P Herme will come up with something just a gorgeous.

  11. Your bags:) The collector bags..So glad you save stuff too:) I have Magnolia hanging on my pot rack..a bag from Italy and one from France all saved up:)

    What a beauteous post!
    Love the recommendations aussi..I'll have to scrutinize every post if I go..
    Beautiful watercolor..everything ties into a T..
    Write a book why don't you?Please?

    1. Hahahaha
      It's wonderful stuff to play with Monique!
      I'm working on the book idea :)

  12. Beautiful "Jardin" macaroons as pretty as flowers. Carol, you bring serendipity to you!

  13. Great photos in today's post - and I love your collection of bags (that includes your new luggage).
    Kerosene? Interesting that a perfume guy would say that :)

  14. OH MY.. that photo of the Rose with the pink Macarons is wonderful. What a lovely painting that would make. You need to find a rose and some pink macarons and paint them. :)Oh and yes I would eat it too. :)

  15. Rub it in! What should one call the state of being in which one has SO MANY MACS that one could simply toss one in its sack into the closet like so much...flotsam? I am quite sure I have never let so much as ONE CRUMB of mac escape my attention, let alone a WHOLE mac!!!!
    On the plus side, I signed up for PH's emails because the images are to die for!

    1. Oh well...accidents happen
      It was from early July and tasted it :)

  16. Beautiful watercolor up there, Carol! Love it. The suitcase looks good, too--do let us know. Mine get so battered around in airports--even good ones don't last forever. I do way too much traveling on planes. sigh...

    1. it has a 3-yr warrenty...3 yrs is how long crew member's suitcases last evidently

  17. Just discovered your blog - it's fabulous.

    I too adore Paris, including Pierre Herme's delicate masterpieces.

    My apartment last year had 84 stairs and I must agree it helps justify the daily patissseries ... any excuse!
    Have a wonderful visit.

    1. 84 stairs!
      I'll be lucky if that's all I'm climbing this time
      What we do for Paris!!
      Love yr blog Joanna
      Great photos

  18. I purchased the exact same design TravelPro case in 1972 and still use it. I am a professional photographer, so it has seen a lot of use. Never broke. Only thing new is the extra pocket for a computer and the full mesh pocket on the inside. Don't mess with a perfect design!
    You will love the bag.
    Stef, in Chicago, home of ORD

    1. Good to hear Steverino
      I just got mine and was afraid it was too BIG but they reassured me not the case.
      I'll know Friday a week if it is or not :)


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